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thank you NAVYBOOT for spoiling me with those literally LOVELY shoes and I was already wearing them the whole weekend – I mean are there any better Valentines shoes out there? as I already wrote on FB and you probaly realized that I didnt have any special Valentines Day thing on my blog is due to the fact that I dont believe in such thing – every day should be a Valentines Day <3

so back to the <3 heart sneakers <3 – I have a humming melody of the cheesy song  “I put on my shoes and I am ready for the weekend” in my head and thats how I feel with these. they look fancy and special and the best thing is that they are extremly comfortable. let me tell you that I actually wanted to first wear them with jeans but this morning I was not in a jeans mood and therefore the shoes had to fit my black and white skirt outfit – and I think they did very well.

sneakers by NAVYBOOT
tights FALKE
skirt ESPRIT
coat and shirt C&A
hat and earrings H&M

in case you are interested to find these sneakers click here and just that this is said: I am not getting any money from NAVYBOOT in order to show you this.
I got the sneakers for Valentines Day and I really like them and thats why I show them here. lots of love! <3



SOMETHING NICE has arrived yesterday!

can you see the beautiful MIU MIU box? well, guess what is inside? a wallet, sunglasses or a phonecase?