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what do you have for breakfast?

what do you have for breakfast

what do I start my day with?
I love to eat cereals. there are so many different kinds, and I would always choose cereals over müsli : ) anyway, at the moment I am eating the Kellogg’s ALL BRAN regular cereals and I mix them with bananas, berries and honey. my dad has recently started to make honey, and hands down his honey is the best I have ever had, he lives in Grossaffoltern and he has lots of farmers, gardens and forest around his house and he takes great care of his bees.

bees are very important, and I know that there are lots of vegans who say that it is cruel to eat honey. I can agree with the general idea that humans should not eat so much meat and other animal products. I am a vegetarian ever since I was born, and I never liked the taste of meat. BUT when it comes to honey I was always a big honey lover. both of my parents side are making honey, so I never had to buy honey from the supermarket or local market, I got it either form my californian family or from my swiss family and now my dad is in the honey business too. we have to take care of our environment, we should be more aware of what we eat and how it was produced. especially the bees are about to die and we know that when the bees die we will be next.. I have planted special flowers on my balcony so I can help the city bees. there are great movies and campaigns about saving the bees, have a look here and here.

what do you start your day with? let me know in the comments below, I am curious to hear what you are having in the mornings. have a lovely day. X




AQUAZINGER – this thing rocks! thank you Catherine for this awesome present. such a nice and easy way to jazz up simple water and infuse it with fruits. my favorite is lemon + mint or mint + raspberries – mmhhmm! the best thing is that this also works with warm beverages – ooh I am already looking forward to make my own CHAI TEA with this bugger. stay tuned.


how does it work?

1. cut tiny pieces of fruit
2. close the lid 3. twist the metal part to the part with the cut fruits and the lid
4. fill it with water, shake it and cool it.
5. ready to drink ; )

more ideas for infused water

watermelon + basil water
kiwi + lime water
raspberry + blackberry water


I wish you all a nice day and I hope you have found this post helpful. this might be the best present for the friend that already has everything. : ) I dunno where she got it from but it is all over the internet. just google AQUAZINGER or visit zinganything.com/recipe for more ideas and recipes.


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designed by STUDIO MURMUR



good morning

better late than never – I am ready for a lovely breakfast. berries and coffee latte are today’s choice. mmmhhmm!

HAPPY TUESDAY – today I will have to organize many things and will try to create some new fancy outfits. the weather in basel is really funny – it jumps between super cold and quiet mild. that’s why I m already in a spring mood 🙂

but first let me answer some questions regarding makeup and beauty!

#what’s my favorite make up product?
awww that’s a tough one as I would have to choose between lipstick and bronzing powder..mmmhhmm I would say LIPSTICK!

#how long does it take me for my daily makeup?
ooooh that is an easy one – my daily makeup is done super fast – it takes me about 7 minutes.

#do I use anti-aging products if yes for how long?
so, I am 31 years old soon 32 and I do use some anti-aging products. I would say I started about five years ago. my main goal is to look healthy and not super young. therefore I like products with organic oil or other natural ingredients. my favorite skin care products are KIEHL’S midnight recovery concentrate, the new LUBEX anti-age hydration oil and SISLEY black rose cream mask! by using these products over night I can slightly manipulate my skin to look fresher and healthier!

#how many times a week do I use masks or peeling/exfoliating products?
ooooh that’s a good one! I love using masks and I love to pamper my skin with peeling so it really depends on the product. some masks can be used twice per week and some only once. so for example I use the SISLEY rose mask once a week and I use the KIEHL’S over night biological peel every other night.

#what do I use to wash and clean my face?
I use something rather new the CLINIQUE foaming sonic facial soap – with or without the SONIC face brush.

wow – it took me a second to answer all these questions but it was great fun and I will answer more of your questions in the future 🙂 have a lovely day! x



purple – burgundy – bordeaux – oxblood – raspberry – cherry to only name a few of the lovely colors for autumn. I went thru my collection of beauty products and found quiet a lot of nice fall colors, 15 to be precise. let me list them below. for me the two most important things about wearing darker lipsticks are to have a very even nice skin and exfoliated lips!

m.a.c HEROINE lipstick
m.a.c WHAT JOY (limited edition) lipstick
m.a.c REBEL lipstick

estée lauder HEART BEET nailpolish
m.a.c PALACE PEDIGREED eyeshadow
sisley ROSE NOIRE mask

estée lauder BRAZEN lipstick
m.a.c PRIMROSE (limited edition) lipstick
estée lauder RED EGO lipstick

m.a.c DARK DIVERSION fluidline

striplac DARK VIOLET nailpolish
alessandro LOVE AFFAIRE nailpolish
malva LAS VEGAS nailpolish

in fall I also love to wear darker tones on my nails and I am so happy with the STRIPLAC dark violet – the OPI in the cable car pool lane – MALVA las vegas and ALESSANDRO love affaire. when I look at my beauty stuff I can see a lot of different bronzing poswers and a huge variety of lipsticks. well no surprise to me – as these are my two favorite parts to apply makeup: cheeks and lips!