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this morning I started with a delicious milky smoothie. I had frozen raspberries, a banana and milk and these are all the things one needs to make this very smoothie. its very simple and all you need in addition is a jar or jug and a stick blender. a very optional thing is to have a fancy paper straw. I found mine via DAISO, a japanese shop in San Francisco.

1/2  glass MILK
1     bowl RASPBERRIES
1     big BANANA

put everything in the jar and use the stick blender to mix everything. once you are happy with the consistency pour it in your favorite glass, add a straw and thats it!


I am a big fan of these biodegradable paper straws, they totally make my day! they make a simple glass of water look fancy and I love to drink my smoothies with a straw, the only down side is that they start to degrade or fall apart very fast, so make sure to either have enough in order to switch your straw every now and then or you have to drink fast, lol! have a good day! X



good morning

better late than never – I am ready for a lovely breakfast. berries and coffee latte are today’s choice. mmmhhmm!

HAPPY TUESDAY – today I will have to organize many things and will try to create some new fancy outfits. the weather in basel is really funny – it jumps between super cold and quiet mild. that’s why I m already in a spring mood 🙂

but first let me answer some questions regarding makeup and beauty!

#what’s my favorite make up product?
awww that’s a tough one as I would have to choose between lipstick and bronzing powder..mmmhhmm I would say LIPSTICK!

#how long does it take me for my daily makeup?
ooooh that is an easy one – my daily makeup is done super fast – it takes me about 7 minutes.

#do I use anti-aging products if yes for how long?
so, I am 31 years old soon 32 and I do use some anti-aging products. I would say I started about five years ago. my main goal is to look healthy and not super young. therefore I like products with organic oil or other natural ingredients. my favorite skin care products are KIEHL’S midnight recovery concentrate, the new LUBEX anti-age hydration oil and SISLEY black rose cream mask! by using these products over night I can slightly manipulate my skin to look fresher and healthier!

#how many times a week do I use masks or peeling/exfoliating products?
ooooh that’s a good one! I love using masks and I love to pamper my skin with peeling so it really depends on the product. some masks can be used twice per week and some only once. so for example I use the SISLEY rose mask once a week and I use the KIEHL’S over night biological peel every other night.

#what do I use to wash and clean my face?
I use something rather new the CLINIQUE foaming sonic facial soap – with or without the SONIC face brush.

wow – it took me a second to answer all these questions but it was great fun and I will answer more of your questions in the future 🙂 have a lovely day! x



on the way from Basel to Venice we stopped in Vicenza and spent the night in the 4 star Hotel Tiepolo a bit outside of the city center. our room was in the topfloor (8°) and therefore we had an amazing view over the city. the hotel room was average standard but what I liked best about it was that it had a bathtub! I somehow love hotel rooms with bathtubs – it makes me feel like at home 🙂 the hotel has its own restaurant but unfortunately it was out of order the night we were there. I heard that it is a very good place for conferences and workshops as the hotel has its own conference rooms for about 700 people. what else can I tell you about the HOTEL TIEPOLO in Vicenza, it has free wifi, a flat screen tv, a mini bar, a trouserpress and A/C.


breakfast was included and they serve bread, croissants, coffee, tea, fruits, jam, orange juice and more! – the usual hotel breakfast buffet.

Vicenza Tiepolo Hotel****
Viale San Lazzaro 110
36100 Vicenza




Day One at Art Basel

#artbasel 2014

my day started with breakfast on my balcony with my danish friend Sophie, she is a performance artist from Copenhagen, Denmark, and is staying with her friend Ane from recentfuturearchive.com in our apartment during Art Basel. In the afternoon I collected my press cards and attended the Design Miami Vernissage. I am so glad that I have the “my art guide” which helps me organize my agenda.  I am looking forward to an amazing week!