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quick beautiful - Robert Josiane


quick beautiful - schminkbar basel

today I was at SCHMINKBAR BASEL and I had the chance to try one of their awesome facial treatments. for me and all the busy ladies in Basel I tried the quick beautiful facial treatment. it takes about 45 minutes and costs 100 CHF and I can highly recommend to schedule an appointment with Valentina, she did an amazing job and I will def go back to get that treatment.
now lets see what kind of products she has used for my skin. as some of you may know I have very sensitive skin with couperose parts on my cheeks, this means that my skin is very thin and needs extra care and sun protection. before you start your facial treatment they will anyway ask you about your skin and skin care. in my case I told Valentina about my problems and when she had a closer look under the lamp she could only confirm that. and now the products:
DIE SANFTE face soap
FRÜHLINGSWUNDER gentle face peeling
MORGENTAU refreshing tonic
day cream
TAG- + NACHTGLEICHE facial cream
eau de cologne
eye care
EYE LIFT cream

quick beautiful - schminkbar basel

last time when I was at schminkbar in Basel i took a lovely video and since it was a bit of an odd angle for me to film the facial treatment I decided not to make a movie but wright a blogpost about it.

the quick beautiful treatment was very very relaxing. Valentina did not talk too much but explained the most important things which was highly appreciated by me. she took a close look at my skin with the lamp and decided which products will suit my skins needs. I was already a fan of ROBERT & JOSIANE’s products and was very happy when I heard that she will be using lots of products by them. (see list of products above)
she started with cleaning my entire face and neck with help of steam, followed by a very gentle peeling (she has left out my sensitive cheek area) and prepared my skin for the actual treatment: mask and serum. as I have already said, I am def going back to get exactly that treatment. its quick, relaxing and efficient!
more infos here >> schminkbar.ch





this morning I started with a delicious milky smoothie. I had frozen raspberries, a banana and milk and these are all the things one needs to make this very smoothie. its very simple and all you need in addition is a jar or jug and a stick blender. a very optional thing is to have a fancy paper straw. I found mine via DAISO, a japanese shop in San Francisco.

1/2  glass MILK
1     bowl RASPBERRIES
1     big BANANA

put everything in the jar and use the stick blender to mix everything. once you are happy with the consistency pour it in your favorite glass, add a straw and thats it!


I am a big fan of these biodegradable paper straws, they totally make my day! they make a simple glass of water look fancy and I love to drink my smoothies with a straw, the only down side is that they start to degrade or fall apart very fast, so make sure to either have enough in order to switch your straw every now and then or you have to drink fast, lol! have a good day! X










these are some of my favorite YOUTUBERS and I will share new favorites every now and then. I have been following these for more than 2 years now and I watch almost every video they share. as you may know I have a channel too, in case you have not checked it yet, please do so now >> https://www.youtube.com/user/isawsomethingnice/videos <<

my YOUTUBE channel 



I was so so lucky on wednesday night when I fell with my bike and hit my knee,
elbow and head. I was not wearing a helmet and that is going to change now.
I checked the web for the best helmets and I found this very interesting statistic via ADAC and I found it very helpful. SAFE does not mean EXPENSIVE – that was the first thing that I noticed. I was quiet surprised about the prices of the helmets. below you can see the best helmets and the best one is the second cheapest.. so we have an overview of the prices and safety but we have not solved the STYLE issue…
helmets are not nice looking and are not stylish at all.. thats what I thought.. Screen shot 2015-05-21 at 10.57.04

and then I started an online search and I checked some of the brands from the ADAC test and was looking for a non sporty looking helmet.. the first brand that I checked was GIRO and I found a quiet simple looking helmet called QUARTER that is available in many colors. made out of ABS shell it is one of the lightest helmets ever made. they have different sizes and that brings me to another question that I had to answer, how to measure ones head for the correct helmet size. because it
really needs to fit. so check the photo below in case you need to measure your head to find a helmet. below the chart you can find the white QUARTER helmet.

Giro_H_Quarter_MatteWhiteCABear_34_1Screen shot 2015-05-21 at 11.05.18

another brand from the list was SCOTT and there I have found a funny round
looking one that does not scream GIRO D’ITALIA : ) the model is called TORUS and is available in different sizes: S, M, and L. this model that I am showing you is
nothing for big heads. check the size chart.


CASCO is another brand from the test and they have a helmet called URBANIC TC available in S = 50-56 cm / M = 56-69 cm / L = 59-63 cm / 80 EUROurbanicblack_cascohelme_5331427_m1257

the last helmet I want to show you is a more fancy one by YAKKAY called PARIS and I have not really found valid statistics about the safety. the helmet is made out of oiled fabric and looks like a hat. the cool thing is that you can change the cover of the hat and buy different covers. I only found size MEDIUM = 55 – 57 cm  89 EURO yakkay_weltrad_076_paris_blackoilskin

and during my research I was finding some local sellers of bike helmets and I called TRANSA and spoke to the lovely Rahel who recomended two other nice helmets.

BELL INTERSECT    bell_interselect.com

BERN BRENDWOODbern_brendwood

so now I know how to measure my head – which is btw 55 cm – and my two favorites are the GIRO QUARTER and the FAKKAY PARIS. somehow I feel like I need to try the helmet first before buying it and thats why I will check some shops for these two models. I will keep you posted about my helmet search via my SOCIAL MEDIA channels. stay tuned and ride safely! X



good morning my dear friends! what a nice way to start the day, the sun kissed my forhead and now I am ready to start this beautiful spring day! I found cute little croissants at MIGROS and thats what I had for breakfast. mmhhmmm! unfortunately I have to go to the hospital for a MRI check-up and hopefully everything will go as smooth as possible! #fingerscrossed

todays outfit is a rather simple one and I took the photos before the easter weekend – I really love my new hair color and I am so thankful to be one of Stefanie Winters clients. soon more about her on the blog – stay tuned!


blouse VINTAGE
cardigan C&A
coat WEIL
bag DKNY via zalando.ch
shoes ZIGN via zalando.ch
sunglasses RAY BAN


spring in sight


yes! the time has come – I am getting ready for spring and summer! and this year I have found some nice little helpers for my skin. in summer my skin is more exposed to sunlight and I am wearing nice short dresses and I wanna be sure to have a very nice, soft and even skin without any redness, stretchmarks or dents! so therefore I am drinking a lot of tea and water to get rid off any toxines and waste! that is step one and very crucial for a healthy diet and a fit body! I am a vegetarian since I was a baby and never liked meat so I already eat a lot of veggies. lately I have tried to eat a seasonal diet and I gotta tell you that is NOT easy for a person living in switzerland and craving AVOCADOS – ORANGES and LEMONS : ) so every now and then I had to make an exception and bought some delicious avocados, lemons and oranges. I try to mix vegetables, carbs and proteins. my favorite dish is rice with beans and different vegetables – I could eat that every day! a well-balanced diet is step two to a healthy body! mmhhmm. I think it is time to show you some of my lovely dishes that I am cooking all the time. stay tuned. now back to the healthy lifestyle. drinking enough and eating a well-balanced diet are key to a nice and fit body. the industry is showing us so many different things to stay in shape and one could spend hundreds of franks on different products. and thats why I wanna show you these 3 awesome products that I have found at MIGROS!

ZOÉ slim-it!
200ml/ 18.50 CHF
I AM shape my body
200ml / 10.60 CHF
ZOÉ push-up!

150ml/ 17.50 CHF

I started using them last week: the ZOÉ slim-it! for my tighs, belly and arms and the ZOÉ push-up! for my decollete. it takes at least four to six weeks to see any results. so I will keep on applying these lovely buggers and will get back to you with my results. have a lovely tuesday and I hope it was not too bad to get back to work – well at least the sun is out. : ) I have moved my computer so I can sit in the sun – have a look at my instagram photos here >>



so yesterday after waking up with an even more swollen eye than the day before I decided to stay in bed and wait for better times – and then the sun came out and I just had to go out for a walk. I was at the rhein and strolled around kleinbasel and was surprised to see so many people 🙂



denim jacket VINTAGE
jacket C&A
scarf DIESEL
sneakers NIKE FREE
sunglasses/clutch C&A
earrings THOMAS SABO


denim jacket weather I WISH 🙂 but with layering its possible! I am wearing my lovely new cashmere dress for the first time. actually it was my plan to not be wearing tights anymore from easter on BUT the wind made me wear some transparent ones because I was not in the mood to freeze to
death 🙂


nike free sneakers are just my most comfy shoes and I wear them with
everything! I think I will change the laces to black #todolist


I hope you had a lovely day off yesterday and were able to eat lots of sweets and chocolate. thanks C for taking the photos <3


YOGA in the garden!

every morning we had YOGA in the garden at the zalandosummerhouse. what a relaxing way to start the day! of course we did that in style by wearing the lovely NIKE sport gear. I really enjoyed wearing the YOGA shoes, a very funny looking but very comfy shoe.

sport gear NIKE via zalando.ch


2014 a new YEAR

a new year – a new chance – lets see what the year brings!

after a not so happy christmas time in the hospital I had a very smooth start into 2014. I spoil myself with a good breakfast every morning at home with fresh orangejuice, tea and milkcoffee. (photos of my livingroom/office.)

I have BIG news to share with you – I quit my job at Herzog & de Meuron in Basel, Switzerland in order to start my own I SAW SOMETHING NICE business. I will invest more time in my blog isawsomethingnice.ch – with focus on fashion design art beauty and lifestyle and I work as a wardrobestylist.

so this is a shoutout to all the photographers, makeUpArtists and brands who want to work with me – contact me via email lea @ isawsomethingnice .ch


please share this among your followers and friends – sharing is caring <3



I m currently using some AESOP HAIR PRODUCTS.
after falling in love with their handcream I thought why not giving their hair products a chance…

I started with the ROSE HAIR & SCALP MOISTURISING MASQUE and let this soak into my scalp and hair for a good half of an hour. Then I wash my hair with the CLASSIC SHAMPOO and as a last step I use the CLASSIC CONDITIONER.

so far I really like the effect on my hair. will keep you posted about their products! xxx aesop.com




I was recently in the L’Occitane Shop in Basel at Freiestrasse. Very nice and helpful shopassistant.

I tried the CREME ULTRA RICHE with 25% SHEA BUTTER – a very nourishing and hydrating treatment for your whole body with a fresh and delightful scent. I am thinking about buying the big jar for 47.- CHF – because I really liked what it did to my skin.

I also tried the CONCENTRE DE LAIT AMAND – a smooth and rich cream for the whole body. The smell is quiet intense and a little bit to sweet for me. The big jar costs 56.- CHF and I dont think I will buy it.

Visit the SHOP at FREIESTRASSE 93 in
BASEL – and leave me a comment below with your favourite products by L’OCCITANE. xxx