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that was our beautiful view from the AIRBN place in BUCURESTI. we arrived on December, 27, and stayed until January, 1, 2016 and I saw so many nice things and I also saw many not so nice things. as you know me I rather focus on positive things and try to see the best in everything I do and live. hence the name of the blog. the situation in Romania is very special and difficult to judge from the outside and even after talking to local friends of Cristian I realized that this country has so much more to offer. It needs politicians who stand for their people and not for their own benefits. the country needs lots of reforms and transperancy when it comes to projects. Romania has great, smart and qualified people and is a country with precious resources, hopefully it will soon be a step closer to realize a change, I really wish for a country with less corruption and more trust.

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I did something that I rarely ever do. I am wearing top and bottom the same brand and it is not H&M, hahahaha. : ) nooo, it is TARA JARMON. a big up for this amazing french designer.
more about TARA JARMON here >>


a rather simple but AHA outfit. one color is dominating and there is lots of sparkle and shine from the top and pants. therefore I didnt feel like adding any heavy golden or silver jewelry and only chose two matching accessories: the white shoes by BATA and the cute clock bag and black sunglasses by C&A. I absolutely love the shoes with this outfit for me this is a match made in heaven as I first did not really know with what I should wear these super high white heels.


I first fell in love with the silver top and actually wanted to pair it with the red skirt that unfortunately had a broken zipper but then in the end I found the matching pants and taataaaaa this is MY FASHION VESTIS LOOK. I was asked to join a blogger contest where we can win a 3000 CHF shopping voucher and a photoshooting. as soon as I will have the link where you can vote I will put it HERE
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Mircea Cantor

Mircea Cantor


born 1977, romania
lives and works on earth

Mircea Cantor Mircea Cantor Mircea Cantor





as I already mentioned via Facebook and Instagram I will show you how I wear my nudes! I got a nude pair of chunky platform sandals – a pair of sleek slingback stilettos and a pair of sandals with a chunky heel.

#chunky sandals 

a very simple mix of pastels and floral prints with a light makeup using pink lipstick and creamy shiny eyeshadow. an outfit for every day to work or a nice weekend outfit – very subtle and light!




this is a more elegant way to dress oneself – I love to mix different brown and I think it always looks good with nude shoes! with this lovely silk blouse the brown red pants look very chic and elegant!



#sandals with a block heel

this is my city look and due to its chunky heel these shoes are very nice for a city trip as they are comfy to walk in. also the outfit is a very simple one as you just have to wear that striped summer dress put on your sunglasses, grab your purse and you are ready!


here I have found some really nice nude shoes – have a look!




yes! the time has come – I am getting ready for spring and summer! and this year I have found some nice little helpers for my skin. in summer my skin is more exposed to sunlight and I am wearing nice short dresses and I wanna be sure to have a very nice, soft and even skin without any redness, stretchmarks or dents! so therefore I am drinking a lot of tea and water to get rid off any toxines and waste! that is step one and very crucial for a healthy diet and a fit body! I am a vegetarian since I was a baby and never liked meat so I already eat a lot of veggies. lately I have tried to eat a seasonal diet and I gotta tell you that is NOT easy for a person living in switzerland and craving AVOCADOS – ORANGES and LEMONS : ) so every now and then I had to make an exception and bought some delicious avocados, lemons and oranges. I try to mix vegetables, carbs and proteins. my favorite dish is rice with beans and different vegetables – I could eat that every day! a well-balanced diet is step two to a healthy body! mmhhmm. I think it is time to show you some of my lovely dishes that I am cooking all the time. stay tuned. now back to the healthy lifestyle. drinking enough and eating a well-balanced diet are key to a nice and fit body. the industry is showing us so many different things to stay in shape and one could spend hundreds of franks on different products. and thats why I wanna show you these 3 awesome products that I have found at MIGROS!

ZOÉ slim-it!
200ml/ 18.50 CHF
I AM shape my body
200ml / 10.60 CHF
ZOÉ push-up!

150ml/ 17.50 CHF

I started using them last week: the ZOÉ slim-it! for my tighs, belly and arms and the ZOÉ push-up! for my decollete. it takes at least four to six weeks to see any results. so I will keep on applying these lovely buggers and will get back to you with my results. have a lovely tuesday and I hope it was not too bad to get back to work – well at least the sun is out. : ) I have moved my computer so I can sit in the sun – have a look at my instagram photos here >>


something new!

YAY – I got a new bodymilk and handcream by NEUTROGENA. visibly renew it is called and I love bodycream with dispensers because I feel it is a lot easier to apply. I have used the bodymilk every morning after showering instead of my DOVE body lotion for the last two weeks and I gotta say they are equally nice and I could not tell which one I like better or not. also with regard to price they are both about the same. the bodymilk and the handcram contain collagen and stimulating minerals and it is made for dry to very dry skin. check √ I have super dry skin especially in winter and even though my calendar says april second it still is very cold and windy outside. I guess I was a bit too optimistic when I have put all my winter clothes away two weeks ago 🙂 time for layering spring and summer clothes I really need some color and hopefully the sun will be out soon.

this mornig I was at the hospital because I woke up with a very swollen left eye. now several hours later I am back at home and I good good news it is nothing bad: I have an inflamed sebaceous gland and I am now using eydrops and eyecream for the next 10 days that also means no eyemakeup for the next days 🙁 and that really sucks as I got some really cool products for the blog to use and play around with.. an awesome new blue eyeliner by SISLEY and the Cinderella maccosmetics collection and and and – this has got to wait for my eye to heal <3

unfortunately I have not tried the handcream yet as I am still using my L’Occitane and I am sure that I will be using that for quiet some time in the future as I have a giant tube. so I will try to give it to one of my dear readers – so incase you read that and you are interested please leave me either a comment or leave me a message.

bodymilk 400ml/11.90 CHF
handcream 75ml/ 10.90 CHF



when I was walking thru the streets of basel in order to get some fashion inspiration I stumbled upon this cute outfit and I had to share it with you. unfortunately I was a bit in a hurry so I couldnt ask her for her name or the clothes she was wearing but I have found some similar pieces that I wanna share with you now:


i saw something nice

so in case that you see yourself here please contact me <3



with royal orchid oil by GUHL. my friend Laura is testing these two products the SHAMPOO and the CONDITIONER and she will tell me what she liked about it and what maybe not – we will see.

I made a little research about the price and I found out that these products they are the cheapest at MÜLLER (6.90 CHF) and most expensive at MANOR and COOP (9.50 CHF)

my questions for LAURA:

how many times a week did you wash your hair?
did you only wash your hair with these products?
what products were you using before?
would you purchase these products?

alright, lets give Laura some time to wash her hair and I will get back to you. stay tuned. X


SOMETHING NEW via @Coca-Cola

check your super market and experience the new coca cola life 🙂 I don’t like coca cola but my friends do and they really liked it and were not able to tell the difference between this one and regular coke – well it should actually taste less sweet. 🙂