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merry christmas

this year I am in Brasov for CHRISTMAS and I love exploring this beautiful city of Romania. there is a huge christmas tree in the center of the old city and fancy lights that are hanging above the streets. BRASOV is a very beautiful city with lots of amazing looking old houses. some of them need more care than the owners can spare but in general there is a movement in order to preserve the cultural heritage of Brasov. and now let me show you some photos. X

xmas tree XXL xmas food and friends xmas tree in the making leas outfit

so let me tell you a bit more about what we have done so far. we have visited the new flat of C’s parents, strolled around the city, visited friends, decorated the christmas tree and took some photos for the blog. more to come, stay tuned. X




Flyer Kunstraum Florenz Regionale Flyer Kunstraum Florenz Regionale

VERNISSAGE regionale 16
SATURDAY  November, 28  2015, 16 Uhr.

28. November 2015 – 9. Januar 2016
opening hours:         THU – SAT,  15-19 Uhr / SUN, 14-18 Uhr

more Infos: ateliers-florenz.ch/kunstraum




24.10 – 1.11.2015

yay – we were at the opening match. thank you MOET& CHANDON for the invitation, it was a blast! we saw the opening match between R. FEDERER (3 / SUI) and M. KUKUSKIN (64 / KAZ) and luckily Roger won. he had a good Swiss Indoors this year and was able to beat R. NADAL in the final. congratulation! X




Body Scrub

I am sure some of you might wonder why this post is in the lifestyle category. so let’s consider having a nice and soft skin as a lifestyle. I do and I wish you would agree. : ) body scrubs, exfoliators or peelings are basically the same, there are just different names used. try to use one where there are no plastic balls involved because it is not good for the planet and also not good for your skin.

M.ASAM has amazing body scrubs and I have tested some and I gotta to say: I found a favorite among them. my favorite one is called BROWN SUGAR. unfortunately I could not find it anymore on their online shop, but they have a very similar one that you can check here >> another one I have tried by M.ASAM is called 2015 and is a very nice slightly powdery fragranced scrub. the last one I have tried by them is called DREAM OF ROSES and I was only able to find the body cream – check here >>  the cool thing about M.ASAM is that they sell scrubs and creams from the same fragrance and line. after the peeling I love using the same fragranced cream.

at M.ASAM you can customize the stick on label by adding text to the two bottom lines. also there are options to choose different background images. check the example here >> this makes it a very great CHRISTMAS present!

in the image above you can see a blue scrub (top) thats the one by CLINIQUE and I have used that one in summer a lot, it is a cool and fresh body scrub called SPARKLE SKIN BODY EXFOLIATOR this product is great for men and women as it has no fragrance. the other two are by M.ASAM. the middle one is DREAM OF ROSES and the bottom one is BROWN SUGAR. unforutnately I used up the 2015 body scrub already during summer but you can see the packaging in the photo below. for sure I will be talking about it in my next EMPTIES video on youtube.


how often and what for?
I use a body scrub every other day. in summer I like a cooling fresh one and in winter I like a nice warm scented one. in spring I use body scrubs before fake tanning but in general I think it is great to remove the old dead pieces of skin. after showering with a body scrub my skin feels amazingly soft and smooth. especially my ellbow, knees and heels like an extra scrub. body scrubs are great for men and women and I am sure that you will find something nice for you.


C&A shopping haul

c&a shopping haul

C&A shopping haul:


2. HAT




I found some awesome pieces from the new fall/winter collection at C&A in Basel, Switzerland and some of the pieces are indeed available via the onlineshop, these are the pieces that you can see above.

I found another denim shirt with embelishment that is not in the online shop (yet) – lets see maybe I can add it to the list later. anyways, I will soon upload outfit inspirations including these new fall pieces. if the weather is decent I can shoot this weekend. stay tuned. X




as every year it was a blast to be invited by VITRA for the summerparty during ART BASEL. look at the lovely decoration – so nice! there was cool music and lots of nice art and design to see. there are many different buildings inside the VITRA campus, the newest is by SANA. my favorite one is the showroom by HERZOG & DE MEURON but I also like the one by TADAO ANDO. this years entry badge was a piece of fabric that the tied around our wrists. a nice idea but so far the metall bands were my favorite – I still have them and collected the different colors from other friends that were there.


the food was delicious and there was a nice vegetarian alternative. my favorite was the couscous salad – mmmhhhmm, can I please have one more?! and the ice cream was a touch of heaven on earth too bad I did not check by whom the catering was..

I dunno if you can remember but a couple of years ago there was a bug attack during VITRA PARTY and I was telling some friends about that and literally 5 minutes later the first bug was there and he was followed by friends. I jinxed it 🙂 sorry for that but again it was fun to see all the people hide and run from the almost blind flying bugs.. after one hour the bugs were gone, ouff!


all the friends in the house – eehm at the VITRA PARTY!
thank you Wilpert, Mo, Cristian, Esther and Fleur – it was super nice!



TOM PRICE – synthesis

Design Miami Basel

I visited Design Miami Basel and I absolutely fell in love with the pieces by TOM PRICE at the Victor Hunt Designart Dealers booth. I took so many photos of his work and I decided to share as many as possible with you. in fact I have to say that I actually like (my) photos a lot better than the actual poles. I dont like the shape of the work but I am very much fascinated by the inside and all the amazing encounters of different colors and materials.

Design Miami Basel Design Miami Basel

synthesis is the study of a dialogue between two contrasting materials – resin and tar – and their negotiation for space and identity when forced to become a single unified entity. petal-like cracks and fissures formed through a careful manipulation of the catalysing process of the resin cluster and interact with amorphous invasive bodies of tar, which loom – apparently suspended in space. the tar initially appears densely black, almost light-absorbent, but upon closer inspection, a network of fine green vapour trails can be seen drifting from a surface partially melted by the exothermic reaction of the curing resin. as the tar heats it expands, searching for pathways within the resin and rushes to claim open fissures, creating wafer thin golden slivers of coral-like protuberances. the effects of the synthesis of these two disparate elements – one black and dense; the other clear and liquid – results in a riot of colour and explosive formations that engage on both a macro and micro level.

Design Miami Basel Design Miami Basel Design Miami Basel Design Miami Basel Design Miami Basel Design Miami Basel Design Miami Basel Design Miami Basel Design Miami Basel




volta11 volta11 volta11 volta11 volta11 volta11


I found the works by Taiichiro Yoshida very disturbing and beautiful the same time. I have never seen such pieces before and I am very glad to have stumbled upon this cool gallery at VOLTA11.my favorite piece is the white and red bird CHIRAL.



Tyler Rollins Fine Art

VOLTA11 tiffany chung

Tangier 1943 the international zone, the french capitulation in world war II, the moroccan communist party, the istiqlal party and the call for independence of morocco in 1944.

tiffany chung
tiffany chung

Tiffany Chung is one of Vietnam’s most prominent and internationally active contemporary artists. Based in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), she is noted for her cartographic drawings, sculptures, videos, photographs, and theater performances that explore spatial and sociopolitical transformations interwoven with the lingering resonances of historical trauma.


host for BASEL NACHT at VOLTA 11

I have BIG news for all of you, especially for the one living in Basel or staying in Basel during ART BASEL week. I am the host of VOLTA 11 BASEL NACHT which happens on thursday from 5 to 7 PM. in case you want to enter for free use the promo code: SOMETHINGNICE. visit this link BASEL NACHT and register online for a free pass.

VOLTA11-isawsomethingniceVOLTA 11
BASEL, 15-20 JUNE 2015




denim for the next generation – thats the tag line of the DESIGN CHALLENGE 2015 and I really like it. how can we be more sustainable, how can future generations benefit from us? did you know that the jeans industry is one of the most poluting one? I will get back to this topic but first I wanna talk about three of the winners and their design:


Taking his inspiration from the families of Amsterdam, John-Randy’s aspiration is to develop sustainable, more durable denim for everybody. He wants to design denim garments that are timeless in design, so people can wear them for a lifetime. John-Randy chose the 501 Levi’s Jeans 1954 as his iconic denim style, because these jeans made histo- ry as the first denim for women and were also worn by Marilyn Monroe.IMG_6731

C&A_Design_Challenge_04.15_009DONNA VAN LANGEN, 21

Donna’s style is understated and comfortable and this is what she brings to her design, too: clothes that look good, but are ultimately wearable. She is inspired by women who want clothes that they love but who also care about their beloved family and the environment. Donna chose the Rockmount Western Shirt as her iconic denim piece, because it is the ultimate basic garment. Wearable all year round, it transcends sea- sons and it works for a diverse range of styles.

IMG_6730C&A_Design_Challenge_04.15_012MICHAEL BLES, 27

Michael is a passionate and hardworking team player who loves to be creative and thrives with challenges. He takes his design inspiration from the cafe racers and rebels; the young, wild and free of the 60s. His aspiration is to fuse the old with the new, giving it a contemporary twist that takes the design into the modern day. Michael chose the trucker jacket as his iconic denim style, because it’s a piece of history that will always be reworked by designers and customizers.IMG_6728C&A_Design_Challenge_04.15_004

“The Design Challenge was launched by C&A two years ago to support up-and-coming design talent and explore new creative routes. For the 2015 edition of its annual competition, C&A has partnered with the Jean School of Amsterdam, putting the focus on creating Denim for the Next Generation. As one of the largest players in denim retail on the European high street, the partnership with the Jean School underlines C&A’s dedication to denim. For this year’s competition, eight emerging denim developers from the Jean School were invited to reimagine an iconic denim style for women, men or kids into an innovative and stylish, yet accessible, denim piece that meets a variety of criteria such as price range, sustainable material sourcing and production as well as craftsmanship. Both the sustainability and craftsmanship aspects of the challenge are key components for C&A as part of the company’s long-term strategy.”

It was really nice to talk to three of the winners unfortunately I didnt meet the fourth winner:
JULIE VAN LUIT, 19, she designed the ladies denim trucker jacket: C&A_Design_Challenge_04.15_006







today I wanna show you my impressions from day two of BLICKFANG and again I saw so many nice things to share with you.


I am very much in love with the colors and materials of the enjey collection, lots of beautiful dresses, tops and blazers. I tried to capture some of the colors and materials.


the collection is sold at various places in ZH like NY style couture – GLOBUS ZH – Speicher 10 and Boutique Partout.


for the jewely lovers among us I found something really nice! claudia nabholz makes very cute necklaces and earrings – see more here << 


wow look at those beautiful wooden boxes – I would know exactly what to store inside them 🙂 hats – scarfs – bags 🙂 and maybe I would put a tiny label so I know whats inside. arno wolf has a very lovely booth at blickfang basel and I thinks its absolutely worth to go check out his design – awesome lamps, frames and lots more.


I fell in love with the big blankets from ZIGZAG ZURICH – arent they wonderful? here you can only see 3 different patterns but there are way more. click here to see more <<


another really cool design product was made by studio rene siebum the spine stool that consists of a rope and three wooden pieces. I took the chance to try it out and I gotta say they are very comfortable. read more about him and his philosophy form follows feeling here << he also won the mini design award – congratulations!

that was it from day two of BLICKFANG BASEL 2015 and I will try to capture lots of other nice things today when I will prepare my day 3 report of the design fair. have a lovely sunday and hope to see you at blickfang – messe BS – hall 3.