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Body Scrub

I am sure some of you might wonder why this post is in the lifestyle category. so let’s consider having a nice and soft skin as a lifestyle. I do and I wish you would agree. : ) body scrubs, exfoliators or peelings are basically the same, there are just different names used. try to use one where there are no plastic balls involved because it is not good for the planet and also not good for your skin.

M.ASAM has amazing body scrubs and I have tested some and I gotta to say: I found a favorite among them. my favorite one is called BROWN SUGAR. unfortunately I could not find it anymore on their online shop, but they have a very similar one that you can check here >> another one I have tried by M.ASAM is called 2015 and is a very nice slightly powdery fragranced scrub. the last one I have tried by them is called DREAM OF ROSES and I was only able to find the body cream – check here >>  the cool thing about M.ASAM is that they sell scrubs and creams from the same fragrance and line. after the peeling I love using the same fragranced cream.

at M.ASAM you can customize the stick on label by adding text to the two bottom lines. also there are options to choose different background images. check the example here >> this makes it a very great CHRISTMAS present!

in the image above you can see a blue scrub (top) thats the one by CLINIQUE and I have used that one in summer a lot, it is a cool and fresh body scrub called SPARKLE SKIN BODY EXFOLIATOR this product is great for men and women as it has no fragrance. the other two are by M.ASAM. the middle one is DREAM OF ROSES and the bottom one is BROWN SUGAR. unforutnately I used up the 2015 body scrub already during summer but you can see the packaging in the photo below. for sure I will be talking about it in my next EMPTIES video on youtube.


how often and what for?
I use a body scrub every other day. in summer I like a cooling fresh one and in winter I like a nice warm scented one. in spring I use body scrubs before fake tanning but in general I think it is great to remove the old dead pieces of skin. after showering with a body scrub my skin feels amazingly soft and smooth. especially my ellbow, knees and heels like an extra scrub. body scrubs are great for men and women and I am sure that you will find something nice for you.



bold colors

yes spring and summer have come to basel and as in the years before it is not a slight change of temperatures nooo, it is a very rapid change from 12 degrees C it jumps to 30 degrees C the next day… so for the wardrobe that means to always be prepared. I have my spring summer and fall clothes in the same place. the only things that I have removed are my winter coats and winter dresses – the rest stays because you never know you might need something with longsleeves the next day..

bold colors

when I was in Paris I found this lovely bold blue silk blouse at the SONIA RYKIEL outlet and I love to wear it with other bright colors.


sunglasses C&A

I wish you all a nice extended weekend. I hope the weather will stay nice and that we can all enjoy some ice cream in the sun. X



aww, thats such a nice table – maybe a bit over my budget 😉 but who cares anyway – I am talking about the UN tables made out of old doors. in case you wanna read more about them click here << 






WINTER IN HOLLAND has a very lovely booth with hand made wash clothes. incase you wanna read more about the idea behind this label click here >> 




have you ever heard of the 8 pandas?
I did for the first time yesterday at BLICKFANG and I am very
impressed! dishes made out of bamboo – unfortunately not made for the
microwave so it will be nothing for me but they are dishwasher proof!
read more about the 8panda here <<



aww what a nice weekender bag and the best thing about it is that the bag is super light – perfect for a weekend trip! NOTO is a german brand and in case you wanna read more click here >>



has so many nice things – seriously I dunno were to start! they have
beautiful things for the kitchen, nice deco things and lots of gorgeous
makeup. I will for sure visit their shop a bit more often – it is in
Basel at Spalenberg 38 – read more about them here >>




– THIS IS PARK are from St Gallen in Switzerland and sell a nice
variety of leather bags. again I liked the weekender bag the best – what
does that say about me 🙂 read more about the label here >>



lovely earrings by FRAISE & FRAMBOISE
– my favorite one is the one with the rose stones hanging in front and
in the back of the ear. the label is from Zurich and in case you are
interested to know more about Nicoles collection then click here <<

that was it from DAY ONE of Blickfang, lets see what there is to show today!
see you there at hall 3. X


NAVYBOOT Originals

my impressions from the event in Basel at the SBB train station. I was not lucky at all but it was fun to watch other people win! you had one try to grab a bronze ball = free shoes or black ball = 30 CHF or 50 CHF voucher in 15 seconds or like I did to grab nothing but air.

I can highly recommend to check the ORIGINALS collection as the shoes look really solid and are made out of solid leather but they weigh almost nothing. that was my biggest surprise when I held one of the Chelsea boots and I couldnt believe that they were so light. that was also the time when I got the brown and not the bronze Chelsea boots for myself. I can not wait to show you my boots and the way I wear them with jeans and dresses! stay tuned for more!

here are some ideas on how to wear the brown chelsea boots




find the NAVYBOOT Original Cheslea Boot here <<



SPRING/SUMMER 2015 at London Fashion Week

look: “The inspiration comes from Erdem’s vision of this obsessive botanist – a bit demure, a bit Victorian – who spends most of her time in the conservatory where she goes mad and wanders into the jungle. The look is romantic, beautifully organic with a dewy complexion.”

lead artist: Val Garland for NARS Cosmetics


Soft Velvet Loose Powder (New for Spring 2015; for now try Loose Powder)



Adoration Dual-Intensity Blush (New for Spring 2015; for now try Bouthan Duo Eyeshadow)


Adoration Dual-Intensity Blush (New for Spring 2015; for now try Luxor Multiple)

Siam Matte Multiple