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Basel Tips


I live in Basel and therefore I am a local who can give you lots of tips about Basel. especially during the Art Basel week we tend to have long days and long nights and then its very nice to treat oneself with something nice. so, when I have a rough day or my feet hurt from being on them all day long I like to get myself a footmassage or a pedicure, depending on my time schedule. I can absolutely recommend Ramona Gysi and her salon RG Cosmetic & Massage.
Steinenvorstadt 23

Basel Tips

I had the pleasure to get a foot reflexzone massage the other day and it was such a relaxing experience. by massaging the feet the whole body is affected and therefor it feels like a full body massage.

in case you need a hair cut I can also recommend a very nice salon called WINTER COIFFURE its located behind AESCHENPLATZ at Lange Gasse 28. Stefanie Winter is cutting my hair for a very long time and I blogged about my experiences several times before.
my basel tips
Lange Gasse 28
Stefanie Winter has worked in the coiffure industry for years and stands for styling expertise at the highest level. she opened her first salon in Basel at Lange Gasse 28 in Basel. the approximately 80 square-foot facility is located directly behind Aeschenplatz. Stefanie Winter is coiffeuse out of passion and her success is based on the unique feeling for people and style.
have a nice day and see you tonight at BASEL NACHT (5-9pm) get your free pass here https://www.microspec.com/tix123/eTic.cfm?code=VOLTA1216 and use my code: SOMETHINGNICE – see you later. X


Tame Frizz by KMS California

Tame Frizz by KMS California

Tame Frizz by KMS California

KMS California came out with something new and it took me quiet a while to finally write about it, so for me they are new but actually they are already out for a while. frizzy hair? I guess a lot of ladies can answer this with a simple YES. so I am sure that you will be happy to hear more about these new buggers:

TAME FRIZZ by KMS California
thats the name of the line and I got to try the de frizz oil, the shampoo and the HAIR STAY maximum hold spray. my hair can be frizzy, especially when it rains a lot and the air is humid. also when I leave my hair air dry my roots can get really frizzy, so when I got the parcel I was very excited and had high expectations. now lets see what they say they do:
de-frizz oil / 100ml
it claims to control frizz and humidity for up to 3 days.
its a lightweight feel, non-greasy oil that instantly is being absorbed instantly. it is humidity resistance and provides heat protection. it is very easy to use, just work through towel-dried hair and style as usual. you can also use it on dry hair to further reduce frizz. this is another great hair oil. as you may know I have already tried lots of different oils (KERASTASE, REDKEN, THE BODY SHOP etc..) and it has become a regimen for me to always apply some drops of oil to my damp hair before blow drying it.

tame frizz shampoo / 300ml
it claims to prepare for frizz reduction and smoothes the hair surface. lather,
rinse. repeat if necessary. mmhhmm, it smells devine. so far I really see a difference when washing my hair with this shampoo. my hair roots are not frizzy and I dont have to add a ton of cream or oil to control the frizz. thumbs up for this bugger!

maximum hold spray / 245 g
it claims to give a firm hold and to be humidity resistant. it has an instant ultra-firm finishing and shine effect up to 24-hour. how to use, like every other hair spray, keep a distance of 25-30 cm from dry hair.

Tame Frizz by KMS California

thank you for sending me these buggers, I had fun trying them out and I am in love with the golden hair bands. X



whilst strolling thru the web I found this awesome baby blue top by STREET ONE and I just had to share it with you. it is the perfect key piece for a great summer look and I found two very nice ways to wear it. the first one is a casual everyday look for a rather swiss summer day and the other one is a chic everyday look for a hot day. the best thing is that you can mix this top with so many things you already have in your wardrobe.  baby blue top

so as you can see for this casual look you need black pumps and blue skinny jeans – thats it. of course you can add accessories like jewelry or a nice handbag but the basic look can be achieved by combining these three items.

baby blue top

here I am showing a very easy and summery look and I know that a lot of you are not so keen on wearing white but in fact it is such a perfect color for a hot summer day! I love the combo of white beige and babyblue. also in this case the outfit can be accessorized with jewelry or a nice handbag.

in case you like the top it is on SALE (-40%) and also available in other colors:

this weekend I was in KARLSRUHE (read more here >>) and I was wearing the top with black 7/8 pants and black BIRKENSTOCK shoes, unfortunately I could not take a proper photo but I think you can see what you need to see in the one below : )

my outfit


# since this top has very thin straps I recommend to wear a strapless bra – it just looks a lot nicer when there are only the straps of the shirt.

# do you like the layering look? if so then choose a bigger size and layer it with other singlets or another similar top.

# in or out ? you can wear this top inside a high waist skirt meaning to tuck it in in the front or back. BUT it can also be worn outside, meaning over a skinny jeans.

there are many other ways to wear this top and of course I will keep you posted about that. just stay up to date with my blog.





bold colors

yes spring and summer have come to basel and as in the years before it is not a slight change of temperatures nooo, it is a very rapid change from 12 degrees C it jumps to 30 degrees C the next day… so for the wardrobe that means to always be prepared. I have my spring summer and fall clothes in the same place. the only things that I have removed are my winter coats and winter dresses – the rest stays because you never know you might need something with longsleeves the next day..

bold colors

when I was in Paris I found this lovely bold blue silk blouse at the SONIA RYKIEL outlet and I love to wear it with other bright colors.


sunglasses C&A

I wish you all a nice extended weekend. I hope the weather will stay nice and that we can all enjoy some ice cream in the sun. X


something new by DOVE

so in october 2014 I have told you about the new DOVE hair lines and didnt really describe the products and now I wanna share with you my experiences after using it for a couple of times AND I didnt do this alone – I had help! my gorgeous mom tested the purple YOUTH VITALITY line. first I wanna share with you what DOVE says about the two lines and then I will tell you what we liked about it.


“Dove Oxygen & Moisture with Oxyfusion technology has been specifically selected to add hair volume for fine, flat hair. Oxygen & Moisture shampoo, conditioner and finishing products are pumped with Oxyfusion technology, a new generation of moisture. this system moisturises fine, flat hair, giving you hair volume. breathe life back into your hair with Dove Oxygen & Moisture.”
me: I really liked the OXYGEN line – the shampoo lathers and thats something very important for me 🙂 I hate it when shampoos dont lather. I always use conditioner after washing my hair and I gotta say that I liked the conditioner even better than the shampoo. another very nice thing is the mask which really made a difference to my hair – it made it shinier and healthier looking. the only thing I didnt like was the styling product. I think I will hand this down to a friend that likes to use these kind of styling sprays.


“with age, hair loses essential nutrients and can leave you with dry, brittle hair that is longing for nourishment. at Dove we are dedicated to providing advanced and tailored care for specific hair needs and new Youthful Vitality is a dedicated range of hair care products that helps replenish the nutrients that hair loses with age. Dove Youthful Vitality shampoo, conditioner and finishing products contain nourishing ingredients that give deep replenishment. Your hair will be left more manageable**, revitalised and feeling stronger**. ( *shampoo, conditioner and thickening essence versus flat, limp hair)”mom: she is a huge fan of the Kiehls shampoos and therefore it was hard to make her stop using the Kiehls for a moment but she did 🙂 and she admits that she also liked the YOUTHFUL collection. she has grey hair and wears a rather short bob hair cut. I asked her if she has a favorite and she told me that she absolutely loves the HAIR BB CREAM.

this is the one product she will for sure continue to re-purchase.
so that is what we have to say about the new DOVE collections and we hope it was helpful incase you were thinking about buying the new products. have a lovely day. x

blue just blue

a rather casual and comfy outfit that I am showing you today. but I am very happy with my newest purchase of jeans. in fact they are my new favorite jeans. I found out that the perfect length for me is to buy short sizes. luckily C&A runs short (and long) sizes and the 36 short fits me perfectly. another favorite of mine is the NINO BOLLAG jacket – a great piece to slack over almost every outfit. I guess thats why it is a favorite. when I think about my favorite clothing items I see that many of them can be worn in various ways with lots of different other things. what is your favorite piece? let me know. xx


jeans C&A
clutch DIESEL
jewelry STORE IN AMSTERDAM (no idea what it was called..)


winter leggings

aww.. I think this is definitely one of the great things about winter time – I get to wear my wintery leggings with fancy patterns. I got this pair years ago at H&M and there are many places where you can find similar pairs.

pattern ideas here <<
shopping ideas here <<


leggings H&M
sweater PARENTIS
blouse REVERSE
clutch ÖGON
umbrella PRESENT (from Agata <3 )


black just black

that is something rather unusual for me. I hardly ever wear a complete black outfit. and it is funny that even when I try to wear a complete black outfit I still find one or two things that are not black – today it is my light grey tights.


skirt ESPRIT
leather top WAREHOUSE via zalando
sweater H&M
jacket C&A
tights FALKE



todays outfit

sweater BRSHKA
skirt H&M
coat C&A
tights FALKE
boots OFFICE
clutch C&A
hat TOPSHOP via zalando.ch
earrings GLOBUS



today I am showing you an amazing Vintage outfit. I got the croco bag from Judiths family and I found the rest at the fleamarket in basel.

skirt MINT & BERRY
sweater VINTAGE
earrings and glasses H&M
jacket ESPRIT




that was my first reaction when I saw this lovely piece by B.SHOU – a wonderful swiss jewelry onlineshop with awesome statement necklaces. the piece is called FIRE and ICE and that fits my personality perfectly, hahahaha! hurry up, I saw that there are only a few pieces left of that one. but also dont worry if it is not available anymore as there are sooo many other nice pieces and I am sure that it will be hard for you to narrow down your selection.

I am so happy that I can share something so nice with you and that I can also provide you some discount for your purchase. visit http://bshou.ch and select your favorite pieces and use the code SOMETHINGNICE for 15% off.

What I really like about these pieces is the quality and the price – it is such a nice thing when you buy something and you think you are making a good deal. and thats exactly the feeling I had when I looked at their products and prices. the statement necklaces vary from 39 CHF to 59 CHF and are delivered for free within switzerland – another plus point: free delivery! I am now showing you my favorite ones here:




stay tuned for my outfits with statment necklaces by B.SHOU – I will show you many nice ways to wear it with style!



via parfumerie24.ch

as some of you may already know I am also blogging for parfumerie24.ch where I review a product every week. I am a huge fan of the TOTALLY BAKED hair styling mousse.

the german reading followers can find a lot of information about the product here >> http://blog.parfumerie24.ch/2014/09/11/i-am-totally-baked

I use this after I washed my hair and I apply it from the mid lengths to the ends and I seperate different pieces and try to form curls – then I either let them dry naturally or I blowdry my hair and wow! it gives me BIG hair and I dont have to wash my hair for at least three days! whenever I go somewhere where I can not wash my hair easily then I will make sure to use this product before my trip!



Kérastase Discipline

Bain Fluidealiste 250ml/ 29 CHF
Fondant Fluidealiste 200ml/ 41 CHF
Fluidissime 150ml/ 39 CHF

my new favorite shampoo and conditioner – bain Fluidealiste and fondant Fluidealiste – make my hair very smooth and silky. I use them both every time I wash my rather dry and color-treated hair, which is about every second or third day. I have not used the Fluidissime styling that often yet but it claims to protect the hair up to 230°C – wow, freaking hot!

here you can find the impressions of the Kérastase Event in Zurich



thank you NIVEA for sending me these 2 NEW products – MEGA STRONG STYLING SPRAY and STYLING MOUSSE MEGA STRONG! I wanted to show you some things that I have recently got and make me happy!

#nivea mega strong styling spray
#nivea styling mousse mega strong
#estee lauder double wear bb highlighter
#larapatriziavogt earrings
#swatch sweet me
#m.a.c alluring aquatic blush (sea me hear me)
#kiehls vetiver and black tea body lotion

aawww. I feel like I am in seventh heaven sitting on cloud number nine. something for my hair, something for my body, something for my face and accessories! I have only tried the new nivea products twice and I really like the mega strong styling spray. my new swatch watch and the wonderful earrings by lara patrizia vogt that I have already showed you are really precious pieces to me. the new bb highlighter by estee lauder is fantastic it makes my eye area glow and it goes perfectly with the estee lauder double wear foundation. the last couple of days I couldnt take my hands off the extra dimension blush from the limited alluring aquatic edition its just absolutely gorgeous. and last but not least my new body lotion by kiehls it is silicone free and smells like something super nice but really hard to describe – I love it!



do you need inspiration? Is your closet full of clothes but you still dont know what to wear? take a moment and check my POLYVORE page or stroll thru my outfits from 2011 2012 2013 2014

I love to look back and see what I have been wearing the last couple of years. some pieces are still in my closet and some have found a new owner 🙂 what is your favorite piece? which is your favorite outfit?