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I am really trying to stick to summer but hey I live in switzerland and fall has already hit us! anyway I have found a nice way to keep summer in my life by using these awesome producst for my hair! not only the products scream summer but also the scents. all of these products have to be applied to wet hair and make big, full, wavy, voluminous hair.

I have already showed you the TOTALLY BAKED product a couple weeks ago – for the folks who have not read this yet can read it here » it has such a lovely sweet lemon tarte scent – mmhhmm! another favorite of mine is the L’Oreal Professionnel DUAL STYLERS by tecni.ART BOUNCY & TENDER – a cream and gel duo for defined and soft curls. such a funny tube as it has two tubes in one. the outer one holds the gel and the inner one holds the cream. I am in love with the scent – I really wanna rub this thing all over my body 🙂 because of its good scent. last but not least my newest product is the ROLLAND OWAY FLUX POTION – soft-hold sculpting fluid with biodynamic marrubium, organic black quinoa, aamla and ethically-produced marula. it is fragrance free and paraben free but still it has a very fresh lemony scent. it gives my hair a nice grip and I feel it is a lot easier to blowdry with a round bristle brush.

next to my products you can see a tiny bit of my beautyiful bowl by mebel – you can use it for fruits, vegies, salad or I dunno what else 🙂 at the very moment I use it for fruits. in case you wanna have a closer look at it check here »



via parfumerie24.ch

as some of you may already know I am also blogging for parfumerie24.ch where I review a product every week. I am a huge fan of the TOTALLY BAKED hair styling mousse.

the german reading followers can find a lot of information about the product here >> http://blog.parfumerie24.ch/2014/09/11/i-am-totally-baked

I use this after I washed my hair and I apply it from the mid lengths to the ends and I seperate different pieces and try to form curls – then I either let them dry naturally or I blowdry my hair and wow! it gives me BIG hair and I dont have to wash my hair for at least three days! whenever I go somewhere where I can not wash my hair easily then I will make sure to use this product before my trip!



look what I found here at parfumerie24.ch my three favourite parfums that I use everyday – CHANEL CHANCE – CHLOE ROSES – CHANEL MADEMOISELLE – three amazing fragrances you should not miss!

check the best prizes here:



I am so so ready for this –
my new favourite fragrance!

one of these more wintery parfume that makes you feel like a chic italian beauty. I would describe this fragrance as very floral – oriental – sensual – with a touch of amber and lilac. what else do you need for the upcoming cold times! I am prepared 🙂

   gucci guilty set contains

30ml Eau de Toilette
   50 ml Body Lotion

for switzerland:
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within 24 hours!

AVAILABLE via parfumerie24.ch

you will not believe but its christmas soon – dont hesitate – order the kit!
leave me a comment below and tell me what is your favourite fragrance.
I am curious! xxx




Bulgari Mon Jasmin Noir L’Eau Exquise
Christian Dior J’adore Dior Hair Mist
Chloé Eau de Parfum

These are one of my all time favourites and I am sad to tell you that they are all empty. For sure I will re-purchase them as soon as possible.

Whats your all time favourite fragrance? (please comment below)

Have you heard of the new swiss online parfum shop Parfumerie24.ch?
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I haven’t yet ordered but will order them there and I have Iinked the 2 parfums  available in the online shop for you! xx