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today is another THANK YOU give away day and one of you can win a WELLA ELEMENTS pack with a lovely SHAMPOO, a nourishing MASK and a strenghtening SERUM. all these products contain ZERO PARABENS and are a great thing for your hair. I have not tried this set yet but I mostly read nice things about it. so I hope one of you will be the lucky winner and can tell me whether they liked it or not. I would be curious to know. so, in order to join this give away please follow the instructions below. GOOD LUCK! X Rafflecopter giveaway



these are the amazing pieces that one of you can win from today on. the SASSOON pack consists of an EDIT BODY aerated bodifying mousse (for all hair types) a DIAMOND POLISH that protects and polishes and a SPRAY SHINE a leightweight hairspray.

I really wanna say thank you to all of you who have supported the blog over the last five years, I am so happy for you to be here and enjoy the nice things I see and show. in order to join this give away please follow the instructions below. GOOD LUCK!  Rafflecopter giveaway





today I am giving away two computer mouses from the play collection by logitech. it is the second day of the big CHRISTMAS GIVE AWAY. I wanna thank you all for being here!

I am super happy with my fox mouse, read about it here >>, and therefore I wanna share this joy with you! it could be also the perfect christmas present for your friends and loved ones. so take a moment and join the give away below by entering either via FB or email
Rafflecopter giveaway

Marc Monkey

Marc Monkey Play Mouse
Luke Lion
Luke Lion Play Mouse



news for men

there are two new things for men that I wanna show you today!

eau de toilette spray 40ml

texture style sign 4 roughman
matte cream paste (hair)

so lets start with the MICHAEL KORS fragrance, its a nice every day scent not too fresh and also not too warm, a great mix. I am having a hard time describing scents and I think its always best to try a new fragrance on your skin. we are all unique and the same fragrance can smell a lot different on you than on me. check your next parfum shop, it might be something for your christmas wishlist. the other item I wanna introduce today is called texture style sign roughman 4 – what a name.. but it works. Cristian has been using it for the last couple of weeks and he loves it. before using this product he was using DAX WAX (the red one) and zest by LUSH but I think this time we will have to repurchase this bugger as the price/quality is a tiny bit better. I know you should not compare apples and lemons and I am aware that LUSH products have a more sustainable organice philosophy than the GOLDWELL products. but you gotta use what you like best, right? (100g – 28.80 CHF zest LUSH / 100ml – GOLDWELL 24.00 CHF)




Pierre Hermé for L’Occitane

Pierre Hermé


wow – what a beautiful collaboration between Pierre Hermé and L’Occitane, I absolutely love the packaging! some of you might wonder who is Pierre Hermé ? he is a very well known French pastry chef that is most famous for his macarons, many of which have unusual flavor combinations. I can absolutely see his signature in the packaging of the fragrances.

Eau de Toilette Pamplemousse Rhubarbe
Eau de Toilette Jasmin Immortelle Neroli

so in case you are already putting together your christmas presents for your beloved ones this might be something to consider. the products can also be purchased in sets and there is always a matching hand and bodycream with the two fragrances.

Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé

sigh I am tempted to buy the sets only for the awesome packaging, hahaha, that is how much I love it! I am curious what you think about this collaboration. leave me a comment below. X



my wishlist

CHRISTMAS is around the corner! not my favorite time of the year but something I have learned to deal with as after every winter there comes spring and thats my biggest hope and wish. let the sun shine, the flowers bloom and the skirts be short! so back to my wishlist for christmas. I have found many nice things that I wanna show you.

1. ST. EMILE blouse 270 CHF via zalando.ch
link here <<

2. Nike Free Inneva Tech Umber CHF (tbc)
(available from Nov 26, 2014 – The Broken Arm Shop, Paris)
link here <<

SONY smartphone 479.95 CHF
all SWISSCOM, SUNRISE, ORANGE shops or online!
link here <<

4. PAIGE jeans
online! fashionvestis.ch 310 CHF
link here <<

5. COS coat
175 EURO around 210 CHF / COS store Zürich or online!
link here <<

6. ACNE studios scarf 130 EURO around 157 CHF
link here <<
7. LUSH luxury bath 8.80 CHF
all LUSH shops or online
link here <<
8. CHIARA FERRAGNI loafers 175 EURO around 205 CHF
link here <<
which is your favorite thing? what do you wish for christmas? please let me know and comment below or via FB.

my KIEHL’S #wishlist

ooh dear! there are just too many nice things out there. this time I saw some very nice products by Kiehl’s – I hope you like what I like 🙂

Calendula Herbal Extract Toner
this is one of the best toners I have ever used. atm I am out of it but I m definately going to repurchase it!

Kiehls Vetiver and Black Tea
mmhhmm, I love this fragrance! I already used up a travel size bodylotion and bodycleanser and am thinking about getting the fragrance.

Soy Milk and Honey Whipped Body Butter
no matter if summer or winter I like my skin to be smooth and silky. I have not used this body butter yet but I smelled it when I was at the Kiehls Store in ZH and I really really love it – hence I need to have it!

Micro Blur Skin Perfector
wow – this thing really works – I tried a sample and loved the result.  All I know is that you use it on top of your foundation and that it contains lentils. now I wanna know more about the magic behind it.

Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1
I have read a lot about this very famous and beloved Kiehl’s product but so far I have never tried it. thats about to change soon!

Vetiver and Black Tea Body Lotion
so you already know that I really like the fragrance! I also loved the consistency of the product and have just finished my travel size body lotion.


my CHANEL #wishlist

sigh.. so many nice things to show you and so many nice things that I would love to call my own! let me start telling you what I crave:

chanel black and white ballerinas
they go perfect with a simple jeans blazer look or with a cute black dress for a more elegant approach.

chanel notes de printemps rouge allure velvet luminous matte lip color
pink or red lips are my favorite 2 lipstick colors for everyday or THE day!

chanel caviar maxi double flap black bag
what a classic bag – and like the ballerinas and the lipstick it goes with everything.

chanel coco mademoiselle eau de toilette
mmhhmm! this is something I wanna smell on me. probably this will be my next fragrance to purchase.

chanel earrings
to make a simple and easy outfit more edgy and glamorous!

chanel lambskin espadrilles
they look so comfy! I imagine wearing them on vacation with my favorite summer dress!

chanel sublimage masque
a beautiful radiant skin is as important for me as a gorgeous outfit. I once tried a sample of this and totally fell in love. a true beauty must-have!


WE S TEN concept store

WE S TEN concept store
basel switzerland

in case you have not started to buy your christmas presents – this would be the place to start 🙂

I am sure you can find something for everyone in different styles colors and priceranges. scarfs, coats, shoes, sweaters, candles, jewelry bags and more..

my must-have pieces are the POEM BY RABBIT socks – an amazing design bargain for 24.- CHF <3

we were there on saturday and we found a perfect knitted vneck sweater for James and I found some cute present ideas for my friends and family – I will be back soon!




I am so so ready for this –
my new favourite fragrance!

one of these more wintery parfume that makes you feel like a chic italian beauty. I would describe this fragrance as very floral – oriental – sensual – with a touch of amber and lilac. what else do you need for the upcoming cold times! I am prepared 🙂

   gucci guilty set contains

30ml Eau de Toilette
   50 ml Body Lotion

for switzerland:
order today and it will
be delivered
within 24 hours!

AVAILABLE via parfumerie24.ch

you will not believe but its christmas soon – dont hesitate – order the kit!
leave me a comment below and tell me what is your favourite fragrance.
I am curious! xxx