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A couple of weeks ago I was in Bucharest Romania. I was amazed by the romanian fashion design and want to share with you the nice things I have seen there.
The Place X is the first concept store opened in Bucharest, looking to bring the latest trends and timeless classics to the ever-developing local fashion market. With a unique point of view, the luxurious multibrand mixes cult names in fashion with up and coming international and local designers, rare beauty, iconic perfumes, high tech gadgets and chic events. Inspiring, fashionable, passionate and fun, these are the words that highlight the Place X spirit.
I could not agree more with what they say about themselves on their website. I fell in love with the gorgeous pieces by VALENTINA VIDRASCU and ADELINA IVAN.



coat COS
dress COS
down jacket C&A
tights HEMA
gloves C&A
watch ARMANI
jewelry VINTAGE


It was quiet cold in Bucharest, hence the very wintery outfit. Layering clothes is always a good way to keep warm. I have visited the recently opened COS store in Bucharest and found this lovely green coat and a matching dress. Very little did I know that it would be a green day for me. Because just some hours after purchasing these lovely COS pieces I found my dream bag in green by the romanian brand called MUSETTE.




What started in 1992 as a trading company is nowadays one of the most preeminent fashion brands of the world. Famous for the high quality and luxury design of its shoes and purses, Musette reflects the perfectly balanced mix of tradition, research, artisanal craftsmanship and innovation.
Each of Musette’s creations tells a story which inspires women and makes them feel beautiful. A story that starts with a vision and continues with more than 100 steps, since it takes at least 100 manufacturing steps for a purse or a pair of shoes to reach highest quality standards and turn into an adored accessory.
The success achieved on the international market so far supports the ambition of the company to continue business expansion in several countries, to consolidate and grow brand awareness and to turning thus into a strong global player! In order to deliver innovative and performant products, Musette constantly experiments new advanced production technics, invests in revolutionary materials and in product research. Still, with all advantages brought by technology, the main resource of Musette is the experience, craft and skills of its people. At the end of the day Musette remains an artisan – luxury’s main feature.
Cristina Batlan has been the Head of Musette’s Creation Division since 2003, coordinating a team of Italian and French designers, initiating fashion and art projects with local or foreign artists, designing every season the new refreshed brand image. The result is always an explosion of forms, colors, textures and thrilling details. Musette shoes and purses catch immediately your eye due to their novel colors, unexpected textures and freshness of the combinations.
These are all thingd that I have found on the MUSETTE website. Indeed a very inspiring fashion brand. When I saw the brown ATLAS bag it was love at first sight. Such a stylish but yet simple hand bag. My search for the perfect hand bag was over, finally. Every time I am wearing my MUSETTE bag I get so many compliments and people want to know where I have found this piece of beauty. Now you all know, its from MUSETTE.


Band of Creators brings you exclusive selections of pieces created by european designers.
Such as: Ioana Ciolacu, Anca Belbe, Bianca Popp, Constantine/Renakossy, Diana Flore, Edita Lupea, Emese Bako. Florentina Giol, Framboise, Georgiana Giuroiu, Happy Friday, Larisa Dragna, Maressia, Maria Queen Maria, Marie Nouvelle, NOON, Parlor, Pas du Tout. Smaranda Almasan, Atribut, Life in Mono, Procaine, SNOB., Wild Inga, No.23, AFMF.
The selection includes limited edition or even unique pieces. Office or smart casual clothing, but also evening wear and outstanding accessories. Product categories: dresses, tops, blouses, trousers, dresses, skirts, jackets, overcoats, jumpsuits, hair accessories, bags.
In the heart of Bucharest, near the Romanian Athenaeum, there is this cozy and intimate space, filled with designer clothing and accessories. As the name itself states the creators are emerging designers from Eastern Europe. But we also have a fine selection of established Romanian designers. If you’re looking for smart outfits, creative accessories or if you just want to see how Romanian fashion looks like, Band of Creators is the place to visit.
All the information above is from their website. This was my most favorite store to visit. I saw so many nice pieces and could have spent a fortune. I fell in love with the flower print coat that looks like a robe and I truly regret not purchasing it. Well, a good reason to go back and revisit Band of Creators.


That’s it from my trip to Romania and my post about ROMANIAN FASHION DESIGN. I can not wait to see their future collection and share them with you. I wish you all a lovely day and dont forget to subscribe to my blog. X
C&A fall winter collection 2016


C&A fall winter collection 2016
thank you C&A for taking me to Amsterdam and showing me the upcoming C&A fall winter collection 2016. with weather in june like this I feel that I am not far away from wearing fall/winter clothes and can not wait to shop my fall winter collection. the weather has been a serious nightmare with endless rain and very cool temperatures. I can not believe that it was warmer in april than it is in june. nevertheless, I wanna tell you a bit more about the presentation of the fall winter collection 2016.
the location of the event was spectacular. there was a beautiful green C&A logo in the entrance that led into a round event hall that had a black curtain drawn all around. after a quick introduction the curtain was lifted and a 360 degree fashion show with the complete fall winter collection 2016 was behind it.
C&A fall winter collection 2016
that was a wonderful surprise. we were then divided into groups and got an introduction to every collection: men, denim, lingerie, clockhouse, accessories etc. we were given tags with our name and publication title and had the possibility to give them feedback by hanging them to your favorite piece. let me tell you, there are going to be soooo many cool pieces for the fall winter collection 2016 that it was really hard to place only four cards 🙂
C&A fall winter collection 2016
the big thing of the new collection is going to be denim. there is a new collection in bio cotton with new shapes and cuts. we will see the return of flare leg, bootcut and highrise. for men there is going to be a new trend called stacked, that means that the jeans are too long and stack on the bottom. for women there will be a cropped bootcut and cropped flare cut and as already mentioned there is going to be the return of the high rise. my favorite denim pieces are the quitled indigo jacket and the bow tie blouse.
in addition to the new denim collection there is a nature inspired color palette with comfy and warm colors that give you the need to cover yourself up. inspired by the idea that nature should be part of everyday life, the fall winter collection uses organic textures and delicate feminine detailing to create beautiful pieces to wrap up warm in.
there are going to be some really cool pieces like a asymmetric poncho, a checked belted coat or the white knitted longline coat that you can see in the picture below (and in the back you can see a lady wearing the denim bow tie blouse).
C&A fall winter collection 2016
aaawww, these are my two favorite pieces, the white longline coat and the short beige faux leather jacket. and soon there will be an overview with my favorite items of the fall winter collection with inspiration on how to wear all those cool new fall winter pieces. stay tuned.
C&A fall winter collection 2016C&A fall winter collection 2016
have you been to Amsterdam before? I have been several times and have to say that it is one of my favorite european cities. we were staying at the double tree HILTON very close to the train station which was a great location to explore the city from. in case you have not read my post about AMSTERDAM click here –>
C&A fall winter collection 2016


today I wanna introduce my new backpack / bag. jup you heard right, its a 2 in 1. I am talking about VICTORIA HARMONY from the new fall collection by VICTORINOX.

2 in 1 HARMONY
15.6” / 40cm (laptop)
pocket for tablet/ eReader
backpack and shoulderbag
meets most U.S. and International carry-on regulations

organizational panel with smartphone pocket, two pen loops large enough to hold writing utensils or a lipstick and a micro-suede zippered valuables pocket great for jewelry, but also perfectly sized for a pair of sunglasses.


padded, adjustable backpack straps hide behind rear pocket when carrying as a shoulder bag.


rear pocket converts to a sleeve to conveniently slide over the handle system of wheeled luggage.


adjustable leather straps allow bag to be carried over the shoulder.

I absolutely love my new companion and I finally know how it feels to carry all the wight on the back and have free hands, thats awesome. the black cherry color goes well with my wardrobe and what I also like is the very small logo. I dont like it when bags or accessories have huge logos. so this 2in1 is more than just a backpack and a bag its also an everyday bag or backpack.


“when my great-grandfather Karl Elsener opened a cutlery workshop to deliver a soldier knife to the swiss army in 1884, he had a revolutionary idea in mind. he was looking for a compact and sturdy knife, which offered many functions combined in a single tool. What he invented has long become a legend: the Original Swiss Army Knife. over the years, both customer needs and technology have changed. The Swiss Army Knife has evolved by responding to these needs, while remaining an essential tool our clients can rely on.
that’s our story. but it’s not what turned the Victorinox Knife into an icon. It’s about the stories our customers experienced in which our products played a vital role: stories about memorable moments of adventure and expeditions on earth, in the sky, and in space. dramatic stories in which our products contributed to solutions and saved lives. Even stories of prominent encounters where our knives opened doors, helping to create ties between politicians, opinion leaders and nations. we invite you to discover the world of Victorinox and are proud to be a companion for your life. In addition to pocket, household and professional knives, today the independent family company Victorinox also produces and sells timepieces, travel gear, fashion and fragrances all over the world. each product is an expression of Swiss quality and Swiss pioneering spirit. thank you for your interest and trust in Victorinox.


oooh and last but not least the perfume packaging of Victorinox eLLa won the Audience Award 2015 and reaches a top 3 placement in the category Design. Congratulations! X


OUTFIT INSPIRATION via isawsomethingnice​

something that makes me really happy is to arrange and put together different outfits for different occasion and when I started the blog in 2010 I
found a way to share my inspirations with you guys and thats super

you can find outfit inspirations from the last five years: 2011 2012 2013 2014 and 2015


every day is a new inspiration for me! I love to mix one color in
different shades, I love to mix different patterns, I love to mix
elegant with sporty accessories – I think it is rather difficult to
describe my style.


I will start organizing my spring summer wardrobe and will be moving my
winter clothes to the back of the closet – YAY! I was waiting the last 6
months for that moment and it is the same every year – I just can not
help: I am a summer person! <3


todays outfit

big chunky boots – I love it and I am totally aware that this is not everyones cup of tea. I found these on SALE last year and I can not remember where I have found them and there is no label in or outside the shoes. a combination that always works for me is black and red – they go very nicely together and complement eachother.

another thing is wearing too many accessories and this is actually hardly ever gonna happen to me as I barely wear too much jewelry or any jewelry at all. so in fact this is something to work on – wearing a bit more accessories 🙂 but when I am wearing such chunky red boots I feel that it would be too much for an every day outfit.


skirt H&M
turtle neck PKZ
tights FALKE
boots SALE from dunno where 🙂
coat C&A
earrings Claires


SOMETHING NEW in my wardrobe

yay – thank you so so much Carlita’s Collezione for sending me this lovely rosa leather jacket – it is perfect and totally made my day.

back in the days at the designbox (read more >> here) Carlita’s Collezione had her booth next to mine and thats how I found out about her gorgeous collections and awesome surf trips to Bali Indonesia. in case you wanna be super up to date follow her Instagram account!

thats what I have found about Carlita’s Collezione on her website:

“The love of surfing brought me again to Indonesia and then out of a dream came an idea and then the will to make this idea come true, became a reality. For a long time my biggest wish was to combine my creativity with sport activities and economics. Currently I live and work mostly in Indonesia. All leather goods as well as the bikinis are designed by me and carefully crafted in Bali. It is important to me that I am involved in most production steps, which means I actively participate in choosing the leather, the accessories and other materials on site. In addition, it is a matter of concern for me that my products are made under regular working conditions and in a pleasant work environment. These requirements meet both families with whom I work with. My products should relay the joy of life in Indonesia and conjure a smile in ones everyday life. For each item sold CHF 1.00 will go directly to SurfAid (www.surfaidinternational.org). SurfAid is a non-profit humanitarian organization that has set itself the goal of improving the health, well-being and self-confidence of people who one meets surfing in remote areas.”

I can highly recommend to check out her shop and I am sure you will fall in love with at least something and dont blame it on me when you end up spending all your money – hahahahahahahaha! xx


PARIS STREET STYLE a guide to effortless chic

one of my favorite books regarding fashion and style is the one above in the photo. and it shows many nice key pieces for the perfect style. this very morning I was browsing thru this book and it made me think about these pieces: my beloved VALENTINO sandals – the lovely rose lipstick by ESTÉE LAUDER – the sweet scent LOVESTORY by CHLOÉ and golden hoops.

now I wanna answer some fashion questions:
#1 what are key pieces? 
these are clothes that can be worn in many different ways and always remain timeless. a good navy or black blazer – a nice white blouse – a skinny jeans – black or brown chelsea boots – a beige trench coat – white sneakers – black flats etc.

#2 are there any no-go in fashion?
hmm, thats a tough question as for me almost everything goes and hardly anything is impossible. personally I dont like to mix black and brown and navy and black – but thats just me 🙂 but on the other hand I love to mix and match with colors and patterns. back in the days it was also not so cool to mix red and pink but thats also something that works perfectly for me. another thing I wanna share is that when I am wearing a short skirt I am always wearing a rather simple top with it and when I wear a nice cleavage shirt I try not to wear it with shorts but with a nice pants instead.

#3 whats my go-to look for a business day?
atm this would be a pencil skirt with a cashmere sweater, ankle boots and an oversized coat. in case you need inspiration check my outfits from 2011 2012 2013 and 2014 or check my polyvore page.



by isawsomethingnice.ch

silver pointed croco fakeleather 25 CHF
via my ETSY shop



COLLARNECKLACES by isawsomethingnice.ch
black embossed angled fakeleather 25 CHF
via my ETSY shop




that was my first reaction when I saw this lovely piece by B.SHOU – a wonderful swiss jewelry onlineshop with awesome statement necklaces. the piece is called FIRE and ICE and that fits my personality perfectly, hahahaha! hurry up, I saw that there are only a few pieces left of that one. but also dont worry if it is not available anymore as there are sooo many other nice pieces and I am sure that it will be hard for you to narrow down your selection.

I am so happy that I can share something so nice with you and that I can also provide you some discount for your purchase. visit http://bshou.ch and select your favorite pieces and use the code SOMETHINGNICE for 15% off.

What I really like about these pieces is the quality and the price – it is such a nice thing when you buy something and you think you are making a good deal. and thats exactly the feeling I had when I looked at their products and prices. the statement necklaces vary from 39 CHF to 59 CHF and are delivered for free within switzerland – another plus point: free delivery! I am now showing you my favorite ones here:




stay tuned for my outfits with statment necklaces by B.SHOU – I will show you many nice ways to wear it with style!



my ZALANDO parcel has arrived on saturday morning and it brought me this awesome burgundy TOPSHOP hat. hats are my favorite piece of accessories at this very moment and I can not wait to wear this hat more often. today I paired the hat with my new pastel wooljacket that I have found at the fleamarket last saturday. I washed it with the woolprogram of my machine and it turned out fresh and clean. mmhhmm, I love the smell of fresh laundry.


skirt VINTAGE (fleamarket)
wooljacket VINTAGE (fleamarket)
clutch VINTAGE (fleamarket)
ballerinas BESTELLE
hat TOPSHOP via zalando

I hope you have had a good half of the week so far. I will test some cool things for the blog and I promise to upload many nice things to my blog.


looking classy and sassy!


my princess gene made me have these gorgeous MIU MIU ballerinas! they work with everything – from a simple black dress to a casual jeans t-shirt blazer look. especially on a monday morning like today I can need some bling bling to rock my day!




Miuccia is the master of bling bling shoes – MIU MIU has so many different variations from sneakers, slippers and heels to ballerinas.


COLLARNECKLACES by isawomethingnice.ch

pointed fakeleather collarnecklace are available via my ETSY shop


a great accessories piece to pimp up your outfit! available in different colors and materials – fakeleather or felt – pointed, angled or round – embellished or not. 25 CHF / 35 CHF / 50 CHF excl. shippingcosts


location: CONTO 4056
Team: Idris, Linda, Simona, D, Anina, Thorben


XRAY eyewear

new SHOP at RailVille ZH trainstation

I am really happy with my XRAY eyewear sunglasses! unfortunately they are not in the catalogue but here you can see me wearing them with pride 🙂


so above you can find my XRAY eyewear selection and I am very sure that I will get myself another pair. thank you Jessica for showing me around in the XRAY eyewear showroom. It was really not easy to pick my favorite but I managed to do so! which is your favorite pair?

XRAY eyewear
XRAY eyewear
XRAY eyewear