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new chloe fleur de parfum


I got something new and here is what I found out about it. free, modern and feminin. in 2008 CHLOÉ created a unique rose, radiant and fresh with lots of grace. it was very distinctive so much that it became the olfactory signature of the CHLOÉ fashion label. this special flower is the perfect symbol for delicateness  and natural elegance, which make the creations of CHLOÉ so desirable.
CHLOÉ – fleur de parfum
the rose of CHLOÉ has many facets. in the last 8 years this rose scent has always been construed and presented in new dimensions but always kept its distinct CHLOÉ touch. today there is a new varation of this iconic rose gracing the gardens of CHLOÉ: FLEUR DE PARFUM. this scent tells a completely new olfactory story and concentrates on the heart of the flower, the source of the rich and velvety fragrance. CHLOÉ fleur de parfum is pure sensuality.
CHLOÉ fleur de parfum is a generous bouquet solely made out of the delicate and precious  components of the flowers, their hearts. artistically composed by the master perfumers Michel Almairac and Myène Alran to create an exclusive perfume.
the main piece-rate is coming from the heart of the rose. unexpectedly it develops a light touch that reminds of the scent of raspberries. never before has the CHLOÉ rose presented itself in such a fruity way. the heart of verbena adds a glowing fresh and green dimension and refines the luxurious heart of the rose. the heart of the cherry blossom mixes with milky almond notes. full of sweetness and lust they elegantly top off the composition.
a new hue for a perfume icon. FLEUR DE PARFUM remains true to the characteristic flacon of the CHLOÉ signature line. the tender beige and ivory scent presents itself with a touch of pink. the delicate hues that shimmer trough the glas of the flacon are typically CHLOÉ and also they picked up the handmade bow. the luxurious flacon kept its characterisitc look: the geometric form, the silver shining metal label, the rounded oval cap and the tender pleated glas represents the perfect elegance of CHLOÉ.
since fall 2015 actress and model DREE HEMINGWAY is the face for the CHLOÉ fragrances. for the new FLEUR DE PARFUM she was photographed by Inez and Vinoodh. the impressive black and white photo perfectly captures the esprit of CHLOÉ.
EAU DE PARFUM 30ml  around   97 CHF
EAU DE PARFUM 50ml  around 128 CHF
EAU DE PARFUM 75ml  around 151 CHF
available from SEPTEMBER 2016 in all the shops that sell CHLOÉ fragrances online and in-store. I absolutely love the CHLOÉ fragrances and was super happy to receive this PR sample. it is nevertheless not a sponsored post 🙂 I am a huge fan of the original CHLOÉ eau de parfum and the new EAU DE PARFUM is great for the days when I need a bit more energy.


my favorite fragrances

these are my favorite fragrances at the very moment and I rather leave the house without makeup than without fragrance : ) yes, I am an absolute scent person and I love to have a variety of different perfumes that fit my moods. as you can see the scents are very different, some are rather sweet and some are very fresh or herbal. my favorites are also perfumes that I can wear all year around despite the different scents. in my case I have special fragrances that I only wear in winter (GUCCI GUILTY) and some that I only wear in summer (JIL SANDER SUN, BRONZE GODDESS etc). not all of my favorite scents are for women only, the LOEWE 7 is for men : ) and the JO MALONE is unisex.

modern muse / le rouge
eau de parfum
le parfum
lime basil mandarine



PARIS STREET STYLE a guide to effortless chic

one of my favorite books regarding fashion and style is the one above in the photo. and it shows many nice key pieces for the perfect style. this very morning I was browsing thru this book and it made me think about these pieces: my beloved VALENTINO sandals – the lovely rose lipstick by ESTÉE LAUDER – the sweet scent LOVESTORY by CHLOÉ and golden hoops.

now I wanna answer some fashion questions:
#1 what are key pieces? 
these are clothes that can be worn in many different ways and always remain timeless. a good navy or black blazer – a nice white blouse – a skinny jeans – black or brown chelsea boots – a beige trench coat – white sneakers – black flats etc.

#2 are there any no-go in fashion?
hmm, thats a tough question as for me almost everything goes and hardly anything is impossible. personally I dont like to mix black and brown and navy and black – but thats just me 🙂 but on the other hand I love to mix and match with colors and patterns. back in the days it was also not so cool to mix red and pink but thats also something that works perfectly for me. another thing I wanna share is that when I am wearing a short skirt I am always wearing a rather simple top with it and when I wear a nice cleavage shirt I try not to wear it with shorts but with a nice pants instead.

#3 whats my go-to look for a business day?
atm this would be a pencil skirt with a cashmere sweater, ankle boots and an oversized coat. in case you need inspiration check my outfits from 2011 2012 2013 and 2014 or check my polyvore page.



something new! LOVE STORY eau de parfum / shower gel / body lotion are available from September 2014! as you may know I am a huge CHLOÉ fan and I love their fragrances and also their fashion collection and when I got to try this lovely new LOVE STORY eau de parfum before its launch date I was on cloud number nine! thank you very much! I love it and I feel loved! such a fresh romantic scent – ready to seduce fall!

so what is LOVE STORY?

“a night in paris. sparkling lights and music. a crowd. and her. the night is hers he sees her immediately. eyes meet. he’s fascinated. her femininity, her natural elegance. an allure touched by freedom and grace. she is clémence poésy. luminous under the lens of mélanie laurent. love story is a modern story of seduction. her. and him. their paths cross, a few mumbled words, a beautiful moment. essence of seduction in the hollow of her neck, a charm. the freshness of neroli illuminates her, amongst others. he sees only her. the sensuality of orange blossom attracts him, powerfully. the stirring femininity of jasmine stephanotis, the flower of happiness, makes her more irresistible than ever. on her skin, cedar vibrates with flair. a floral love story, fresh and sexy. an unforgettable essence of seduction. they are together, more alive than ever. the city is theirs. the night too. he takes her by the hand. the sound of her heels on the pavement. their laughter echoing against the walls. stolen fragments of their love story. as a symbol of their affection, a padlock. her fragrance. he tries to grab it but it is hers. a precious jewel crowned with cold metal, magnified by the iconic pleated glass. the casual femininity of a ribbon knotted nonchalantly on its side. it says it all about her . it signs the modern and refined chloé attitude. first light of day a barge moored under the pont des arts. his place. as he opens the door, she disappears. because above all she is free! she loves life, love… will she be back? her fragrance floats in the air. the scent of a love story. love story is the expression of a free woman. the chloé woman. clare waight keller, clémence poesy, mélanie laurent, inez van lamsweerde, anne flipo … each brought her vision to tell this new story. a declaration of femininity. a proclamation of freedom.”




Bulgari Mon Jasmin Noir L’Eau Exquise
Christian Dior J’adore Dior Hair Mist
Chloé Eau de Parfum

These are one of my all time favourites and I am sad to tell you that they are all empty. For sure I will re-purchase them as soon as possible.

Whats your all time favourite fragrance? (please comment below)

Have you heard of the new swiss online parfum shop Parfumerie24.ch?
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I haven’t yet ordered but will order them there and I have Iinked the 2 parfums  available in the online shop for you! xx