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hollywood wavesby L’Oreal Professionnel Paris TecniART

#1 spiral queen / force 1 / nourishing mousse, contoured curls
#2 siren waves / force 1 / defining elasto-cream, revived waves
#3 waves fatales / force 3 / sculpting gel cream, 24hr defined waves

I got these nice buggers sent to my house and so far I have already tried the SIREN WAVES. a nice textured cream that held my waves throughout the day. I am looking forward to using the other two products. I am sure I will vlog about them via my YOUTUBE channel.




my outfit

finally I can show you my ART BASEL outfit and the cool thing for you is that the pieces are on SALE now – yay. I found this lovely jersey dress by ARMANI JEANS and the super comfy flat shoes by MARCO TOZZI. the dress is now 90 CHF instead of 175 CHF and the shoes are 23 CHF instead of 41 CHF – thats a nice deal!

I got back from my one week vacation in sicily, castellammare del golfo to be precise, and oh boy it was super nice there. I miss the beach already… but I need to get back to work – so many nice things out there that I wanna feature on my blog. lots of ART BASEL posts will be following and soon also my SICILY GUIDE for CASTELLAMMARE DEL GOLFO – stay tuned.


dress ARMANI JEANS via zalando.ch
shoes MARCO TOZZI via zalando.ch
bag DESIGN MIAMI BASEL official bag 2015
coat PAUW

my outfit

phtoto taken by MO – thanks. X



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exhibited artists

Charlotte Charbonnel
Sergen Sehitoglu
Boris Tellegen
Xavier Theunis
Michael Zelehoski
Jules & Pierre
France Bizot
Fahamu Pecou
Luc Schuhmacher
Clemens Wolf



In the DIY post I have talked about the white lace dress and that I was changing the buttons and made the dress look very different. so this very dress was my outfit for the C&A night out at LE PERCHOIR and the dinner at the MAMA SHELTER. first I was wearing the dress with my flat animal print flats and then later on changed to my grey tamaris heels. what an awesome dress, I am looking forward to wearing it in many ways during spring/summer!

lace it up




lace it up


lace dress C&A (buttons MANOR)
coat H&M
bag DKNY via zalando.ch
flats ZIGN via zalando.ch
scarf DIESEL




lace it up

waiting for the SHUTTLE buses in the rain and being very excited about the drinks at the LE PERCHOIR and the dinner at the HOTEL MAMA SHELTER. I have met so many nice people during the press trip to PARIS and I really hope to stay in touch. yesterday I have uploaded the VIDEO about PARIS – take a look now! >> more photos about the LE PERCHOIR and the C&A showroom HERE <<



denim for the next generation – thats the tag line of the DESIGN CHALLENGE 2015 and I really like it. how can we be more sustainable, how can future generations benefit from us? did you know that the jeans industry is one of the most poluting one? I will get back to this topic but first I wanna talk about three of the winners and their design:


Taking his inspiration from the families of Amsterdam, John-Randy’s aspiration is to develop sustainable, more durable denim for everybody. He wants to design denim garments that are timeless in design, so people can wear them for a lifetime. John-Randy chose the 501 Levi’s Jeans 1954 as his iconic denim style, because these jeans made histo- ry as the first denim for women and were also worn by Marilyn Monroe.IMG_6731

C&A_Design_Challenge_04.15_009DONNA VAN LANGEN, 21

Donna’s style is understated and comfortable and this is what she brings to her design, too: clothes that look good, but are ultimately wearable. She is inspired by women who want clothes that they love but who also care about their beloved family and the environment. Donna chose the Rockmount Western Shirt as her iconic denim piece, because it is the ultimate basic garment. Wearable all year round, it transcends sea- sons and it works for a diverse range of styles.

IMG_6730C&A_Design_Challenge_04.15_012MICHAEL BLES, 27

Michael is a passionate and hardworking team player who loves to be creative and thrives with challenges. He takes his design inspiration from the cafe racers and rebels; the young, wild and free of the 60s. His aspiration is to fuse the old with the new, giving it a contemporary twist that takes the design into the modern day. Michael chose the trucker jacket as his iconic denim style, because it’s a piece of history that will always be reworked by designers and customizers.IMG_6728C&A_Design_Challenge_04.15_004

“The Design Challenge was launched by C&A two years ago to support up-and-coming design talent and explore new creative routes. For the 2015 edition of its annual competition, C&A has partnered with the Jean School of Amsterdam, putting the focus on creating Denim for the Next Generation. As one of the largest players in denim retail on the European high street, the partnership with the Jean School underlines C&A’s dedication to denim. For this year’s competition, eight emerging denim developers from the Jean School were invited to reimagine an iconic denim style for women, men or kids into an innovative and stylish, yet accessible, denim piece that meets a variety of criteria such as price range, sustainable material sourcing and production as well as craftsmanship. Both the sustainability and craftsmanship aspects of the challenge are key components for C&A as part of the company’s long-term strategy.”

It was really nice to talk to three of the winners unfortunately I didnt meet the fourth winner:
JULIE VAN LUIT, 19, she designed the ladies denim trucker jacket: C&A_Design_Challenge_04.15_006







I am back from my tiny press trip to PARIS and I have a lot to share with you. these two days were packed with lots of nice things. thank you C&A for inviting me – it was a blast and I met so many interesting fashion people. this morning I made a tiny video where I was rambling about what I have been doing in PARIS – it will be up via YOUTUBE and can be seen here on my blog via the SOCIAL MEDIA category.


MONDAY 4.5.2015
3 hour train ride from BASEL to PARIS with the TGV – arrived at GARE DE LYON and took a cab to the HOTEL MAMA SHELTER. there I found my MY WEBSPOT pocket WI-FI at the reception and it was super easy to get it started, I just had to press ON and enter the code that was on the back of the pocket WI-FI. ZACK! I was connected to the INTERNET WORLD. thank you so much for letting me use your services while I was in PARIS.


then I took the metro and went to the stop ALÉSIA where the SONIA RYKIEL outlet shop was and indeed I found something nice there! I will go a bit more into detail about the fashion part in another blogpost. now I wanna continue with the schedule, so after the shopping I met up with all the other bloggers and journalistes from all around europe and we drove with shuttle buses from the hotel to the LE PERCHOIR bar.


such a pitty that it was raining that very evening when we were at the LE PERCHOIR bar as the rooftop bar is just absolutely stunning with a view all over PARIS.


after the drinks at the bar we drove back to the HOTEL where we all had a dinner together. well, I dont really wanna talk about the dinner as there wouldnt be much nice to say and I guess by saying that I have just told you everything you need to know. 🙂 after dinner everyone was tired and went to bed. I went for some drinks and returned at about 1:30 am.

TUESDAY 5.5.2015

at 10 AM we were all ready and waited for the buses to bring us to the C&A showroom. there we were welcomed with tea, coffee and croissants.


and the decoration of the showroom was very very nice. the place is actually a gallery and therefore there was lots of light and white walls and floors.


I will show you a bit about the location. I quickly spoke to the DJane and I really liked her performance. the whole location was filled with bloggers and journalistes, editors, designers and C&A staff. I took many photos of the collection and will show you soon.



alright, now I will start editing the video for YOUTUBE and will start selecting the photos for the FASHION post. I hope you liked the photos that I took and stay tuned for more. X






ouff.. I finally packed my bags for my mini trip to PARIS – starting today in the morning! I will travel with the TGV and since I live in Basel it only takes around 3 hours!


packing my bags was a hassle – like always… I just find it very hard to know what I want to be wearing another day – fashion is something spontaneous for me and thats why I also tend to over pack.. this time I just took three different outfits and a couple of shoes for day and night. so I am very proud already about that 🙂 C&A invited me for a bloggers presstrip and I will keep you up to date about all the nice things I see. stay tuned via my SOCIAL MEDIA and maybe I will find time to upload an article via the blog under the EVENTS category. X





so let me start with the amazing news first: I am going to Paris on Monday early in the morning and will stay until tuesday night. for that very occasion I was shopping for a nice dress. Indeed I found one and also bought it but I absolutely didnt like the buttons. I knew I had to change them and was not so sure what kind of buttons to get. I have a huge collections of single buttons that I collect from dresses and blouses but somehow I didnt want to put different buttons on that white lace blouse dress. and then I found the right pair. here you can see the new and the old buttons, what do you think? isnt it a super nice upgrade for the dress?


I will soon tell you more details about my trip to Paris and hope to share many nice photos with you. so I was thinking what to pack for a two day trip to Paris? I decided to travel with the black jumpsuit and my chunky sandals and to wear the white lace dress with the wooden sandals for the event. also I wanna bring my brown and my black sunglasses and also the beige DKNY bag will work for both outfits. thats what I think now but lets see how it will turn out in the end 🙂 packing is not my most favorite thing to do as I always have the tendency to bring too much. thats why I am very pround of my very basic packing approach!


I also have some amazing new red/brown pants that I could wear for the way back but I am not sure with what to wear them. lets see, more infos coming soon. X


spring in sight!

spring in sight! today I wanna show you a nice mix of my beloved roy lichtenstein pattern coat, a simple black dress and 2 bright accessories: my red shoes and my red hat! I mean it doesnt have to be a comic pattern coat – it could be any kind of pattern or mix of bright colors that can be combined with black and one of the colors from the coat. in my case it was red black and the pattern from the coat!

spring in sight

I am so in love with that coat and I was wearing it in Paris during fashion in october 2013 and IT caught some nice attention. BIG thanks you to Julie’s mom for the hand me down of that very coat! I was being featured on the dutch blog TRENDBUBBLES http://trendbubbles.nl/paris-fashion-week-street-style-roy-lichtenstein/ and on EASY FASHION PARIS blog http://easyfashion.blogspot.ch/2013/10/lea-les-tuileries-paris.html and what made the happiest was that I was being photographed by BILL CUNNINGHAM and he gave me a thumbs up for my coat <3

spring in sight


clutch VINTAGE (fleamarket)

spring in sight

have a lovely spring day and I hope you can enjoy the sun – happy tuesday and for those who celebrate: HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY! X



this is my new favorite fragrance! B. by Balenciaga Paris created by Alexander Wang and Domitille Bertier from IFF. what a lovely fragrance one for every day including the special days too.

I am so happy to already have this before its in the shop so I can tell you how great it is and that I am more than sure that this will be a big must have fragrance in the future. everytime I am wearing this – and this is almost every second day – I get a compliment on my fragrance followed by the question what it is that I am wearing. I had to give some to my mom as she already loves it too and I got one of these tiny containers where you can fill in the fragrance – these little spray containers come in very handy when you travel with hand luggage. what I find really funny is that the fragrance transforms in two different ways after wearing it on the skin for a moment – either the fresh, green note lingers around or the warm and almost powdery touch stays more present. in my case it was the fresh green part that lasted and with my mom it was the opposite. another thing that I wanna say is even though this parfum is actually created for women it could also be a more unisex fragrance BUT one has to like a quiet dominant floral scent.

head note: soy bean, lilly of the valley
heart note: orris root, cedarwood
base note: musk, cashmerewood

the fragrance will be exclusively sold at Marionnaud starting March 14, 2015

the campaign was photographed by Steven Klein and shows a classic portrait of the model Anna Ewers. she was styled by Vanessa Traina and had her makeup done by Diane Kendal and her hair were styled by Didier Malige it took place in New York and I almost could not believe – it was taken on December 11, 2013 – yes, thats quiet some time ago.
unfortunately the fragrance is not a very cheap one here you can see a list of prices:

Eau de parfum 75ml 175 CHF
Eau de Parfum 50ml 145 CHF
Eau de Parfum 30ml   89 CHF

Body Lotion 200ml 71.50 CHF
Shower Gel 200ml  65.00 CHF





I have got something nice to show you – the 4-free nail polishes by KURE BAZAAR Paris. I have so far tried the two beautiful colors BOHEMIAN and KALE – two very strong independent colors – and two different base coats and one top coat. I have discovered KURE BAZAAR last year at the Parfumerie Hyazinth in Basel and was really impressed by the 4-free formula and tried the BOHEMIAN color and the FIRST BASE basecoat. well as I am a STRIPLAC lover this nail polish of course didnt last as long.. in fact it chipped already after the second day eventough I had used a base and top coat.

at the KURE BAZAAR event we were given the DRY FINISH top coat and the CLEAN mate base coat and its really funny that now when I use the CLEAN mate base coat instead of the FIRST BASE the nailpolish lasts longer – I am impressed! so in my case the mate base called CLEAN helps the nail polish last longer. I had the BOHEMIAN for two days and the KALE for three days – still no comparison to my 20 days + with STRIPLAC but it is 4-free and that should really matter!

what does 4-free mean? it means that the company has removed four toxic ingredients and has replaced them with natural ones. so what did they remove exactly? they have removed Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene and Formaldehyde Resin! the KURE BAZAAR formula is up to 85 % of natural origin based on wood pulp, cotton, potatoes, wheat and corn.

so what I absolutely love, besides the fact that the nail polishes are of natural origin, are the colors! I have hardly ever seen so many nice colors of one single brand. the KALE and BOHEMIAN are two very special colors and so far I have not found any similar colors. hmm, maybe for the BOHEMIAN the MAVALA Sienna Red could be a close dupe but just close. what do you think?


my new babies


Do you know COSMOPARIS? if not take a moment and stroll thru their onlineshop – I am telling you it is really worth it and I promise that you will find something nice even if you dont need anything at all 🙂

I will wear them with my new WEILL coat where I am still looking for a photo.. It is a beige white coat with a lovely pattern. stay tuned I will show it to you soon! I found it at the boutique BAUM in Basel and it was on SALE 189 CHF instead of 789 CHF – thanks mom for buying it for me!

the shoes go perfectly with a pencilskirt, skinny jeans, jumpsuit, a black dress – basically with everything! they are quiet high but because of their block heels the shoes are very comfy to walk in. I will sure bring these babies and take them for a walk at the fashionweek, either in London or Paris, we will see! stay tuned for my first outfits wearing these gorgeous shoes!



something new! LOVE STORY eau de parfum / shower gel / body lotion are available from September 2014! as you may know I am a huge CHLOÉ fan and I love their fragrances and also their fashion collection and when I got to try this lovely new LOVE STORY eau de parfum before its launch date I was on cloud number nine! thank you very much! I love it and I feel loved! such a fresh romantic scent – ready to seduce fall!

so what is LOVE STORY?

“a night in paris. sparkling lights and music. a crowd. and her. the night is hers he sees her immediately. eyes meet. he’s fascinated. her femininity, her natural elegance. an allure touched by freedom and grace. she is clémence poésy. luminous under the lens of mélanie laurent. love story is a modern story of seduction. her. and him. their paths cross, a few mumbled words, a beautiful moment. essence of seduction in the hollow of her neck, a charm. the freshness of neroli illuminates her, amongst others. he sees only her. the sensuality of orange blossom attracts him, powerfully. the stirring femininity of jasmine stephanotis, the flower of happiness, makes her more irresistible than ever. on her skin, cedar vibrates with flair. a floral love story, fresh and sexy. an unforgettable essence of seduction. they are together, more alive than ever. the city is theirs. the night too. he takes her by the hand. the sound of her heels on the pavement. their laughter echoing against the walls. stolen fragments of their love story. as a symbol of their affection, a padlock. her fragrance. he tries to grab it but it is hers. a precious jewel crowned with cold metal, magnified by the iconic pleated glass. the casual femininity of a ribbon knotted nonchalantly on its side. it says it all about her . it signs the modern and refined chloé attitude. first light of day a barge moored under the pont des arts. his place. as he opens the door, she disappears. because above all she is free! she loves life, love… will she be back? her fragrance floats in the air. the scent of a love story. love story is the expression of a free woman. the chloé woman. clare waight keller, clémence poesy, mélanie laurent, inez van lamsweerde, anne flipo … each brought her vision to tell this new story. a declaration of femininity. a proclamation of freedom.”



galerie K+Y at SCOPE

aaww… I fell in love with PARIS – this dress made out of an old map is so beautiful! I can totall see this artpiece hanging above my desk in my little office/livingroom 🙂 I really love her love for details with the buttons and that each dress or shirt has a labeltag.




I am such a huge mask lover and apply them 2 to 4 times a week. One of my favorite makeUp artists, Lisa Eldridge recommended the SISLEY masques for dry skin and long haul flights! So when I was sitting in the Airbus 380 on my way to San Francisco I used a sample of the SISLEY EXPRESS FLOWER GEL and I loved it. Now let me introduce 4 different face masks by SISLEY PARIS – lets start from left to right!

#EXPRESS FLOWER GEL hydrating, toning and firming mask
Apply all over face, except eye area, after 3 minutes blot to absorb excess. do not rinse off. hydrates tones and softens the skin!

#RADIANT GLOW EXPRESS MASK cleansing with red clay
Apply all over face, except eye area, absorbs impurities and deep-cleanses the skin. Gives an instant radiance boost. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse with water!

#BLACK ROSE CREAM MASK smoothing, plumbing, brightening
Apply all over face, except eye area, 2 to 3 times a week. wipe away any excess after 10 to 15 minutes!

#FACIAL MASK with linden blossom
Apply all over face, except eye area, once or twice a week. this mask helps to relax and smooth the face. Remove with lukewarm water after 20 minutes.

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE MASK is the #BLACK ROSE CREAM MASK I seriously want to apply this mask every night 🙂 I prefere masks where you do not have to rinse off excess with water because I apply the mask before going to bed and leave it on during my sleep.

are you a mask lover too? which products do you use and recommend?