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Sally Hansen News





these are the new colors of SALLY HANSEN that I have tried out and I really love them. I love the fact that their nail polishes have wide brushes for an almost one stroke apply (I have small nails) and this makes your manicure so much easier. another fact that I like about SALLY HANSEN is that they are specialized in nailpolishes only and that their polishes last, even the SALON MANICURE lasts at least a week without chipping. a week of using my hands, washing them, cleaning and just doing every day things and my nailpolish stays put. of course I can not compare them to the real GEL nailpolishes where you need a lamp.

so let me put it like that. If you are a person that is aware of the chemicals in nail polishes then I think you might like KURE BAZAAR (4free) a lot better but this said their polishes dont last as long on my nails. if you are a person with the urge to change your nail color frequently then SALLY HANSEN is totally your thing as you can easily remove and apply their polishes, without a lamp, and they last a good week or longer. so if you are a very busy person that has very little time but feels the need to have a nice and proper manicure then the GEL nailpolishes, that you use with a lamp and are instantly dry afterwards, are the perfect thing for you! that was it from today. have a lovely day. X



Kure Bazaar

KURE BAZAAR came out with some really nice colors two of them are called SAFRON and LIPSTICK. a warm yellow and a bright fresh red. I have already been using their nailpolishes and in case you dont know the brand you should quickly read this blogpost here >>

Kure Bazaar news

unfortunately I can not link to the colors in their onlineshop so thats why you will end up seeing all their colors by clicking on the two colors below.


I love the two colors and they even work great together. I somehow thought I had a photo of my nails because I was wearing these colors for the HUGO BOSS BAUHAUS event in Basel but I can not find the photo.. so I will get back to you and show you the colors via my social media accounts. stay tuned. X



I have got something nice to show you – the 4-free nail polishes by KURE BAZAAR Paris. I have so far tried the two beautiful colors BOHEMIAN and KALE – two very strong independent colors – and two different base coats and one top coat. I have discovered KURE BAZAAR last year at the Parfumerie Hyazinth in Basel and was really impressed by the 4-free formula and tried the BOHEMIAN color and the FIRST BASE basecoat. well as I am a STRIPLAC lover this nail polish of course didnt last as long.. in fact it chipped already after the second day eventough I had used a base and top coat.

at the KURE BAZAAR event we were given the DRY FINISH top coat and the CLEAN mate base coat and its really funny that now when I use the CLEAN mate base coat instead of the FIRST BASE the nailpolish lasts longer – I am impressed! so in my case the mate base called CLEAN helps the nail polish last longer. I had the BOHEMIAN for two days and the KALE for three days – still no comparison to my 20 days + with STRIPLAC but it is 4-free and that should really matter!

what does 4-free mean? it means that the company has removed four toxic ingredients and has replaced them with natural ones. so what did they remove exactly? they have removed Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene and Formaldehyde Resin! the KURE BAZAAR formula is up to 85 % of natural origin based on wood pulp, cotton, potatoes, wheat and corn.

so what I absolutely love, besides the fact that the nail polishes are of natural origin, are the colors! I have hardly ever seen so many nice colors of one single brand. the KALE and BOHEMIAN are two very special colors and so far I have not found any similar colors. hmm, maybe for the BOHEMIAN the MAVALA Sienna Red could be a close dupe but just close. what do you think?