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I am back from my tiny press trip to PARIS and I have a lot to share with you. these two days were packed with lots of nice things. thank you C&A for inviting me – it was a blast and I met so many interesting fashion people. this morning I made a tiny video where I was rambling about what I have been doing in PARIS – it will be up via YOUTUBE and can be seen here on my blog via the SOCIAL MEDIA category.


MONDAY 4.5.2015
3 hour train ride from BASEL to PARIS with the TGV – arrived at GARE DE LYON and took a cab to the HOTEL MAMA SHELTER. there I found my MY WEBSPOT pocket WI-FI at the reception and it was super easy to get it started, I just had to press ON and enter the code that was on the back of the pocket WI-FI. ZACK! I was connected to the INTERNET WORLD. thank you so much for letting me use your services while I was in PARIS.


then I took the metro and went to the stop ALÉSIA where the SONIA RYKIEL outlet shop was and indeed I found something nice there! I will go a bit more into detail about the fashion part in another blogpost. now I wanna continue with the schedule, so after the shopping I met up with all the other bloggers and journalistes from all around europe and we drove with shuttle buses from the hotel to the LE PERCHOIR bar.


such a pitty that it was raining that very evening when we were at the LE PERCHOIR bar as the rooftop bar is just absolutely stunning with a view all over PARIS.


after the drinks at the bar we drove back to the HOTEL where we all had a dinner together. well, I dont really wanna talk about the dinner as there wouldnt be much nice to say and I guess by saying that I have just told you everything you need to know. πŸ™‚ after dinner everyone was tired and went to bed. I went for some drinks and returned at about 1:30 am.

TUESDAY 5.5.2015

at 10 AM we were all ready and waited for the buses to bring us to the C&A showroom. there we were welcomed with tea, coffee and croissants.


and the decoration of the showroom was very very nice. the place is actually a gallery and therefore there was lots of light and white walls and floors.


I will show you a bit about the location. I quickly spoke to the DJane and I really liked her performance. the whole location was filled with bloggers and journalistes, editors, designers and C&A staff. I took many photos of the collection and will show you soon.



alright, now I will start editing the video for YOUTUBE and will start selecting the photos for the FASHION post. I hope you liked the photos that I took and stay tuned for more. X






ouff.. I finally packed my bags for my mini trip to PARIS – starting today in the morning! I will travel with the TGV and since I live in Basel it only takes around 3 hours!


packing my bags was a hassle – like always… I just find it very hard to know what I want to be wearing another day – fashion is something spontaneous for me and thats why I also tend to over pack.. this time I just took three different outfits and a couple of shoes for day and night. so I am very proud already about that πŸ™‚ C&A invited me for a bloggers presstrip and I will keep you up to date about all the nice things I see. stay tuned via my SOCIAL MEDIA and maybe I will find time to upload an article via the blog under the EVENTS category. X





so let me start with the amazing news first: I am going to Paris on Monday early in the morning and will stay until tuesday night. for that very occasion I was shopping for a nice dress. Indeed I found one and also bought it but I absolutely didnt like the buttons. I knew I had to change them and was not so sure what kind of buttons to get. I have a huge collections of single buttons that I collect from dresses and blouses but somehow I didnt want to put different buttons on that white lace blouse dress. and then I found the right pair. here you can see the new and the old buttons, what do you think? isnt it a super nice upgrade for the dress?


I will soon tell you more details about my trip to Paris and hope to share many nice photos with you. so I was thinking what to pack for a two day trip to Paris? I decided to travel with the black jumpsuit and my chunky sandals and to wear the white lace dress with the wooden sandals for the event. also I wanna bring my brown and my black sunglasses and also the beige DKNY bag will work for both outfits. thats what I think now but lets see how it will turn out in the end πŸ™‚ packing is not my most favorite thing to do as I always have the tendency to bring too much. thats why I am very pround of my very basic packing approach!


I also have some amazing new red/brown pants that I could wear for the way back but I am not sure with what to wear them. lets see, more infos coming soon. X