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Two weeks ago it was OSLO NIGHT 2016 and Cristian, Petr and Martin decided to show their work and open their atelier space for the OSLO NIGHT. They finished their work, created a flyer and started to invite people. That was the start of OPEN ATELIER @ OSLO NIGHT 2016.
Martin, Cristian and Petr have worked in the Atelier at Oslostrasse 10 for the past three months. They showed their output at the OPEN ATELIER at OSLO NIGHT which was also their last day in that very Atelier. I am going to show you lots of photos and was able to ask some questions about their art pieces.
Lets start with Petr. He was showing very beautiful black and white analog photographies. I asked him some questions about his work and here is what he said.
1. Photography seems to be your passion, how did it all start?

Probably it all started like any other story, the moment I took the camera in my hands. I believe I was not more than 7 or 8 years old. (By the way, I can clearly remember this first encounter with the camera 🙂 ) It was some sort of attachment to this domain, which surprisingly didn’t let me go ever since. I think it came to me very naturally or unconsciously, I never asked myself any question why do I take a photograph.  
2. What was the idea behind your work that you are showing?
The opportunity to show my work among friends luckily has been coincided with the moment, where I felt like it is time to shift from “snapshotting” to conceptually thought trough photography. Basically trying to ask myself, why do I shoot this specific thing, why do I compose the image this way, and what do I want show or what kind of questions I want to ask the observer by doing this specific photograph. At this moment for me it was more about the step rather than a result, also taking into account that it is an actual first step in shifting to the new “category” of photography, hoping that the result will come in the next steps. So I asked myself what would be the perfect first. There was always some attachment to mountains for me and the fact that I currently live in Switzerland. It felt to me like the right thing to do, to make a series of the Swiss Alps. In order to proceed with the project, as the first step I decided to examine my subject in order to see where the project can lead me and which questions I should raise by doing so. I took the step as simple as possible – black and white film 100 iso, tripod and middle format camera. I started to shoot mountains, spending almost the whole day shooting the same mountain from the same point of view, examining and researching my subject. So now I am reflecting back on it and trying to figure out the questions I should ask for my next project and how I can make a final series with a strong conceptual base behind it. The pictures that were exhibited during our OPEN ATELIER were more “work in progress” photographs or a research phase of the project. I already have some ideas about the questions I’d like to raise in my next project, but I would prefer to share it later, hopefully there will be another opportunity, with actual photographs, rather than speculate here about it.
3. Which cameras do you use for what?

For the last 6 to 7 years I have only used analog cameras and I am a strong advocate for the analog photography. I prefer to use my middle format camera Hasselblad 500 cm, due to the higher resolution of the film and also the fact that I love the square format. I think it is the most democratic format, which doesn’t give a priority in any direction of the image. However when I can’t afford to invest a lot of time in a photo shooting I use my Leica m6. I have it with me amost every day just in case I see something nice I want to capture.
And now let’s talk about Cristian’s work. His pieces came with a text that you can read below.
The show is a collection of drawings, sculptures and models that are all developed
along the idea of the GRID as a tool for an anthropology study. The GRID stands as a
metaphor for human society with everything that the term can incorporate: politics, culture, history, interaction with natural elements and religion. The project is in the same time a personal memory box or journal, giving me the liberty to analyse trough the means of artistic expression my own Zeitgeist. The concept is broken in four major themes the GRID vs EVOLUTION, the GRID vs HUMANITY, the GRID vs LANDSCAPE and the GRID vs IDOLS. The show is a first step in this parkour. Moving from figurative to abstract, it formalises thoughts, questions and observations with the clear intention of not drawing any conclusions.
I asked him what kind of materials he has used and his answer was: plaster, rasin, achrylic paint, foam and clay.



The OPEN ATELIER @ OSLO NIGHT was a big succes. I have already been to some OSLO NIGHTS before and I always like to check out the diploma projects of the Industrial and Fashion Design students. Like every year there is an After Party at the HEK, House of Electronic Arts.
Last but not least, lets talk about Martin’s work. I asked Martin a couple of questions about his work that you can see below. I was amazed how well the pieces of the three worked together. It was a great way to use the space and show their work of the past three months.
Here is what Marin told me about his work.
1. How did your passion for art start?

I spend all the hours in primary school doing drawings (mostly dinosaurs and war machines). Soon I figured out that drawing was the easiest way for me to “impress” my teachers and friends, so I guess it started there.  
2. What describes your work best?

Hmm. Today I only show my abstract work, but normally I would say that what I do is very diverse. Maybe curiosity is a good way to describe my stuff.  
3. What’s the idea/story behind the work you were showing at OPEN ATELIER?
I wanted to take my abstract work a step further. In order to do so I stacked all my old drawings and paintings on the floor to figure out what I was actually doing. It annoyed me that I could not see through everything at once and then the idea to paint on transparent materials started. After this it evolved into these transparent foils that I do myself. The idea is very basic, if there is no paint to hold the foil together it dissolves into pieces and there is nothing left at all.
So, that was it from the OPEN ATELIER @ OSLO NIGHT 2016. I hope you were there yourself and if not, hopefully this was helpful to give you an impression of their work and workspace. I recorded a video of that event and will make a time lapse, soon to come. X




June 16-19 2016
how to get there: TRAM: 6, 2, 1/14 (stop: Messeplatz)
as you may all know, the Art Basel week is my favorite week in Basel. next to the main Art Basel show there are many other side fairs like, Design Miami Basel, VOLTA, SCOPE, LISTE, THE SOLO PROJECT, RHY ART FAIR, PHOTOBASEL, EAF and many more. at the moment I am trying to put together an agenda and share all the highlights with you.
are you familiar with the history of Art Basel?
three Basel gallerists put their passion and determination behind an ambitious vision to form an international art fair. now, Art Basel stages the premier international art shows, providing platforms for galleries and artists from around the world. art gallerists Ernst Beyeler, Trudi Bruckner and Balz Hilt of Basel create an international art fair that proves to be a success from the start. more than 16,000 visitors attend the inaugural show to see 90 galleries and 30 publishers from 10 countries.
only five years after its founding, the Basel show reaches its current size of almost 300 exhibitors. the participating galleries come from 21 countries, attracting 37,000 visitors.
the Art Video Forum platform debuts. Pipilotti Rist and Enrique Fontanilles are the first recipients of the video art prize endowed by the main partner the swiss bank corporation.
the Unlimited platform revolutionizes the classic exhibition booth by creating an open-plan environment that plays host to all types of ambitious contemporary media: installations, monumental sculptures, large-scale paintings, video works, and performance arts. first special exhibition devoted to Artist Books, an art form ordinarily accorded marginal attention at art fairs.
a series of panel discussions were introduced with leading members of the art world providing exclusive access to first-hand information on collecting and exhibiting art. panelists include prominent art collectors, museum directors, biennale curators, artists, art critics, and architects. under the title of Public Art Projects, projects of an institutional scale are presented in the spacious, revamped exhibition area on Messeplatz.
debut of the Parcours sector, expanding the show beyond Messeplatz, presenting site-specific public artworks and performances in the historical neighborhoods of Basel. the new Feature sector, replacing Art Premiere, offers gallerists a chance to participate in the show with historical material, solo shows by artists of all ages and precise curatorial juxtapositions.
this year I will focus on the works of Dan Holdsworth and the design of Sebastian Errazuriz for the collectors lounge booth of Audemars Piguet. stay tuned for more. X
Volta 12 BaselNacht
VOLTA12 – Markthalle
JUNE 13-18 2016
how to get there:
TRAM: 2, 6  BUS: 30 (stop: MARKTHALLE) and 8, 11, 10 (stop SBB station and walk 2 min.)
TRAIN: all trains to BASEL SBB
VOLTA12 BASEL NACHT June 16, 5-9 PM –
I am a huge fan of VOLTA and am really proud to be soon featuring one of their artists on the blog. like in previous years VOLTA12 is taking place inside the beautiful Markthalle, next to the SBB train station. in case you did not know that there will be an event on THURSDAY then have a look at my previous post and get your tickets here >>
in case you wanna share it with your friends:
the code to get your free BASEL NACHT passes is SOMETHINGNICE and you need to sign up via this link: https://www.microspec.com/tix123/eTic.cfm?code=VOLTA1216
JUNE 14-19 2016
how to get there:
TRAM: 1/14, 6, 8, 17 (stop: CLARAPLATZ)
BUS: 34, 31, 38 (stop: CLARAPLATZ)
this years SCOPE fair is held in a new location very close to Claraplatz. I can not wait to see the new space and am curious to see this years exhibitors.

#kbreise15 – KARLSRUHE

I just got back from KARLSRUHE and I wanna share with you my impressions. I already shared the program with you in a previous blogpost and now you get to see the images. I had a great time and I met so many nice bloggers. check the links below the photos to see who I met.


IMG_7797window_karlsruhe IMG_7807

DIE MEISTER SAMMLERIN // 11 x Karoline Luise

diemeistersammlerin messagesfromParis IMG_778611malKarolineLuise 11malKarolineLuise herdress herdress herdress diemeistersammlerin


refreshmentmain course starters







ME //


bag DKNY via zalando.ch
coat H&M
pants C&A




my phone is the BEST – not kidding!

my phone is the BEST – not kidding 🙂
a couple of months ago I ditched my iphone and started using this awesome new SONY smartphone – more info about it here << and ever since I have started to use the new phone to capture event pictures I was able to leave my big heavy CANON EOS camera at home. this morning I was playing with the camera and took these lovely photos.

so let me quickly tell you the PRO’s of this new phone: 1. the battery lasts for almost 2 DAYS – thats a big or lets say HUGE bonus compared to my iphone. 2. waterproof – the case is waterproof and can be taken for a swim – before doing that read the instructions that come with the phone. 3. I can upload all my things to my phone _ I have almost toal freedom about my files and music – I can mirror my desktop computer on my phone and work from the go! 4. the brain of the phone is super quick and lets me work in a neat speed. 5. the camera – it has 20.7 MP camera and the option to record 4K movies – there is a time lapse option and many other fancy adjustments for the camera. 6. the color range of the phones – I am so happy with my TIFFANY & CO green phone!

my phone is the BEST - not kidding!

the only CON that I could name is that I had to redownload all the apps and some of them didnt have an android version so I had to search for a dupe. other than that I am very pleased with my new phone!

what phone are you using? do you like the iphone 6? let me know. X



today I started my day with a journey back in time – I went thru 2014 and was thinking about the mile stones of that very year. so many nice things happened and many sad things too. as you guys know me I am more likely to share nice things.

so let’s go back in time – to the #zalandosummerhouse and dream about my pretty green silk TIBI dress a heck of a dress! Once you wear it you know that you are ready – ready for the day or night.

when putting together a wardrobe it is very important to have versatile clothes – the same clothes for day and night to dress up and down. THIS for sure is one of those dresses. wear it during the day with flat sandals and with colorful heels for a night out! visit tibi.com and I am sure that you will find something nice! HAPPY SUNDAY time for some online shopping!


my hair dresser

I wanna share with you my awesome hair dresser Stefanie Winter from Winter Coiffure in Basel. she mainly uses products of the company Rolland from Italy, they are super skin- and hair- friendly and use natural ingredients that are rich in active ingredients and free of chemical components. the formulas are rich in natural and biodynamic ingredients and all products are as far as possible free from irritants and potentially dangerous components. the product packaging is only made of sustainable recyclable materials, most packages are bottles and containers of highly biodegradable plastic or glass. that is something I highly appreciate. another thing that I like is that Stefanie pays attention to what is out on the market and like this you can always find something nice in her salon. for instance months before the invisibobble was sold in H&M and Claires (and where else..) she had them – the same with the brush tangle teezer. in the last photo you can see Stefanie Winter in action and this is also a tiny sneak peek as this photo was taken during the photoshooting preparations.

I change my natural brown hair to a redish copper brown and ever since I did that I get so many compliments and people ask me whether this is my natural hair color 🙂

in November last year I had the honor to be part of a photoshooting with Claudia Link photography and I can not wait to share our results with you. stay tuned.


something new and nice!

Lubex anti – age hydration oil – developed by leading swiss dermatologists and tested and produced in therwil, switzerland in fact just a couple of kilometers away from my home. so why am I showing you this? first of all because it is something for sensitive skin – something I am dealing with and secondly because I wanted to test this product.

FOREVER YOUNG – I WANT TO BE FOREVER YOUNG <3 so let me start, as I already told you it is perfect for sensitive skin but there are other very nice benefits – something that impresses me a lot!

no preservatives, no paraben, no colorants, no paraffin oil, no formaldehyde and no animal testing

Lubex belongs to the family enterprise permamed and with every anti-age product you purchase they support the swiss cancer league with 1 CHF.

the anti-age hydration oil consists mainly of three oils: KAHAI oil (tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles) – BRAZIL NUT oil (nourishes, hydrates, and smoothes the skin) and BLACK ORCHID extract (contains flavonoids, antioxidant protection against free radicals, soothes and regenerates the skin effectively).

I started to use this product eleven days ago. how to apply you ask? well, its super easy, the product has a lovely dropping glass and I use about 3 drops for my face, neck and dĂ©colletĂ©. so lets get started, I wash my face and keep my skin damp then I warm the drops in my palms and apply the warm oil with very light pressure. it depends on how dry your skin is as this product can be worn alone or under your daily/nightly skin care. I used the oil only at night and for me the oil was enough and I didnt had the urge to apply any other cream. I can directly compare the oil with my beloved Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate that I love so so much and I gotta tell you that I am also very very happy with the Lubex anti-age hydration oil. they both smell very nice and bring me into a SPA mood, seriously, I can really relax by smelling certain things. anyway, the Lubex anti-age hydration oil has a very subtle floral scent and the oil is being absorbed very fast by the skin. thats why it can also be used for day and night, as it wont leave a greasy mess on our faces – yay! my skin loves oils as not only my face but my whole body deals with sensitive dry skin. I will continue to use it all up and will tell you more in my future empties but be prepared that this might take a while as I expect this product to last – three drops for the face, neck and dĂ©colletĂ©! you can find more information here »

Lubex anti – age hydration oil  44.50 CHF / 30 ml


today’s outfit

a rather casual look wearing a shirt and turtle neck with thick socks and sandals. casual doesn’t mean boring it just means less elegant more convenient. I love to mix different materials and colors and I love to wear sandals with thick socks! I found these socks at #manorbasel but they are made by #esprit and there are so many ways to wear them and it is a blessing to always have warm feet.


turtle neck PARENTI’S
jeans BDG
socks ESPRIT
coat ZARA
sunglasses RAY BAN


today’s outfit

I got new pants – yay! as you all know I love shopping BUT I really don’t like to shop for pants.. it always takes forever until I find a good pair that fits me. 🙂 I found these black comfy pants at the ESPRIT basel shop on SALE. I don’t really often wear black and white outfits but I think I should do it a bit more. thanks thomas for taking these photos!


pants ESPRIT
shirt coat sunglasses C&A
clutch SHISEIDO (present)



by isawsomethingnice.ch

silver pointed croco fakeleather 25 CHF
via my ETSY shop


something new!

and it is my new SONY phone aka camera. I have played with the camera for the last couple of days and I still can not decide whether I like this one or the SAMSUNG alpha better. I think it is very hard to tell the difference of the quality, it is just a different handling. the coolest thing about the camera is the timelapse, hahaha, I had so much fun testing this out, and of course I had to take a “baywatch”-like running slow motion video. 🙂 I love love love the color, it reminds me of TIFFANY & CO! for the ones among you that are interested in more info about the phone please read more here « 




I am getting into a cosy fall mood with my scottish wool poncho. thank you dad & monika for bringing me this awesome piece from Scottland! tartan or plaid however you wanna call it is really BIG this season and you can see it everywhere. I love the combination of wool and plaid – like this the fall feeling shows off best and gets you into a cuddling mood. what I love about plaid is that you can mix and match it with almost everything. here I was going for a rather classy elegant look but there are so many other ways to wear plaid. I think it is time for a plaid special. I did one last year already when I fell in love with the plaid skirt by MINT&BERRY – read more here « and here «


poncho PRESENT FROM MY DAD & MONIKA from Scottland
skirt TED BAKER via zalando.ch
hairband and clutch H&M
tights FALKE


the fisheye view


I got something new to share with you. a tiny piece of plastic that makes me smile! I am talking about the LOMOGRAPHY camera with the fisheye lense that I got via isda.ch. It has been a while since I have used a non digital camera and I am very excited to be using this analog LOMO camera and I can not wait to see the developed photos.


info about the camera

– viewing angle of 170 degrees
– distortion effects
– excellent depth of field
– built-in electronic flash

shop camere here >>



by isawsomethingnice.ch

blue pointed shark skin 150 CHF
via my ETSY shop upon request