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Colmillo de Morsa


Colmillo de Morsa
Last summer I was in Barcelona and was on the look out for some cool spanish fashion designers. I first walked in to Ana Tichy’s shop and she suggested to also visit her friend’s label and gave me the direction. When I stood in front of the shop and read the label: COLMILLO DE MORSA, I knew that I already met the people behind this brand at the Capsule Show in Paris in 2013. What a small world, no? >> see more here <<
Colmillo de Morsa
They showed the most beautiful spring/summer collection and I fell in love with the orange/salmon pieces. Everything is designed and handmade in Barcelona. I asked them some questions about the label and here is what they have to say:
Question: Colmillo de Morsa, how did you end up with this awesome and special name?

To find the name of the brand was quite spontaneous. We were reading a history book about ancient civilizations and we saw images of ornaments made of ivory of walrus tusks. We talked about how special it is that an ugly animal could have something so beautiful and we decided that Colmillo de Morsa (meaning Walrus Tusk) should be our name. Colmillo de Morsa, hides our first premise: the beauty has endless forms, as many as eyes that look at it.

Question: When and how was Colmillo de Morsa founded?

Colmillo de Morsa was born in Barcelona in late 2009. We come from fashion design and architecture and found an affinity between us and in our concept design. And we share the philosophy and way of work.

Question: If you have to describe your current fall/winter collection in 3 words, what would the 3 words be?

Probably it would be NATURE, QUALITY and SENSITIVITY.

Question: Where can we find your collection and where can people from outside spain shop your collection?

We have our own store in Barcelona, in Gracia district. In the same space we have the studio where we design, cut and sew most of the pieces. People who cometo shop really apreciate the things we do and know about our special pieces. We are selling also in different stores around Spain. (in Valencia, Zaragoza, Bilbao…) For people outside Spain we have the online store where we sell our collections directly and ship to almost everywhere.

Colmillo de Morsa

I can highly recommend to have a look at their collection. >> http://colmillodemorsa.com << Some of the pieces are on SALE and there is already a sneak peek of the upcoming collection.

today’s outfit

a rather casual look wearing a shirt and turtle neck with thick socks and sandals. casual doesn’t mean boring it just means less elegant more convenient. I love to mix different materials and colors and I love to wear sandals with thick socks! I found these socks at #manorbasel but they are made by #esprit and there are so many ways to wear them and it is a blessing to always have warm feet.


turtle neck PARENTI’S
jeans BDG
socks ESPRIT
coat ZARA
sunglasses RAY BAN




are you ready for fall/winter? C&A has a really nice fall/winter collection and I found 2 amazing coats that will make the cold days a bit warmer for me! both of the coats I found at the CLOCKHOUSE section in Basel. so now here comes the part where you are involved! YOU CAN WIN a 100 CHF C&A giftcard!

all you need to do is go to my FB page and hit like and join the GIVEAWAY via my FB page. of course it will not hurt to share my BLOG among your friends 🙂 and the second thing is you need to live in SWITZERLAND as the giftcard is only valid in Switzerland. as simple as that! I will choose a winner via rafflecopter.com so its 100% fair!



as I am a very curious person I would love to know what you would buy with the 100 CHF and I hope the winner is going to share his C&A haul!

START     26.08.2014
END         09.09.2014

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