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my phone is the BEST – not kidding!

my phone is the BEST – not kidding 🙂
a couple of months ago I ditched my iphone and started using this awesome new SONY smartphone – more info about it here << and ever since I have started to use the new phone to capture event pictures I was able to leave my big heavy CANON EOS camera at home. this morning I was playing with the camera and took these lovely photos.

so let me quickly tell you the PRO’s of this new phone: 1. the battery lasts for almost 2 DAYS – thats a big or lets say HUGE bonus compared to my iphone. 2. waterproof – the case is waterproof and can be taken for a swim – before doing that read the instructions that come with the phone. 3. I can upload all my things to my phone _ I have almost toal freedom about my files and music – I can mirror my desktop computer on my phone and work from the go! 4. the brain of the phone is super quick and lets me work in a neat speed. 5. the camera – it has 20.7 MP camera and the option to record 4K movies – there is a time lapse option and many other fancy adjustments for the camera. 6. the color range of the phones – I am so happy with my TIFFANY & CO green phone!

my phone is the BEST - not kidding!

the only CON that I could name is that I had to redownload all the apps and some of them didnt have an android version so I had to search for a dupe. other than that I am very pleased with my new phone!

what phone are you using? do you like the iphone 6? let me know. X



this is the newest SAMSUNG #galaxyalpha phone with the lovely flower case by JULIAN ZIGERLI. as I mentioned before I am very oldschool when it comes to organisation and thats why I still prefere to use my FILOFAX instead of my iCAL 🙂 I think the combination of new and old makes it for me. for instance I read my mails on my phone and then note the event and info into my haptic planner. like this I wont forget and I hate nothing more than my phone sending me notifications and reminders about doing something 🙂 I rather have a look at my FILOFAX everyday and see what there is going on.

Dushka was attending the event in ZH and had an amazing time. she took lots of photos and I will upload these photos seperately to my FB page and will put the link « here »

thats what she told me about the event: “the whole event was very mysterious as nobody had any idea what the YOU ARE ALPHA invitation meant. dresscode was either black or white. DUSHKA went for black and was wearing the gorgeous black LANVIN dress with a nice BALLY coat. she was picked up by a handsome black dressed gentlemen and was lead to the location where she was welcomed by gorgeously dressed ladies into another galaxy. thats when she was given the new ALPHA phone that had already have a personal message for her. the catering was superbe and there was a DJ playing on top of an ice sculpture.”

julianzigerli – thanks for the lovely phone cases! xx