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todays outfit

big chunky boots – I love it and I am totally aware that this is not everyones cup of tea. I found these on SALE last year and I can not remember where I have found them and there is no label in or outside the shoes. a combination that always works for me is black and red – they go very nicely together and complement eachother.

another thing is wearing too many accessories and this is actually hardly ever gonna happen to me as I barely wear too much jewelry or any jewelry at all. so in fact this is something to work on – wearing a bit more accessories 🙂 but when I am wearing such chunky red boots I feel that it would be too much for an every day outfit.


skirt H&M
turtle neck PKZ
tights FALKE
boots SALE from dunno where 🙂
coat C&A
earrings Claires


something NEW

winter socks and funky shoes – these are my two newest things. I absolutely love to wear thick comfy wool socks in winter and I was really happy to have found these at MANOR in basel but they are actually made by ESPRIT. did you know that you can get an ESPRIT friends card and collect points when shopping. I just got my overview and got a voucher for 25.90 CHF. will soon be spending this amount or more (like always) at the SALE at ESPRIT basel. the shoes I have found at BATA on SALE yay! what an amazing color – RED – I am totally going for this particular red. such an easy way to wear a jeans – t-shirt – blazer look in a different way because they are not sneakers but also not ballerinas. although I totally agree that they look rather sporty than elegant. I am already looking forward to wear both of the pieces in different outfits for the blog. stay tuned. xx



the good old red shoes blues 😉

how to pimp a rather boring outfit?
wear colorful shoes – it will easily give the necessary touch for a good outfit!
here I am wearing some red flats (handmedowns from jenny) I think she bought them Italy or so – I wear it together with Jeans and Blouse by H&M and a secomdhand bag.


christian louboutin forever <3

the red christian louboutin ponyfur pumps are to die for. allthough the ribbon might be a bit too big.. (about 625 Euro) http://www.christianlouboutin.com

at net-a-porter.com there is a huge selection of rly nice christian louboutin shoes. its worth havin a look. net-a-porter is THE site to buy designer pieces.. http://www.net-a-porter.com/Shop/Designers/Christian_Louboutin/Shoes