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JUNE 19, 2014 7 pm Feldbergstrasse Basel, Switzerland

see you there, bring your RADIO and play 106.6 it will be the catwalk music.
enjoy and dance! xx


C&A fashion festival

thank you C&A for this wonderful event. the location – the interior design – the looks – the new collection – everything was great! the dresscode for the event was BOHEMIAN and everyone looked stunning, either wearing lace or crochet, floral prints, long dresses, hats or hairbands!

the catering was fab – tiny soups and burgers, vegipieces, and SWEETS awww.. they were soooo delicious! I had to try at least 3 different kinds and one was better than the one before.

the interior design of the location really brought me into a summer mood. I have never seen such old ANNABELLE magazines and the chairs reminded me of me grandmas camping gear (in a good way) – there were flowers everywhere – it all looked super nice!

Jessy and I had a wonderful night, we met Regine from gine.ch and Stefanie from herfield and thanks to Larissa we found our way back to the main station Zurich HB.

I took photos of the fashionshow and the performance of Zazou Mall – soon I will upload these photos aswell.. I just had issues with the camera and therefore the photos will need to go thru bridge first. stay tuned. xx

outfit Lea
earrings CLAIRES
top and skirt C&A
hat and coat H&M
boots and bag VINTAGE

outfit Jessy
earrings CLAIRES
top and hairband VINTAGE
necklace CAMAIEU
jeans C&A
sneakers NIKE AIR MAX


C&A summer fashion festival ZH

getting ready for tonight

dresscode: BOHEMIAN – thats a direction of look that I really like either for summer or for fall. today is definitely NOT the perfect summer day but at least its not raining. so right now I am trying to put together an outfit with a bohemian touch. I found a fancy green aztec skirt at C&A that I might wear with boots and a hat. although for me a bohemian summer look has to be a maxidress with sandals, flowers in the hair and golden jewelry – thats it. BUT tonight its going to be 10 to 13 degrees C and I will be freezing in my summer outfit – thats why I will probably go for a rather warm looking bohemian summer outfit. anyway. I am really excited to see the new summer collection and enjoy the music, drinks and snacks! of course I will bring my camera in order to report everything for you guys. stay tuned! xx


C&A ladies night

C&A fashionshow – showing the current denim, floral and black white looks!
there was something for everyone no matter what age or size. thanks for inviting me to this event. it had a good time and a special shoutout to Tatjana from the local tv chanel TELEBASEL, she did an amazing job moderating the show.




graduate show 2014

It is that time of the year again, the graduate class is showing their work.
A bit of a weird welcome in front of the hall, where everybody was asked to cover their shoes with some ugly white cotton bags. Well, the reason why we all saw inside the hall… white carpet everywhere.. but seriously, when you choose a white carpet you can not ask the people to cover their shoes.. I mean its fashion but this is clearly NOT – so you should accept the fact that white carpet will get dirty and live with that fact. the hall was not only covered in white carpet they also used a fogmachine which made it very difficult to breath inside.. so after these rather unpleasant things in the beginning I was eager to see great fashion. And happily this was the case – I saw many nice pieces!

stay tuned for more photos! xx