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let me start the day by showing you my new products by BENEFIT and WET’N WILD. my awesome mom brought me these goodies from the united states and I already played around with some of them.

there is one piece by the FERGIE collection of WET’N WILD its called ON EDGE and its an creme eyeliner in a pot with a brush – the shade is called little black dress. such a sweet name!

then I got two of the WET ‘N WILD MEGA LINER in 863 TURQUOISE and 860 BLACK SPARKLE, a BALM STAIN in 124 LADY AND THE VAMP and a IDOL EYES stick in gold (who are you wearing).

last but not least there is the amazing BENEFIT BROW ZINGS medium that I always wanted and now finally have 🙂 the brow set contains 2 colors and 2 brushes and a tiny tweezer.

these are my newest products and I will soon show them to you in person. stay tuned. xx


nail transformations

by maccosmetics


texturize clear leather-effect topcoat
highlight sheer blue pearl transformer
liquid pigment – pink pearl sheer pink pearl transformer
liquid pigment – green pearl sheer green pearl transformer
liquid pigment – gold pearl sheer gold pearl transformer
shadow sheer blackening topcoat
skin light peach beige (cream)
quiet time being nude (cream)
rebel mid-tone cream plum (cream)

so what did I get to try and play around with? I got the shadow sheer blackening topcoat and this little bugger darkens almost every nailpolish color. I tried it with several colors and I think it needs at least two layers of nailpolish to really darken the tone. I think it is really nice to have a darker accent nail. so what did I do?I painted all my nails in one color and then I choose an accent nail, usually I always go for the ring finger and add three layers of the shadow sheer blackening topcoat – thats it!

I went to the maccosmetics booth inside Globus and was able to play a bit with the whole collection. One makes the nailpolish look pinker, one makes it look greener and one makes it look golden or blue. then there is one that makes the nailpolish look like leather. there are three colors that can be used as a base but let me tell you, they work with any kind of nailpolish as a base. 🙂 have a look at the collection << here >>


chez L’ORÉAL

thank you L’Oreal Professionnel – it was a blast!

it was pouring cats and dogs yesterday and I was not in a summer mood at all. I was wearing tights in july and was also not amused by that fact. summer in switzerland is not what it used to be. well, anyway, I am stopping my rant about the shitty weather and start telling you how Dushka and I got into a summer mood at the L’Oreal event last night in ZH.

what a welcome! drinks, little appetizer and we were asked if we would like to have our nails done or if we want to start with the hair and check out the new tecniART Beach Waves look! we started with our nails. I choose Fierce, No Fear – a gorgeous brown that reminds me a lot of the OPI You Dont Know Jacques nailpolish. Dushka went for the Pretty Edgy an amazing green! next stop HAIR! tecniART launched a Beach Waves product and also showed different hairstyles with other tecniART products. I got a fishbraid side updo/knot and I luv it!

I will soon get back to you and introduce all the products but let me use them a bit first! stay tuned. xx



hahahaha, well yes, it is really true! never change a winning team, right? thanks to Passion for Brands I can call MIA2 by Clarisonic and Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Face Wash my own and I love them both and when used together it’s like having a facial at the salon – every day! sigh! I have very sensitive skin with couperose on my cheeks and that’s why I have to be very delicate to my skin as it is irritated very easily. I use the Clarisonic brush for sensitive skin and a tiny bit of the Face Wash in the shower and it’s just the best way to clean my face in the morning!

Here you can read my post about MIA2 and

my post about Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Face Wash


my CHANEL #wishlist

sigh.. so many nice things to show you and so many nice things that I would love to call my own! let me start telling you what I crave:

chanel black and white ballerinas
they go perfect with a simple jeans blazer look or with a cute black dress for a more elegant approach.

chanel notes de printemps rouge allure velvet luminous matte lip color
pink or red lips are my favorite 2 lipstick colors for everyday or THE day!

chanel caviar maxi double flap black bag
what a classic bag – and like the ballerinas and the lipstick it goes with everything.

chanel coco mademoiselle eau de toilette
mmhhmm! this is something I wanna smell on me. probably this will be my next fragrance to purchase.

chanel earrings
to make a simple and easy outfit more edgy and glamorous!

chanel lambskin espadrilles
they look so comfy! I imagine wearing them on vacation with my favorite summer dress!

chanel sublimage masque
a beautiful radiant skin is as important for me as a gorgeous outfit. I once tried a sample of this and totally fell in love. a true beauty must-have!



in-shower is the new thing! I have tested the NIVEA in-shower lotions and milks and I got totally hooked. in winter I am feeling too cold to apply lotion and in summer I m too hot – so when I discovered these products I knew that this was exactly my thing.

so how to use it? first you use your normal showergel or creme or whatever you use to wash your body. once you are clean you can apply the in-shower lotion. make sure not to drop any product as it can be very slippery – so be aware! the in-shower body lotions are like a conditioner. you apply it once the body is clean and then rinse it off and ready you are. my skin is very dry and thats why I like the in-shower body milk (darkblue) the best.

what about you? have you tried them yet?



thank you NAVYBOOT for this lovely giveaway! butter london – PD Quick Topcoat in HARDWEAR and 3 free nail lacquer-vernis in ALL HAIL THE QUEEN. an amazing duo, I use the clear HARDWEAR as a base and topcoat and the ALL HAIL THE QUEEN twice for a more opaque look. I am ready for spring/summer! xx


La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo +

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo +
I have been using this corrective unclogging care  which states – anti-imperfections and anti-marks for the last couple of weeks. the effaclar duo + is made for acne prone skin which I obviously dont have but I tend to have little facial daemons once a month – so thats the time when I am using this product everyday. I really like the consistency of the product, it is very light and leaves a matte finish. I am not sure if I am going to repurchase it so I will continue to use it and will get back to you when I know. stay tuned. xx




I have a new beauty friend called MIA 2 – I meet her twice a day and she makes my skin feel so clean and soft. MIA 2 is a CLARISONIC facial cleansing brush that can be either used with the refreshing cleanser gel that comes with the product or with any other soap or cleansing gel. the MIA 2 comes in a neat travelling case and I need to charge it once a week.

In the morning I use the MIA 2 in the shower and in the evening I first remove the most of my makeUp with a wipe and then use the MIA 2 over the sink. Its an amazing tool, it cleanses and exfoliates the same time and it tells you when to switch the part of the face.

what does it claim?

– to clean the face 6 time better
– minimizes the pores
– better cleansing than hands alone
– greater absorption of Vitamin C after use
As I have used MIA 2 for the last couple of weeks I can so far tell you that I really like it. I can not see any changes of my pores yet, but maybe this is something that only shows after using it for a couple of months. we will see!

You can find MIA 2 at MARIONNAUD for 189 CHF.



M.A.C has launched a new collection ALLURING AQUATIC 

thank you for sending me these amazing products. I have received the parcel this very morning and it totally inspired my todays outfit. I feel so alluring and aquatic <3 although its raining and about 10 degrees C!
the packaging of the limited ALLURING AQUATIC edition is really special, the packaging of the box and the product have a haptic watersplash surface. it looks like it just got out of the ocean!

I wear ENCHANTED ONE lipstick and WHAT COMES NATURALLY lip pencil with the SEA ME, HEAR ME blush and the APHRODITE’S SHELL Bronzing Powder and it looks gorgeous. the lipstick (matte) and lip pencil are very nude and pale which makes me look even more tanned – the blush and bronzing powder have an almost creamy texture and are super easy to apply. I love it.

I use polyvore.com to put together my outfits and as some of you may know there is an option to add your own articles. well I tried to upload the image of the ALLURING AQUATIC mac collection but somehow it didnt load all the info – I decided to use it anyway.


blouse REVERSE
jeans H&M



beautiful Manuela Frey (option) photos taken by Valentina Pezzo, hair & makeup by Christian Merz and styling by me 🙂 it was published among the story RED SHE SAID for Elléments Magazine!



Striplac by Alessandro

its a big thing these days to do your nails like a pro at home. I question that and therefore had to try the Starter Kit by Alessandro. You get a red nailpolish, a clear twin base and top, a file, a cleaning pads and the most important UV/LED lamp. I read the manual and then started to do my left hand leaving out the thumb. After cleaning my nails with the cleansing pad, mmmhhmm, they smell like apricot! I start with the clear Twin and let it dry in the lamp for 60 seconds, then I apply the color and again I let it dry in the lamp for 60 seconds. As the last step I again apply the twin polish and I really make sure to cover the tip of my nails. now on to the right hand, which of course is always a bit harder than the left hand.. the same procedure: twincoat on 4 fingers (leave thumb out) dry for 60 seconds, then apply color, let it dry for 60 seconds and then finish with the twin polish and let it dry for 60 seconds. now I do the exact same thing to my thumbnails. Now all my fingernails are painted and I clean the top with the cleansing pad. It looks so nice and the best thing is: IT IS DRY! Wow! I was really amazed!

The product claims to last up to 10 days and I can tell you it lasts even longer on my nails.. 🙂 I got more colors and tried the product on my friends nails. I will show you all the different colors in another post, stay tuned!

How to remove the nailpolish?
thats a very simple step, you just have to peel it off. I have never had problems to remove the nailpolish but I read that there is a peeloff oil in order to remove the nailpolish.

I have to admit that I really didnt expect such a nice result! It was easy to apply and it last for more than 2 weeks! I can therefore highly recommend this product.

NOTE: some of the nailpolishes tend to pull back, it must sound weird now but if you have tried this and experienced the same you will know what I mean 🙂 so when this happens try to dry each nail after painting for 10 seconds, like this it will not run back and you can continue to paint the rest and then dry all fingers for another 60 seconds.

stay tuned for my Striplac color demonstration! xx

STRIPLAC by Alessandro