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Pierre Hermé for L’Occitane

Pierre Hermé


wow – what a beautiful collaboration between Pierre Hermé and L’Occitane, I absolutely love the packaging! some of you might wonder who is Pierre Hermé ? he is a very well known French pastry chef that is most famous for his macarons, many of which have unusual flavor combinations. I can absolutely see his signature in the packaging of the fragrances.

Eau de Toilette Pamplemousse Rhubarbe
Eau de Toilette Jasmin Immortelle Neroli

so in case you are already putting together your christmas presents for your beloved ones this might be something to consider. the products can also be purchased in sets and there is always a matching hand and bodycream with the two fragrances.

Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé

sigh I am tempted to buy the sets only for the awesome packaging, hahaha, that is how much I love it! I am curious what you think about this collaboration. leave me a comment below. X





limited edition
70 ML / 79.90 CHF

I will give this new limited bugger a try and will mention it in one of my upcoming YOUTUBE videos. it is a lot easier for me to talk about makeUp than to write about it. stay tuned. X




VERVEINE AGRUMES by L’OCCITANE is really worth a try – something new fresh and nice for spring summer. there are many different products and I got to try the shampoo and the body milk but have not opened them yet. too many other things to try first 🙂 hahahaha, thats the life of a blogger – no I am just kidding, certain things need time to really test and I only want to write about things in detail when I have tested them. so this blogpost is more an announcement.

finally the sun is back in town and this makes everything a lot easier. at the moment I am planning some outfit posts and am so excited to travel to KARLSRUHE
this friday – soon more via my SOCIAL MEDIA channels. X




ouff, it is monday night – two days after my birthday and I am processing all the joy and love from my party. it was an epic night – one to remember and keep close to the heart. again thank you to all my lovely friends for making it happen. thanks for all the gorgeous flowers and thanks for the delicious chocolate and olive oil. I got so many cool things, some of them are worth to blog about because I have never seen such things. stay tuned for more info.


now back to the HOME SWEET HOME topic, because today I wanna show you the small transformation of our guest room. we are not completely done – it will be a step by step change. so far I have flipped the black DRÖNA boxes by IKEA that are actually ment to be put in the IKEA shelf with the squares, I forgot the name of it and I used the black big binder paper clips to stack and secure them.


once you have built your desired shelf with the boxes and clips it is time to decorate the top.I am a big fan of WOHNREVUE and a stack of magazines always looks good. next to the magazines I put the new HOMMAGE d’ipuro ST ANTOINE candle and the ipuro season line diffuser in WHITE ORCHID. mhhmm, they are both super nice and together even better – scents are such a personal thing and
everyone has a different approach so just visit the next shop like DEPOT or MANOR and see for yourself which scents you like. next to the candle and diffuser I put the two MOLESKINE books one for travel and one for fashion. our future plan is to build two shelfes for all our electronic devices, office and creative stuff like folders, paint and other materials. I will soon show you the other side of the room with the new couch, that can be extended to a bed. we just had guests from poland and they said they liked to sleep on it. above the couch there is the world map with the pins – something that I have already shared with you – read more here >>



IMG_3583there is a new fragrance in the shops – the new SUMMER EDITION of the well known L’EAU D’ISSEY. and I have more news for you, there is also a new L’EAU D’ISSEY that is called CITY BLOSSOM by Mademoiselle Maurice.

the bottle of the summer edition looks very similar to the regular one but the scent of the is a bit lighter and more floral. the CITY BLOSSOM has a less sweet and less floral base and is a bit more herbal. again I have to admit that I am very bad at discribing scents. : ) this post should tell you that there is something new in the shops and is not a review about the products.

I was a big fan of the L’EAU D’ISSEY scent when I was around 16 and I can still bring back memories by smelling it. somehow I grew out of the scent and I am not wearing it anymore but with the new CITY BLOSSOM this might change it 🙂 I have only smelled it but not worn it yet. lets see it and you guys should see for yourself – visit your next shop and ask for the new summer edition. I am curious if you like it. X


something NEW

limited edition almond WINTER BODY CREME by Annemarie Börlind. mmmhhhmm something nice for ones dry skin. I can totally see myself using this for my dry skin! it is a rather heavy cream but easily being absorbed by the skin so nothing to greasy 🙂 it contains lots of shea butter from Mali and for every 10th product sold they will plant a karité tree in order to sustain the production of shea butter in Mali. thats a nice way to start a new year – its very easily done – buy a product and use the code on the package enter it >> here and more info about the product >> here
have a wonderful day. x



something new – on October 1, ABSOLUT was proud to present its iconic bottle in its most renowned form to date. The Andy Warhol Edition transforms Andy Warhol’s original Absolut painting onto the shape of the bottle, allowing anyone to bring home their very own Warhol. The Andy Warhol Edition will be distributed worldwide, starting in October 2014.

I got my hands on this nice limited edition and invited two friends for a wodka shot. I kept the bottle in the freezer to make it look nice and cold and also one has told me that WODKA tastes a lot better when super cold. but not only the bottle came out of the freezer – also the glasses. the glasses are made out of ice and this makes a quick wodka shot even faster.  special thanks to thomas who brought me those fancy funny glasses!

About Andy Warhol
“Andy Warhol (1928-1987) remains one of the most influential visual artists of modern times. With a background as a highly successful commercial artist, Warhol reinvented himself as a famous Pop Artist. Warhol went from creating images for advertising and media as an illustrator to using advertising and media images to make his fine art. He quickly became renowned as one of the artists who defined the Pop Art movement, a generation of artists who turned to the worlds of mass commercial production, advertising, and popular culture for the raw materials and inspiration for their work. Incredibly prolific in various endeavours, Warhol is recognized as one of the most influential avant garde filmmakers of his generation, founded Interview Magazine in 1969, produced and managed The Velvet Underground, authored numerous books, was an avid photographer, directed music videos and even hosted his own talk-show on MTV, Andy Warhol died unexpectedly in February 22, 1987 firmly established as one of the most important artists of the 20th century, artist and international celebrity.”




photos from todays event in Berlin! Dushka is there and sends me lots of photos and information regarding the cooperation between Deichmann and Veronica Ferraro and her blog thefashionfruit.com

more to come!



I saw something nice for you! this simple watch is perfect for men and women. I have already introduced this watch brand in a previous post – read more here >> I am a big fan of the BAUHAUS design and therefor I love the shape and design of the CITY watch – simple and sleek!

chronograph limited edition BAUHAUS DESIGN



so you might wonder why the watch looks different in the photo above – thats because I switched the wristband, instead of the black I attached a brown leather band. a quick simple thing makes a big change!
soon I will show you an outfit where you will see me wearing this gorgeous CITY watch. stay tuned! xx



by maccosmetics

pink, violet, ivy to name just a couple of colors from the new limited edition by maccosmetics. the eyeshadows have a nice metallic shimmer and the lipsticks are either pink or berry/plum colored and make a nice contrast. I got the bre for beauty powder blush, lust extract lipstick and the lucky green veluxe pearl eye shadow and I love them all. stay tuned to see me wearing these gorgeous products.

the collection:

copperthorn glittery bronze
nightshade backened plum
black ivy blackened green plum
26.00 CHF

false lashes
false black black 29.00 CHF

powder blush
bred for beauty mid tone blue pink
worldly wealth shimmering peachy bronze
33.00 CHF

sheen supreme lipstick
moody bloom bronze plum
phosphorescent electric pink coral
pheromonal dark blue pink
lust extract electric violet
quite the thing! deep blue plum
28.00 CHF

sheen supreme lipglass tint
bubble gum soft warm pink
Gwi-Yo-Mi mid tone raspberry
blushing berry mid tone cool red
glorious intent warm plum
32.00 CHF

artistic license pinky gold
deep fixation metallic brown
blooming mad mid tone ultra violet
hidden motive deep aubergine
lucky green dark yellow green
green room mid tone teal
26.00 CHF