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Kérastase has launched a new luxurious line called CHRONOLOGISTE for salons and for at home use. they discovered the new molecule ABYSSINE in the vulcano grounds of the pacific deep sea that completely changes the way we can treat our hair. I was told that the line will be available from February on in the selected Kérastase salons and shops that sell their products in retail.

I am super happy to try these buggers out and so far it has not been hairwash day so I can only tell you something about the new perfume oil (parfum en huile) as this is the only product I have tested yet. so it is a very light leave in oil to perfectly seal the hair and make it look shiny and above all that it makes your hair smell really really good. mmhhmm – the fragrance of the oil is a mix of roses myrrh, musk and woody accords. It reminds me a bit of the CLINIQUE scent BEYOND ROSE just in a lighter version. I read that it will be sold for 59 CHF and the bottle holds 120 ml. I know a rather pricy product but I am already convinced that it is worth every frank. <3 I dye my hair quiet frequently and I can really see that it is getting a bit drier due to that very fact and also the dry winter heating air.


new collection:
rose – musk – myrrh and woody accords
abyssine – vitamin F – ceramide – vitamin E
BAIN REVITALISANT shampoo 250 ml 31 CHF
abyssine – vitamin F – ceramide – vitamin E
abyssine – vitamin F



today it is all about concealing! which concealer work for me and for which parts of the face and for what purpose. there are rather expensive products like M.A.C and rather affordable products like COVERGIRL and rather cheap products by CATRICE and ESSENCE – BUT let me tell you, they all work for me! I wanna focus on the most expensive and the cheaper concealers.

29 CHF / 5ml
what is it about?
this is one of the best concealers for dry skin as it doesnt leave a dry feeling due to its minerals and nutrient-rich plant extracts. the consistency is creamy and it has medium coverage with natural light reflections.

where do I use it?
I use this concealer on my couperose cheeks and even though it doesnt have any green it cancels the redness. compared to other concealers I rarely use this one as a highlighter.

29 CHF / 3.5 g
what is it about?
I love stick concealers and I think they are super easy to handle. the MATCH MASTER concealer is a very a color true concealer with an average opacity for a natural, silky finish – and that is what I love about it, it does its job and conceals perfectly BUT its not cakey or looking too concealed at all. the concealer contain the same shade intelligence technology as the Match Master foundation series and therefore they run from 1 to 1.5. to 2 and so on.. they claim to last up to 8 hours. and I dont know if that is really true – all I know is that I apply it in the morning and it looks perfectly and when I look in the mirror in the evening it looks a lot faded and really asks for a touch up – in any case it depends what you are doing thru out the day.
where do I use it? concealing vs highlighting!
this concealer stick helps to cover dark circles and discoloration all over ones face and corrects them. I bought myself a rather light tone and I use it to highlight certain areas of my face (the bridge of my nose, my cubids bow, around my eyes) so in my opinion not all the concealers out there can do the job of a perfect highlighter like the ones from Estée Lauder or the famous one by YSL BUT this creamy stick concealer can!

NEW in my makeup collection are these two concealers:

so I have only used this concealer twice and I love it already. so where to start, the price is awesome (around 3 CHF) the lighter shade suits my skin tone perfectlly but it is winter and my skin is rather fair. I have used it under my eyes and to conceal any redness around my nose and cheeks. the product is very creamy and rather matt than shiny and thats very good as I dont want to highlight my imperfections. I will keep on using this concealer and maybe I will get back to you about it. let me see.


another new concealer palette in my collection yay, and this time it has more than one and two shades, NO this time I have 5 different shades. lighter, medium and dark (perfect to conceal, contour or highlight) a rose and a green color and these are perfect to correct darker eyecircles and redness. green is awesome for redness and I mix the lightest and the green together and I use it on my cheeks to reduce the redness AND it works, yay! compared to the essence concealer this palette is a bit more expensive but you also get more options with it. (around 5 CHF) I have only used this product once so far and I have only used the lightes beige tone and the green. let me see if I will get back to you about this one too, so long!

hmm, a rather long blogpost about something so simple but I figured I wanna give you a better descriptions of the concealers I use. I hope you liked it and dont forget to visit my FB page and give it a LIKE!


I am dreaming of a white christmas!

oohh that would be lovely to have snow for christmas and therefore it cant harm to show you my white outfit. it looks a bit crazy to wear barefeet in december but I am also wearing fur soles inside my ballerinas and let me tell you this really does make a difference. today I will be spending most of my time inside in the warm anyway 🙂


ballerinas BESTELLE
sweater & jeans H&M
earrings VINTAGE
coat PAUW



today I started my day with the LUSH SANTA’s lip scrub and lip tint. mmmhhmm what a christmassy smell and what a bright red! I used my finger to apply the lip tint and it totally stained my finger so I would recommend to use a lip brush to apply the tint. now I will eat my GRÄTTIMAA wishing you all a happy SANTA CLAUS and stay tuned for todays outfit. xx



something new something nice! yay, I really love the new M.A.C matchmaster concealer as I was already a fan of the matchmaster foundation. what a nice creamy finish and I love the fact that the shade perfectly blends in with your skin tone. It is a creamy stick – perfect for underneath the eyes and to get rid of my redish parts on my cheeks.

I am also using the MINERALIZE CONCEALER this one is a rather liquid concealer with a wand and I use this one to conceal spots. as I have fine lines around my eyes I prefer to use the MATCHMASTER around my eyes  as it doesnt show the lines it rather conceals them.


are you ready for the holidays

so many things to take care of. it is the busiest time of the year and lots of stress is involved. inviting your friends and family, organizing presents, cleaning the house, booking flights or what ever else we have to do before christmas and new years eve. this year I am quiet organized and I already have almost all the presents – have you seen my wishlist yet?

today I wanna share an italian tradition with you which involves red lingerie! I have found this lovely bra and panty at MANOR in basel (bra 39.90 CHF / panty 19.90 CHF) and I can not wait to wear it for new years eve! the bra is really nicely cut with a slight pushup effect – perfect for a sexy cleavage. there is also a slip and tanga but I am a panty lover and I liked the design of the panty best.

so what do the italians do on december 31? they make sure to wear red lingerie. red is the color of good luck and fortune. by wearing red lingerie they make sure the luck is on their side and to get rid of negative energy. it is also very common to give red lingerie as a present and this will bring lots of good luck to the reciver and will protect him from evil in the year ahead. I think this tradition is really sweet and I also read about other funny traditions like throwing your kitchen ware out of the window 🙂 read more here <<

so I already got my red lingerie. what about you? what is your special tradition for the holidays?



a couple of weeks ago I went to Freiburg Germany for a small shopping tour with my mom. of course I had to visit one of my favorite shops there and I still can not wait to have a RITUALS store in basel. here << you can check if there is a shop in your area. everytime I go to a RITUALS shop, so far I have been to the one in Amsterdam and Freiburg, I stack up on the foaming shower gels. my first favorite was the T’AI CHI with white lotus and green tea, then I discovered the HAMMAM DELIGHT with fresh eucalyptus and rosemary and this time I found two new favorites: SAMURAI SHOWER with organic bamboo and cedar wood and the other one is called DIWALI DELIGHT with patchouli and cardamom. so I have four favorites and they all smell very uniquely different and of course I bought two of each to be sure to get thru fall/winter 🙂


NAVYBOOT Originals

my impressions from the event in Basel at the SBB train station. I was not lucky at all but it was fun to watch other people win! you had one try to grab a bronze ball = free shoes or black ball = 30 CHF or 50 CHF voucher in 15 seconds or like I did to grab nothing but air.

I can highly recommend to check the ORIGINALS collection as the shoes look really solid and are made out of solid leather but they weigh almost nothing. that was my biggest surprise when I held one of the Chelsea boots and I couldnt believe that they were so light. that was also the time when I got the brown and not the bronze Chelsea boots for myself. I can not wait to show you my boots and the way I wear them with jeans and dresses! stay tuned for more!

here are some ideas on how to wear the brown chelsea boots




find the NAVYBOOT Original Cheslea Boot here <<