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DISCOUNT at ASOS with help of SALEDUCK.CH – thats what I did. 
have you ever heard of SALEDUCK? its a very nice platform where you can get discount codes for your online shopping pleasures. I found a 20% off voucher and ordered something nice for Cristian. an awesome pair of cropped pants and a very nice flannel shirt.

<< shirt

today over lunch I shot the first outfit of Cristian wearing the grey flannel shirt with simple blue  jeans and grey TOMS shoes. he went directly to work with this outfit, which means, he feels comfortable and the outfit is office proof. lets see if we can shoot the second outfit tomorrow over lunch, but by tomorrow you should be already able to see the first look. stay tuned.

the Sale Duck coupon code concept was born in Belgium in mid-2012 via solden.be
read more about the company here >> http://www.saleduck.com/company


C&A shopping haul

c&a shopping haul

C&A shopping haul:


2. HAT




I found some awesome pieces from the new fall/winter collection at C&A in Basel, Switzerland and some of the pieces are indeed available via the onlineshop, these are the pieces that you can see above.

I found another denim shirt with embelishment that is not in the online shop (yet) – lets see maybe I can add it to the list later. anyways, I will soon upload outfit inspirations including these new fall pieces. if the weather is decent I can shoot this weekend. stay tuned. X



WHITE ideas


for quiet some time I was looking for a white oversized sweater and finally I found one when I was strolling thru the H&M in Weil am Rhein. the cut is really oversized as I am wearing the size XS and I feel it is quiet big already. so today I wanna show you two different versions of the white shirt: a casual one – the one you can see above and below and an elegant one that will follow.


top H&M
pants C&A
shoes TAMARIS via zalando.ch
clutch ÖGON DESIGN via labelleboutique.ch
earrings PIECES Screen shot 2015-05-17 at 22.13.14IMG_7220

I really had an amazing sunday today – I slept until eleven and then had a nice breakfast followed by some blog work and delicious frozen joghurt – mmmhhhmmm. then I took these photos and in the end I found time to sit at the rhein in the sun. now I wanna show you the same shirt in a more elegant way – have a look:


same shirt different style. thats done very easily with such a bling bling sequin skirt like this one. I am so glad I waited for it to be on SALE and cost half as much as it would have before. : ) and I guess that thought and the sunny weather made me dance a bit.



top H&M
skirt H&M
clutch TURKISH AIRLINESScreen shot 2015-05-17 at 22.07.08


I also found another nice piece in Weil am Rhein and I hope that I can show it to you very soon. have a lovely start into the week. X



can you see it too? I had a funny moment with my camera and it made a fancy rainbow – yay! but actually I dont wanna talk about rainbows today I rather wanna show you my lovel spring outfit!

looking at the rainbow

I have recently shopped at zalando.ch and I have found some lovely things: read my shopping haul post here << so I am wearing the floral pants – the grey leather pumps – the cute pearl earrings and the lovely beige bag with the pink wallet inside!

looking at the rainbow


pants VILA
shirt COS
bag DKNY
earrings PIECES


todays outfit

this is my tiny hope that spring will arrive early this year 🙂 and therefore I have put together this pastel – floral outfit. I have showed you my zalando spring haul a couple of days ago and today I am finally wearing my new grey pumps by tamaris. they are extremly comfy – the first time that I wear tamaris shoes and I am quiet impressed! due to the platform the actual heel is not so tall and one can really feel that when walking and standing for longer periods.

todays outfit



skirt VINTAGE (handmade / fleamarket)
shirt GANNI
clutch MAWI
sunglasses MIU MIU



after almost seven years of having the same wallet I finally found one that can get me over my beloved MIU MIU leather wallet. my old one was kind of big and I felt like switching to a smaller version – in fact I did and today I took some time to finally arrange my new wallet. that is such a cleansing thing to do: getting rid off all the unnecessary receipts and shopping cards that I have not used in years. 🙂

time for a change

the wallet was part of my SPRING shopping haul via zalando.ch and here you can see all the new pretty things that have found their way into my closet 🙂 next week I will hopefully find time to show you some outfits wearing these new things and in general to get ready for spring! are you a pastel lover? I AM!

time for a change

bag DKNY
wallet DKNY
ballerinas even&odd
pumps tamaris
earrings pieces
pants VILA


are you ready for the holidays

so many things to take care of. it is the busiest time of the year and lots of stress is involved. inviting your friends and family, organizing presents, cleaning the house, booking flights or what ever else we have to do before christmas and new years eve. this year I am quiet organized and I already have almost all the presents – have you seen my wishlist yet?

today I wanna share an italian tradition with you which involves red lingerie! I have found this lovely bra and panty at MANOR in basel (bra 39.90 CHF / panty 19.90 CHF) and I can not wait to wear it for new years eve! the bra is really nicely cut with a slight pushup effect – perfect for a sexy cleavage. there is also a slip and tanga but I am a panty lover and I liked the design of the panty best.

so what do the italians do on december 31? they make sure to wear red lingerie. red is the color of good luck and fortune. by wearing red lingerie they make sure the luck is on their side and to get rid of negative energy. it is also very common to give red lingerie as a present and this will bring lots of good luck to the reciver and will protect him from evil in the year ahead. I think this tradition is really sweet and I also read about other funny traditions like throwing your kitchen ware out of the window 🙂 read more here <<

so I already got my red lingerie. what about you? what is your special tradition for the holidays?



a couple of weeks ago I went to Freiburg Germany for a small shopping tour with my mom. of course I had to visit one of my favorite shops there and I still can not wait to have a RITUALS store in basel. here << you can check if there is a shop in your area. everytime I go to a RITUALS shop, so far I have been to the one in Amsterdam and Freiburg, I stack up on the foaming shower gels. my first favorite was the T’AI CHI with white lotus and green tea, then I discovered the HAMMAM DELIGHT with fresh eucalyptus and rosemary and this time I found two new favorites: SAMURAI SHOWER with organic bamboo and cedar wood and the other one is called DIWALI DELIGHT with patchouli and cardamom. so I have four favorites and they all smell very uniquely different and of course I bought two of each to be sure to get thru fall/winter 🙂



from the

aww, new stuff 🙂 new things to try – I can not wait for sunday to be here when I will have enough time to go thru all these gorgeous pieces.

#FOREO ISSA tooth brush
#JF anti aging for the hair
#Active Aroma

has one of you already tried any of these products? I would love to know what ypu think. please share your thoughts with me. xx



wow, so I have checked my wardorbe and I found out that the last two months I was shopping a lot at ESPRIT. As I previously mentioned, the store in Basel is one of the most beautiful shops because of its amazing stairs coming down in the center of the store. I will try to take some photos when I m there next so you can see what I mean.

so what I wanna share among you is that ESPRIT has great SALE prizes and that it sometimes is worth to gamble and wait with purchasing and only buy it when its on SALE – of course you risk that your size or color might be gone. I was always very lucky with this system, especially at ESPRIT store Basel. As you can see I found many black and white skirts, black boots and fauxlether shorts a fancy two color dress and a white top. All these things can be combined together – thats key to me!

some of the pieces are not only wearable in summer but also for fall and spring! and I dunno about you but among my friends ESPRIT had some sort of a “Grandma-Shop” touch and by showing you my shopping haul I think its very clear that this aint the case!

http://www.espritshop.ch  enjoy shopping! xx



SALE time – one of my favorite things to do: strolling thru shops and looking for bargains. well, it often ends successfully. I went to ESPRIT and found these amazingly soft black leather boots. a great keypiece to have – flat black comfy boots! I will wear them with skinny jeans but also with dresses. they were reduced from 159.90 CHF to 79.90 CHF – I ’d call this a true bargain! and then I found these fauxleather shorts – I took the risk and bought them. I am not sure if I will be wearing them with flat boots or with heels, for sure I will wear them with a blazer and a loose top to make it more casual and less sexy. and also the shorts were a true bargain: from 79.90 CHF reduced to 39.90 CHF – I looked up the items in the onlineshop and I saw that the shoes are not on SALE yet. I think this is often the case with ESPRIT – so make sure to check both the STORE and the ONLINESHOP!



I wanna show you these 3 gorgeous pieces that I have found at ESPRIT store in Basel. Two of them were on SALE! yay! so I was in need of a nice black skirt and guess what I found two which is never surprising for me, as I always tend to find so many must have pieces which makes it super hard for me to decide. but when both of them are on SALE I just go for both! 🙂 the skirt on the left is a black stretch pencilskirt with an opening in the front. This skirt looks better on me when I wear heels somehow the cut makes my legs look very short when I wear it with flats. I would pair it with my favorite silk blouse or a simple white shirt. the black skirt to the right is a very comfy mini skirt with beautiful details on the side. this skirt looks very nice with flats and I am sure that I will wear it many times with my gorgeous flat sandals I have found in Mulhouse. 🙂 and last but not least I got myself this stunning beige pink dress. its magic because you can throw this on and you are good to go! no matter if with heels or flats. for hot days I would just wear it like this and for fall I could see myself wearing it with a trenchcoat or a blazer. aww.. cant wait to wear it and show you my outfits. stay tuned! xx


– where are my PONYS at ?? –

this is the third of a series of six different outfits – showing 6 items in different outfits of last weeks shopping haul in Basel with Agata.

# outfit – new top from H&M – SALE

top H&M
sunglasses FIZZEN BASEL
earrings (present from my friends)

photos by Agata B.



shoes shoes shoes blues 🙂 nice and comfortable vintage shoes are hard to find – thats why I was even more amused when I saw these lovely bordeaux babies at CHARLIE shoemaker. They are perfect to wear with either pants or dresses and give an extra touch of “chic romantic paris” to every outfit. A “passe-partout” I would say!


Glockengasse 4
4051 Basel