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COS spring dresses

COS spring dresses
these are my lovely new COS spring dresses and they are perfect for the current weather situation in Basel, Switzerland. I got a navy one with a small collar and a beige one with V neck and they can be worn with skinny jeans or bare legs, with heels or sandals.
new dress COS
dress COS
sunglasses RAY BAN
shoes ZIGN
are you all ready for summer? I am so ready and at the moment making plans for our summer vacation somewhere in the south. I miss the beach and I know that after a week of beach and fun I can go back to work a lot more relaxed. I am def a beach person and I love swimming in the sea/ocean. if I had more time I would fancy I trip to California but for a week and a half thats just way too short for such a far trip. where do you go for your summer vacation? please let me know in the comments below – curious to see where you are all going.
as you can see in the photo above the dress is made out of two materials: silk and a very light kind of merino wool. I had so much fun wearing this beige dress on our short weekend trip to beautiful Cassis where C took all of these lovely photos.
beige and navy are two very elegant colors, especially in these two materials: silk and wool. when I spotted them inside COS Strasbourg I was so excited and knew that I am going to wear them a lot. the thing with beige dresses is that you need well fitted nude underwear and for my taste I always love to add a bit of color to the outfit, like my green vintage FENDI bag.
new dress COS


todays outfit

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presents for him

KIEHLS ultimate brushless shave cream
2 NIKE Kaishi Casual Sneakers
3 TWEEZERMAN shaving brush
4 BARNEYS New York Jacquard Bow Tie
5 NESPRESSO travel mug

I found some lovely present ideas for your beloved friends, brothers, fathers, grandfathers, uncles and husbands and all the other male people you want to share a present with ; ) nice shaving tools and creams is something almost all the men can need at least once a year, I am saying this because lately I see a lot of unshaved men and it is super trendy to have a beard, but also these guys will eventually shave. did you already shop all your presents? I am almost done as I am leaving on christmas holidays next monday afternoon.


ESPRIT shopping haul

esprit shopping haul

esprit shopping haul:
#1 hat
#2 pants

I found these two amazing pieces at the esprit shop in basel and luckily these pieces are also available online via the espritshop.ch. orange is a great elegant statement color and at the moment you can see this kind of hat in all the shops. I wanted to have a pompom that is made out of fakefur and was very surprised to see that this one is in fact fake fur, yay! it does look real, and thats the thing nowadays, you can not tell real from fake. for me these two things symbolice fall/winter. orange reminds me of halloween and pumpkin soup. the fake fur pompom makes me think about skiing in the mountains. the pattern of the 7/8 length pants is again really big this fall/winter. you can see lots of plaid skirts, coats, dresses and pants.



ASOS cropped pants

these are the new ASOS cropped pants and I love how one can wear them more casual or more elegant, depending on the shoes and shirt or sweater. I already blogged about them in a previous post – read more here >> I checked SALEDUCK.CH for discount and indeed found a voucher there. so I can highly recommend to check their site before ordering something online as they have lots of different companies they work with.

ASOS cropped pants ASOS cropped pants ASOS cropped pants ASOS cropped pants ASOS cropped pants


pants ASOS
sweater COS
sneakers NIKE FREE
scarfs MADE BY ME




DISCOUNT at ASOS with help of SALEDUCK.CH – thats what I did. 
have you ever heard of SALEDUCK? its a very nice platform where you can get discount codes for your online shopping pleasures. I found a 20% off voucher and ordered something nice for Cristian. an awesome pair of cropped pants and a very nice flannel shirt.

<< shirt

today over lunch I shot the first outfit of Cristian wearing the grey flannel shirt with simple blue  jeans and grey TOMS shoes. he went directly to work with this outfit, which means, he feels comfortable and the outfit is office proof. lets see if we can shoot the second outfit tomorrow over lunch, but by tomorrow you should be already able to see the first look. stay tuned.

the Sale Duck coupon code concept was born in Belgium in mid-2012 via solden.be
read more about the company here >> http://www.saleduck.com/company



today is fasnachts tuesday also called kids fasnacht and to be very honest I am super excited that fasnacht is over tomorrow. I live in the city center and therefore I hear the piccolo day and night 🙁 if there were just drummers it would be a totally different story.

so let me get back to my question: cats or hats? the internet is full of funny cute cat pictures and I am sure that you could look at different pictures for months and you would not have been able to see them all 🙂 I am a hat person and I can not get enough hats. my most favorite hat is swiss-made by RISA and I could easily wear it every day.

Elvire Thouvenot-Nitzan made this lovely illustration for the blog and unfortunately I can not link you to her page as she has none but in case you are interested please contact me and I will forward your messages to her or write her a direct email to elvire (at) bluewin.ch for inquiries.


instead of a funny cat I wanna show you another hat outfit wearing my lovely beige C&A hat, besides that I am wearing my lovely skirt from le MOUTON a 5 PATTES – my beloved Vintage FENDI bag – my suede booties from NAVYBOOT – my Vintage BALLY jacket and my H&M gloves and shirt!


something new

I am so happy with my new grey skirt and therefore I am wearing it non stop. it is an amazing key piece as I can wear almost everything with it. I paired it with my lovely navy neoprene top that I recently found – btw it is now on SALE 🙂 I knew I should have waited.. hahahahahha. I took these photos two days ago and at the moment I could not wear this outfit as it would be to freaking cold. we got snow in basel and the temperature dropped to below zero °C – welcome to the real swiss winter.


top H&M
skirt H&M



hello stan, you are now on my feet and I hope you like it! ha, I wanted a pair of white sneakers forever and finally I bought myself some at the pomp it up store in Basel. the Adidas Stan Smith sneakers are available in green and blue and as I hardly wear green I aimed for the blue ones. ever since I got these I was wearing them with style. stay tuned to see my sneaker outfits. xx


todays outfit

unfortunately I couldnt go to Paris this year to visit the fashionweek as I am not feeling too well at the moment. I am very much looking forward to going next year in february/march. so today I am showing you this gorgeous blue silk dress by ACNE that I paired with the gorgeous new shoes that I have found at the fashionffish outlet from NAVYBOOT and the awesome silver clutch and the beige teddy from the DIESEL sample sale in Zurich.  thank you Thomas for taking the photos!


dress ACNE
clutch DIESEL
teddy DIESEL
beanie COS
sunglasses C&A
lipstick NARS anita


NAVY is my black!


these are my two favorite pieces from yesterdays FASHIONFISH outlet shopping haul. I was invited to the bloggersevent where we got 400 CHF shoppingvoucher to spend in 1 ½ hour and our outfit had to fit the motto: colorful autumn! at fashionfish outlet you have many different shops: Guess, Bally, Navyboot, Corso Italia, Lacoste, BlackOut, Skinny, Modekeller.. and many more! I found these two navy key pieces and formed a rather light fall outfit with a minty silk tunic, a mint Marc Picard bag and a fury collar.

NAVYBOOT City Boots 149 CHF
LIU JO Downjacket 100 CHF

and I also got a

MARC PICARD mint bag 16 CHF
ALYSI mint embroidered silk tunic 55 CHF
MODEKELLER fakefur collar 10 CHF
BLACKOUT white/gold earrings 9.90 CHF
GERRY WEBER grey cashmere pullover 49 CHF
SKINNY nude panties 12 CHF

I can not help it but I love to wear navy – so I was not surprised to see that two of my items where navy. you can never go wrong with wearing jeans these navy boots and the rest doesnt event matter anymore as you are already dressed 🙂 the same with the downjacket by LIU JO – this piece will be so precious in winter. because here in switzerland it can get really really cold. I am going to wear this jacket now in fall and later on I will layer it underneath my navy wool coat by ESPRIT (something new that I will show you soon)



something new!

DAVIDOFF COOL WATER NIGHT DIVE is the newest fragrance and will be launched in September 2014. Awww, what a fresh scent. I love it and as I was born in the 80s and was a teenage in the mid 90s of course DAVIDOFF COOL WATER was among my parfum collection. therefore I am very happy to see a new fragrance and I really really like it – very fresh and very clear!