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today is fasnachts tuesday also called kids fasnacht and to be very honest I am super excited that fasnacht is over tomorrow. I live in the city center and therefore I hear the piccolo day and night 🙁 if there were just drummers it would be a totally different story.

so let me get back to my question: cats or hats? the internet is full of funny cute cat pictures and I am sure that you could look at different pictures for months and you would not have been able to see them all 🙂 I am a hat person and I can not get enough hats. my most favorite hat is swiss-made by RISA and I could easily wear it every day.

Elvire Thouvenot-Nitzan made this lovely illustration for the blog and unfortunately I can not link you to her page as she has none but in case you are interested please contact me and I will forward your messages to her or write her a direct email to elvire (at) bluewin.ch for inquiries.


instead of a funny cat I wanna show you another hat outfit wearing my lovely beige C&A hat, besides that I am wearing my lovely skirt from le MOUTON a 5 PATTES – my beloved Vintage FENDI bag – my suede booties from NAVYBOOT – my Vintage BALLY jacket and my H&M gloves and shirt!


LUX 2013

LUX at Silohalle NT Areal Basel Switzerland
13-15 December 2013

Christmas Shopping Delux at LUX – so many amazing brands and labels, earrings, cards, collarenecklaces, bags, clothes and more – in case you havent decided about having a real Christmas Tree at home you can play it by ear and buy one of the 40 Trees at Silohalle NT Areal.

make sure to stop where it says: I SAW SOMETHING NICE
collarnecklaces by isawsomethingnice
will be available at LUX
find the perfect present for your friends or maybe something to treat yourself with?

see you at LUX. xx