todays outfit

last night I got a phonecall from my Dad telling me that my grandmother is about to pass away and that I should prepare myself for that. sigh, I feel very blessed to still have one grandmother at the age of 32 and I am aware that this is the call of nature and that we all have to deal with that in our lives. its sad to say good bye but on the other hand it lets you also go thru the beautiful moments one has shared with that person and me and my brother we spent some awesome summers in Los Altos California and we were treated like prince and princess. so when you read this please think about something positive, I am sure this can make a change!

and now I wanna talk about todays outfit: a huge mix of different natural materials and colors. from hat to toe, except for the tights, that are made out of plastic… the newest piece that I am wearing is the white cotton blouse that I bought in Brasov, Romania. The brand is called HELVIEN (helvien.ro). they sell handmade folcloric pieces and I absolutely fell in love with their blouses. let me show you a close up so you can see the gorgeous details. also take a moment to visit their website and have a look at the lovely blouses they sell. (not sponsored)

todays outfit


skirt MAX MARA
jacket BERSHKA
scarf VINTAGE (from my CH grandmother that passed away in JAN last year)
hat RISA

todays outfit

another day of mix and match: different colors and more importantly different materials. choose colors that go well with eachother and work with the silhouette. my midi skirt would look really weird with a hip long coat and even worse with a knee long coat. its important to break it in the waist and that means wearing a rather short jacket. another thing I like to do with midi skirts is, that I like to wear them with wool sweaters. like this the silhouette of the skirt shows even more.

todays outfit

winter has arrived in Basel, Switzerland, and I was surprised that this white cotton blouse from Romania kept me so warm. as you can see in the photos it was snowing a tiny bit ; )
the blouse is a great key piece as I will be wearing it for day and night, from casual to chic. hopefully I can soon show you my jeans/blouse outfit. stay tuned. X


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