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as every year it was a blast to be invited by VITRA for the summerparty during ART BASEL. look at the lovely decoration – so nice! there was cool music and lots of nice art and design to see. there are many different buildings inside the VITRA campus, the newest is by SANA. my favorite one is the showroom by HERZOG & DE MEURON but I also like the one by TADAO ANDO. this years entry badge was a piece of fabric that the tied around our wrists. a nice idea but so far the metall bands were my favorite – I still have them and collected the different colors from other friends that were there.


the food was delicious and there was a nice vegetarian alternative. my favorite was the couscous salad – mmmhhhmm, can I please have one more?! and the ice cream was a touch of heaven on earth too bad I did not check by whom the catering was..

I dunno if you can remember but a couple of years ago there was a bug attack during VITRA PARTY and I was telling some friends about that and literally 5 minutes later the first bug was there and he was followed by friends. I jinxed it 🙂 sorry for that but again it was fun to see all the people hide and run from the almost blind flying bugs.. after one hour the bugs were gone, ouff!


all the friends in the house – eehm at the VITRA PARTY!
thank you Wilpert, Mo, Cristian, Esther and Fleur – it was super nice!