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Elham Etemadi at Volta

Elham Etemadi

after almost two years of living in a pandemic, this year the annual Art Basel is finally taking place again. This morning I started my Art Basel week with the VIP Preview of VOLTA. There I was honored to meet the super kind and very talented Iranian artist Elham Etemadi represented by BAVAN Gallery.

Art Basel Week Elham Etemadi

Elham Etemadi is an immigrant artist who lives and works in France. In her paintings, Elham looks for forms and figures to explore the abilities of painting in reflecting what she captures in her daily concerns. In her expressionist figurative paintings she tries to create a vast and expanded language which is not verbal but visual and is based on human feelings and attentions. Her works are combinations of her different visions and sides of her character; as a mother, a female immigrant, a wife and an artist. She tries to express her experiences in a visual language that may communicate with as much viewers as possible, from different backgrounds, cultures, nationalities and genders.


Elham Etemadi at VOLTA

I absolutely love her work. Looking at it makes me drift off from reality and every time I see something new that I have not seen before. Somehow like a very artsy form of “Where is Wally” if you know what I mean. The color composition is totally up my alley. I can already see where I would hang this 200 x 320 x 4 cm “Sublime Suspension” piece. I am very delighted to show you her work on my blog. And I am looking forward to seeing more of her work.

Elham Etemadi at Volta

ALICIA FRAMIS Art Basel Unlimited


And another ART BASEL week has passed and I am currently looking back at all the shows and art works I have seen and am trying to sort out a coherent blogpost. There is a lot going on in Basel during the Art Basel week: Art Basel, Art Unlimited, Design Miami Basel, Liste, VOLTA, photobasel..
Art Basel brought together 290 premier galleries, presenting works ranging from early 20th century Modern art to the most contemporary pieces.While galleries from Europe continued to be strongly represented, the show featured returning and new exhibitors from across the globe, including Asia, Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, and Africa.

ALICIA FRAMIS Art Basel Unlimited

Let’s start with what I loved at ART UNLIMITED. I absolutely loved the work of Alicia Framis represented by the Galeria Juana de Aizpuru in Madrid, Spain. She was born 1967 in Barcelona, Spain and lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her piece is called LifeDress, 2018 and is a mixed media installation with 9 dresses made out of airbag fabric. I found this information on her website:
The Lifedress, 2018 offers a new way for demonstration against sexual harassment and violence towards women, and consists of dresses made out of airbag fabric from cars: a high tech material made in Japan with a high resistance to impacts and fire. Each dress is made to protect against a different form of (sexual) harassment, and designed to change form when intimidation occurs. The work can be seen as a social comment on gender patterns in our society nowadays. Some forms of sexism and ways of speaking about women are so engrained into our society that we hardly notice them anymore or brush them off as ‘locker room banter’. There are myriad ways in which women try to protect themselves in their everyday lives against sexual harassment and violence and these dresses make us aware of this crude reality. Framis employs elements of technology, activism and performance in this new work. With LifeDress she aims to bring women together and open the debate. Framis discusses a serious issue, but through a surrealistic act. New ways of demonstration for women is a topic Framis has been exploring over the past two decades with works such as Anti_dog, 100 Ways to Wear a Flag and Is My Body Public?. These fashion demonstrations are tools to protest against inequality towards women.

ALICIA FRAMIS Art Basel Unlimited ALICIA FRAMIS Art Basel Unlimited ALICIA FRAMIS Art Basel Unlimited

My favorite piece of VOLTA is by Irene Grau, she was represented by Galerie Heike Strelow from Franfurt am Main, Germany. I love the very simple but deep shades of gray and black in her pieces “on what is left”.
Irene Grau’s work speaks about painting and landscape, of process and displacement through rigorous research into the possibilities of monochrome painting and its relation to landscape as both genre and framework, but above all as experimentation; as a way of seeing. All of which is intermixed following the traditions of radical monochrome painting, mural painting, but also the performative processes and the genre of landscape art, which she interprets to a great extent. Often her work develops in series which are the result of a long site-specific research in nature, followed by an extensive work period in her studio where she experiments with different materials and techniques, to be finalized in the exhibition space, where the work is again transferred and transformed in order to create a entity with the specificity of the space. The title of her recent doctoral thesis, The Painter on the Road, perfectly sums up her interest and attitude toward the medium of painting, and Irene Grau’s process could perfectly be described as a conceptual pleinairist, who states that her work is “what remains” of a wider experience, going far beyond the physically traveled landscape or an explored architectural structure. Solely transmitting an experience may well lack of concrete information, yet her work leaves enough hints to the viewer to allow access through process, intervention, and the document thereof, in order to visually and conceptually understand the artist’s modus operandi and artistic questioning and concerns.


At Design Miami Basel I fell in love with so many furniture pieces and it is therefore really really hard for me to only select one. Therefore I will show you all of my favorites. Also I didnt want to spam you with too much information about each designer and or gallery and thats why there is only a caption below each photo. I hope you liked all the pieces that I have showed you in that blog post and am already looking forward to the Art Basel week 2020.

Design Miami BaselAlain Richard Armchairs 159 / Galerie Pascal Cuisinier 

Design Miami BaselBijoy Jain dining chair / studio mumbai  

Design Miami Basel









Studio BBPR 1947 / Nilufar gallery

Design Miami BaselNanna Ditzel daybedFacebooktwittermailFacebooktwittermail


KAREN SARGSYAN at Kers Gallery

So, today I wanna share with you two artists who will be showed by my dutch gallerist friend Annelien Kers at Kers Gallery during the VOLTA art fair in Basel. In case you did not get your free ticket yet, please do so now by using the promo code isawsomethingnice at www.voltashow.com/tickets
Annelien will show Karen Sargsyan and Marc Mulders adn this years VOLTA show in Basel.


The base of my work is to show pure essence of human being. I look at the influences that people undergo in their life the same way as I look at a theaterplay. I want to show this play. My work does not consist of static images, but shows an active process. My figures are in the middle of a scene that will change their life. You see the moment when they falter; the moment that every firm idea or thought, suddenly looks different; the moment of wonder. That is the moment human being shows its true nature. The figures are theatrical, compelling and vulnerable as a child. Books or myths often lie at the base of my installations. The figures are caught in the moment, while the scene refers to a history. My installations consist of several three- dimensional figures. They are literally and figuratively layered.


Maraya Art Collection, Bonnefanten Museum Art Collection, KRC Collection
AMC Collection, Rabo Art Collection, HVCCA Art Collection, Nederlandse Bank Art Collection, Achmea Art Collection
Prive Art Collections, National Russian Art Collection and Abn Amro Art Collection.


The studio of Marc Mulders (1958) is based in a stable in the middle of a field full of wild flowers. Whilst painting in the doorway the bees buzz and the butterflies are fluttering around his donkey. Mulders calls his garden “my own private Giverny” a reference to the famous gardens of Claude Monet, a great example for him. In his pasty almost abstract oil paintings, he follows the course of nature around him: “In the spring and summer I sniff the scents, and in the autumn I paint my head with the echo of that floral splendor. I am driven by the desire for the new flowers that will arise in my field “says Mulders.


Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, Amsterdams Historisch Museum Amsterdam, 
Centraal Museum Utrecht, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Rotterdam,
Museum Catharijneconvent Utrecht, Museum De Lakenhal Leiden, Museum De Pont Tilburg, Museum Het Valkhof Nijmegen, Museum Jan Cunen Oss, Museum voor Religieuze Kunst Uden, Nationaal Glasmuseum Leerdam, Noordbrabants Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Stadsgalerij Heerlen, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, TextielMuseum Tilburg Zuiderzeemuseum Enkhuizen, Museum Gouda and Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.
Alright, that was it for today and for the ones who are in Basel during Art Basel week I hope to see you at Volta, Liste, Design Miami, photo basel or Art Basel. Have a lovely Art Basel week. X




VOLTA will be back in Basel during the Art Basel week for its 15th time and this year I have amazing news for you all. There is a PROMO CODE to get FREE TICKETS to VOLTABASEL19
It’s super easy just use the code isawsomethingnice on www.voltashow.com/tickets for a general admission ticket (max 2 tickets per booking). FYI the Vernissage is on June 10th from 12-7 pm and is free for everyone so you can get yourself some free tickets to see the fair from June 11th to June 15th 2019!

#VOLTABASEL19 #isawsomethingnice
VOLTA, Basel’s art fair for new international positions, debuted in 2005 as a collaboration between dealers and friends. The aim was to secure a platform for international galleries beyond young art stalwart Liste and market heavyweight Art Basel. Concerns and aspirations of the exhibiting gallerists have been first and foremost since VOLTA’s inception; in combination with the curatorial mind of Artistic Director Amanda Coulson, eclectic and dynamic presentations with a strong focus on solo presentations find a stage as refined as at the main fair.
FLATThe Flat – Massimo Carasi (Milan)Inma FemeníaIn Tension no.412019, UV print on manipulated aluminium and natural rubber, 188 x 200 x 34 cm. Presented by The Flat – Massimo Carasi (Milan)
Noted for being a “space for discovery”, VOLTA returns to the former COOP distribution center as the newest cultural hub in Basel. Located across from the Novartis Campus at Elsässerstrasse 215, just 9 minutes away from the main fair and within the neighborhood of the very first venue at Voltaplatz. VOLTA sets the tone and plants its (artistic) flag as the first major event within the space.
VOLTA assembles 79 galleries across four continents and 25 nations to showcase compelling artist projects. This year my friend Annelien Kers will be present with KERS GALLERY and I am so happy to share with you some information about her gallery and her featured artist/s soon.


MONDAY, JUNE 10, 10 AM – 2 PM
MONDAY, JUNE 10, 2 – 7 PM
 10 AM – 7 PM

I am looking forward to seeing you during the Art Basel week. Have a lovely day and dont forget to use hashtag #voltabasel19 for your posts on social media.
-Set Espai d’Art (Valencia)Arancha GoyenecheMedium Landscape no.72018, Adhesive vinyl, PVC, aluminum, 50 x 50 cm. Presented by Set Espai d’Art (Valencia)
-The Flat – Massimo Carasi (Milan)Inma FemeníaIn Tension no.412019, UV print on manipulated aluminium and natural rubber, 188 x 200 x 34 cm. Presented by The Flat – Massimo Carasi (Milan)



unnamedBroken Television, mixed media on wood, 50 x 40 x 7 inches, 2015


Lives and works in New York, NY

Influenced by his background in filmmaking, New York based artist Greg Haberny’s goal for his installations is to transform the gallery space into an all-encompassing experience of sight and sound.  The production and direction of installations echoes his personal background in filmmaking while allowing strong personal expression and freedom with all forms of artistic medium.  With cultural iconography and a sardonic sense of humor, Haberny’s installations engulf and challenge viewers, exaggerating the circus-like frenzy of media and marketing of fear in contemporary American society.

Haberny produces individual pieces that he then incorporates into larger installations.  His process involves cutting, scraping, and affixing painted and found elements including vintage comics, pin-up girls, and advertisements to create heavily worked pieces that retain the evidence of damage or trauma.  Thus his works evoke the pained physicality of bruises and broken bones, which reflects the shattered cultural makeup of our contemporary wasteland.

unnamed(1) volta11_locationhttp://www.ecfa.com/#!greg-haberny

host for BASEL NACHT at VOLTA 11

I have BIG news for all of you, especially for the one living in Basel or staying in Basel during ART BASEL week. I am the host of VOLTA 11 BASEL NACHT which happens on thursday from 5 to 7 PM. in case you want to enter for free use the promo code: SOMETHINGNICE. visit this link BASEL NACHT and register online for a free pass.

VOLTA11-isawsomethingniceVOLTA 11
BASEL, 15-20 JUNE 2015

MARKTHALLE BASELFacebooktwittermailFacebooktwittermail

NEW pieces of my collection

these are the 2 newest pieces of my collarnecklace collection –
handcut fake-leather with a golden chain and lock – available in black or white with embossment. 100 CHF (exclusive freightcost)

SOON they will be available on my etsy shop
photo taken at the VOLTA9 artfair in baselFacebooktwittermailFacebooktwittermail

AESOP – Rind Concentrate Body Balm 

from the VOLTA press goodie bag – thank you so much again. It was such a good thing to have during the warm Art|Basel 44 week. The cooling effect is really nice and refreshing – visit your AESOP shop and try it yourself – I am sure you will love it…


A fast-acting, refreshing moisturising balm for all skin types. This swiftly absorbed citrus-based formulation relieves dry skin and refreshes the senses. Invigorating botanicals soften, cool and revive skin; perfect for year-round use.FacebooktwittermailFacebooktwittermail


RENA BRANSTEN gallery (SAN FRANCISCO USA) – seen at VOLTA9 – presenting BOVEY LEE – hand cut Chinese rice paper mounted on silk to form intricate narratives exploring the tension between man and the environment in the context of power, sacrifice and survival.FacebooktwittermailFacebooktwittermail


I was at the VOLTA 9 art fair and rented a camera for one hour at the OLYMPUS promo booth in front of the hall – what a cool marketing idea – you can rent a camera for one hour and keep the SD card with your photos – so cool!

As I walked thru the fair I spotted different shoes – flats, pumps, platforms, wedges, sneakers – in bright and shimmery colors –
which are your favourite?

Camera – Olympus OM-DFacebooktwittermailFacebooktwittermail


dear friends – check out VOLTA 9 artfair at Dreispitzhalle and explore my wonderful collarnecklace collection – different material and shapes and a special design for VOLTA9 – from 25 CHF – 100 CHF – enjoy!

SHOWROOM is next to the Catering AreaFacebooktwittermailFacebooktwittermail