so yesterday after waking up with an even more swollen eye than the day before I decided to stay in bed and wait for better times – and then the sun came out and I just had to go out for a walk. I was at the rhein and strolled around kleinbasel and was surprised to see so many people 🙂



denim jacket VINTAGE
jacket C&A
scarf DIESEL
sneakers NIKE FREE
sunglasses/clutch C&A
earrings THOMAS SABO


denim jacket weather I WISH 🙂 but with layering its possible! I am wearing my lovely new cashmere dress for the first time. actually it was my plan to not be wearing tights anymore from easter on BUT the wind made me wear some transparent ones because I was not in the mood to freeze to
death 🙂


nike free sneakers are just my most comfy shoes and I wear them with
everything! I think I will change the laces to black #todolist


I hope you had a lovely day off yesterday and were able to eat lots of sweets and chocolate. thanks C for taking the photos <3


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