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AQUAZINGER – this thing rocks! thank you Catherine for this awesome present. such a nice and easy way to jazz up simple water and infuse it with fruits. my favorite is lemon + mint or mint + raspberries – mmhhmm! the best thing is that this also works with warm beverages – ooh I am already looking forward to make my own CHAI TEA with this bugger. stay tuned.


how does it work?

1. cut tiny pieces of fruit
2. close the lid 3. twist the metal part to the part with the cut fruits and the lid
4. fill it with water, shake it and cool it.
5. ready to drink ; )

more ideas for infused water

watermelon + basil water
kiwi + lime water
raspberry + blackberry water


I wish you all a nice day and I hope you have found this post helpful. this might be the best present for the friend that already has everything. : ) I dunno where she got it from but it is all over the internet. just google AQUAZINGER or visit zinganything.com/recipe for more ideas and recipes.


packaging is printed with SOY INK
designed by STUDIO MURMUR




nothing brand new but rather new. the thomas sabo fragrances CHARM ROSE and CHARM ROSE INTENSE are available since mid of October for 39.90 CHF.

here is what I read about it: “the very first THOMAS SABO CHARM CLUB fragrance is the culmination of all CHARM CLUB collections – CHARM ROSE Eau de Parfum. a fragrance all about Luck, Fashion, Love & Passion. in addition to the pleasurably fresh top note and the sensual base note, the heart of this scent is a dazzling bouquet of rare roses. The 1950s style bottle with its silver cap and small pendant is a real gem, as well as the exquisite CHARM CLUB style packaging with satin lining. The charming extra: you can use the ribbon with the sweet rose pendant perfectly as a hair band.”

I can totally agree with them about the rather fresh top note and the very sensual base note with lots of roses in between. I am totally in love with tha packaging and can only welcome tiny parfum bottles for my bag on the go! a fragrance for the special everyday!