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a new winning team

I tried out something new and now it is finally the time to share it with you. I got two nice things by MAX FACTOR X and had fun playing around. as you can see from the caption of this blogpost, I really like both of the things. so lets first have a look what I am talking about:

MIRACLE MATCH foundation
50 natural

04 luxe lilas
so lets start with the eye shadow kit. a great palette for green and hazel brown eyes as it brings out the green due to the purple and lilac color shades. I wanna quickly review the shades from left to right: the first shade is an awesome base color and eyebrow bone highlighter. it can be used for a very natural eye look for a very simple and nude makeup. then we have the two lilac purple colors that are great to play with around the lash line or use it as a V in the outer eye corner for a more dramatic and smokey look. the last color is like the first one an awesome base color or can be used to give some definition to the crease. for an inbetween look I would suggest using the first and last color, using the first one as a base and on the eye brow bone and the last one to shade the crease. voila! thats it, one palette with multiple options for different looks. and now lets talk about the foundation, it is a foundation with a great coverage. perfect for people with redness or want to cover blemishes. I got the 50 natural shade and it is a tint to light for me. so I can only use a tiny bit and apply a ver light layer and then use bronzing powder and blush to bring back my face color. but winter has only started and my bikini lines are fading, I am sure my face will be lighter in two months and that it then will be the perfect shade. I will try to show you my created looks via my social media channels, which you can also access via the blog by clicking here >>



IMG_5920and OOH BOY – look at those gorgeous pieces by maccosmetics.com. I have already mentioned them in my previous YT video and now I wanna talk a little bit more about them and give you some details.

GENUINE TREASURE pro longwear paint pot
PREENING satin eye shadow
IVY fluidline

all of those products work very nice together and I am looking forward to create some cool looks. the different greens can be worn with the nice paint pot shimmer and top it off with a bright lip color! the ivy and preening can be layered or used seperately also the paint pot can be worn as a very simple eye look. stay tuned for more via my YT videos. have a lovely weekend. X




yes, we all have to treat ourselves every now and then! and I did yesterday at MANOR – I stumbled upon the new courrèges collection for Estée Lauder! sigh, what a super nice collection with a shimmering bronzing powder a cute tiny brush that is perfect for travelling, two eyeshadows, several lip products and fake eyelashes. out of the whole collection I was absolutely fascinated by the minty green-ish shimmering eyeshadow. it reminds me so much of a mermaid! and zack – I had to have it! at the moment you get 10% off when paying with the MANOR card and some brands even add another 10% not the case with Estée Lauder but at least I got 10% off. instead of 39 CHF it was 35.10 CHF – a tiny bargain!

here you can watch my lovely YT video about the new eyeshadow and soon I will show you a makeUp look where you can see me play around with it.

I wish you all a lovely sunny day and dont forget to subscribe to my channel via youtube! https://www.youtube.com/user/isawsomethingnice


MAKE UP SESSION ONE with lovely Diana

last weekend I had the pleasure to use some of my new makeup products on Diana. we ended up using the new SISLEY phyto 4 ombres and we both really like the colors and luckily we also both like the result.

so what was I doing? I was using the lighter grey color all over the lid (but not all the way up to the brow) then I used the darker grey and i drew a V shape on the outer corner of the eye. because I have already done Dianas foundation and concealing I wanted to be prepared for any fall out from the eyeshadow and thats why I used lots of loose transparent powder under her eyes – in case of fall out you just brush the powder away with a fan brush and there will be no smudges or darker spots below the eyes. so we have the light grey almost all over the lid and the V in the outer corner in the darker grey – the next step is blending the V with a nice fluffy crease brush. I took the blue color and blended it all over the lid. as a last step I used the light grey color and smudged it very lightly along the water line. VOILA that is the complete eye look with the new SISLEY phyto 4 ombres in 2 mystery!


this is the complete look and in case you wanna find the exact same products you can click >> here and have a look at my POLYVORE page, all the products are listed. enjoy. X


todays makeUp in 9 steps

its saturday morning and I just did my makeup – a very easy one with focus on the eyes. check my nine steps:

step two ALL ABOUT EYES primer by CLINIQUE
step four WONDER PENCIL by NYX
step six GABON eyeshadow by NARS
step seven SILLAGE eyeshadow by CHANEL
step eight ANSE SOLEIL lipliner by NARS
step nine ANITA lipstick by NARS

to start I use a good moisturizer with SPF 20 and apply it allover my face including my neck. then I use one of my favorite eye shadow primer and let it set so it wont crease with the eyeshadow. I like my skin to look a bit dewy and thats why I love the PERFECTIONIST foundation so much, it blends in very well and makes me look super healthy and fresh. then I conceal some spots around my nose and use the same pen to line my waterline (of course I wipe the pencil before doing so) after that it is time to curl my eyelashes and I will be ready to apply eyeshadow – first I apply the wonderful dark and sparkly eyeshadow and use the ligher color to blend as a transition color. done with the eyes – ready for the lips! I line my lips and use the very subtle almost nudish brown lipstick to fill in my lips. READY for the WEEKEND! photos of the look will be soon on my FB page – stay tuned. xx


todays makeup

double wear all day glow BB moisture makeup
double wear brush on glow BB highlighter

chubby stick shadow tint for eyes
14 grandest gold 02 lots o’ latte

jumbo eyeshadow stick
rock out

powder blush HARMONY
alluring aquatic extra dimension blush SEA ME HEAR ME

lip color sheer 05 sweet spot


M.A.C Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow

eyeshadow experience like nothing that you have seen or used before, thats how M.A.C. introduces the VELUXE PEARLFUSION shadows. To be honest, I have not tried the shadows yet – they will be out for sale in august 2013.

the shadows can be used either wet or dry and cost 60 CHF
these are the six colors

Pastelluxe perfect for every day or an almost nude look
Greenluxe perfect for green and grey eyes
day and night
Brownluxe perfect for everyone day and night
Smokeluxe perfect for a party night out
Pinkluxe perfect for the unique summer feeling
Bleuluxe perfect for blue and brown eyes day and night


MAC eye shadow palette

one of my very very favourite eyeshadows are the ones from M.A.C.

As my eyes are a mix between green and brown I use orange and red tones to bring out the green. For everyday and bright lip looks I use the lighter shimmery silver and gold shades.

At the moment I wear COPPERING a lot – its a rusty bronzy red (second row right) together with the light shimmery green (top row left) for a more dramatic eye or just simple with black eyeliner – for both looks I would wear my favourite nude lipstick MODESTY.
The missing color is BRULE – a matt beige tone. I will have to repurchase it asap.

visit my friend at the M.A.C. booth inside DOUGLAS BASEL xxx