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I tried out something new and now it is finally the time to share it with you. I got two nice things by MAX FACTOR X and had fun playing around. as you can see from the caption of this blogpost, I really like both of the things. so lets first have a look what I am talking about:

MIRACLE MATCH foundation
50 natural

04 luxe lilas
so lets start with the eye shadow kit. a great palette for green and hazel brown eyes as it brings out the green due to the purple and lilac color shades. I wanna quickly review the shades from left to right: the first shade is an awesome base color and eyebrow bone highlighter. it can be used for a very natural eye look for a very simple and nude makeup. then we have the two lilac purple colors that are great to play with around the lash line or use it as a V in the outer eye corner for a more dramatic and smokey look. the last color is like the first one an awesome base color or can be used to give some definition to the crease. for an inbetween look I would suggest using the first and last color, using the first one as a base and on the eye brow bone and the last one to shade the crease. voila! thats it, one palette with multiple options for different looks. and now lets talk about the foundation, it is a foundation with a great coverage. perfect for people with redness or want to cover blemishes. I got the 50 natural shade and it is a tint to light for me. so I can only use a tiny bit and apply a ver light layer and then use bronzing powder and blush to bring back my face color. but winter has only started and my bikini lines are fading, I am sure my face will be lighter in two months and that it then will be the perfect shade. I will try to show you my created looks via my social media channels, which you can also access via the blog by clicking here >>


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