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what a funny title! RIVIERA ESCAPE is one of the new YANKEE CANDLE scents they came out with and also the name of the current candles collection:
so let me quickly describe the scents as best as I can, you may know that this is not my best skill, but anyways, lets see which candle scent is my favorite.
I absolutely love the scent of the RIVIERA ESCAPE candle, it is extremly fresh and clean. somehow this reminds me a bit of the clean cotton and midsummer night candles from previous collections. the SUMMER PEACH candle is amazingly fruity, a bit too fruity for me, but nevertheless it does not smell artificial and I can smell real peaches! OLIVE & THYME would be my go to summer evening balcony sitting time candle. mmhhm, I love it and I would say that its a very nice balance in between thyme and olives. last but not least I want to describe SEA SALT & SAGE, this scent I got not in the candle version but as a WAX MELT. you can either use an old oil lamp or find other suitable melt warmers. its very easy, all you need is a wax melt, a wax melt warmer and a normal rechaud candle.you put the wax melt in the wax melt warmer, lid the candle and wait for the wax to melt and your room to smell nice.


my favorite candle is the RIVIERA ESCAPE. I am sure that I am going to burn this next and am already looking forward to. shortly behind my favorite I would place the OLIVE & THYME candle. as I already said, this scent is more of an outdoor one and I will find a lovely place for it on my balcony. my third most favorite is the SEA SALT & SAGE wax melt and my least favorite is SUMMER PEACH.
these are the newest candles of the Riviera Escape collection and so far I have not burned any of these lovely candles as I still have two from the last collection. I am sure you will see my candles in future blogposts, as I love to use candles to decorate my blogger photos. stay tuned for more! X


my serenity yankee candle

there is a new YANKEE CANDLE collection out called MY SERENITY with four new scents:


a great variety of scents with something for everyone! my favorite one is the MOONLIGHT as it is the freshest of them all. I love candles that smell like fresh washed laundry. somehow it reminds me a bit of Midsummers Night, another favorite of mine from last years collection. my second favorite ones are PEONY and LEMONGRASS &GINGER. where PEONY is very very floral LEMONGRASS & GINGER is very herbal and gingery a mix of them would be interesting and I will give it a try to light both of them next to eachother. a small candle burns between 25 and 40 hours, thats actually not bad at all considered that its the smallest size. (medium size burns 56-90 hours / largest size burns 110-150 hours) I buy my YANKEE CANDLEs at Pfauen or Coop City as I can use my SUPERCARD points there but I also saw them at MANOR or online directly via their webshop >> I am curious to know which one is your favorite. X

my serenity yankee candle

candle tips:
trim the wick – it should always be around 3-5 mm long in order to prevent smoking.
let the wax pool, meaning each time you burn your candle allow the entire top layer to become a fragant pool of liquid wax, like this you get the boldest scent possible and will also help to prevent tunneling.