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MODE SUISSE edition 11 - swiss fashion design

MODE SUISSE Edition 11 – Swiss Fashion Design

Mikki Levy Strasser (ZH) has visited this years Mode Suisse Edition 11 for isawsomethingnice.ch and will tell us all about the news and hits of this years fashion collections. In the photo below you can see Mikki holding an issu_issu bag. Thank you Mikki for writing this blogpost and for sharing your opinion. X

MODE SUISSE Edition 11 - swiss fashion

Mode Suisse Edition 11 – Swiss fashion design design
The 11th Edition of the Mode Suisse happened on March 7th at the Löwenbräu Areal in Zurich. Mode Suisse is an event that showcases Swiss fashion designers and their new collections. There was much to be seen this time!
The evening started with a Pre-view Cocktail where a few selected people had the chance to see the space before they had to leave the room and move to the upper floor where the L shaped Catwalk was. The runway floors were covered in carpets by the Swiss designers Schönstaub which gave the room that extra something.

MODE SUISSE Edition 11 - swiss fashion

The show started BIG! Julia Seemann blew us away last time and she did it again. It was the perfect twist of street chic and 90s that is so in fashion right now. She showed the crowd that she is right at the pulse of time. Gurls get yourself a pair of patent leather over-knee boots. It is not a hooker thing anymore with this collection.

MODE SUISSE Edition 11 - swiss fashion

MODE SUISSE Edition 11 - swiss fashion

The students of HEAD (Haute École d’Art et de Design) from Geneva showed very interesting modern pieces. I especially loved the oversized faux-fur coats by Jeremy Gaillard. Also I loved the play with proportions. It was one of these pieces that I would have loved to try on and take home. If people would see me with this on the street in Zurich they would think I am crazy. But who cares, a reason more for me to want one! It is not easy to be a peacock in a grey world, but it is a lot of fun!

MODE SUISSE Edition 11 - swiss fashion design

Following the students from Geneva was the traditional design house from Zurich, En Soie. I loved the pink cashmere sweaters and the cotton bomber jackets with the logo on the back. This collections was sticking to their roots and was showing us the evergreens they have been producing ever since. I loved it and my advise to everyone is: invest in evergreens!

MODE SUISSE Edition 11 - swiss fashion design MODE SUISSE Edition 11 - swiss fashion design
MODE SUISSE Edition 11 - swiss fashion design

The Basel based design team WuethrichFuerst showed some big and bold prints with seat belts and golden metallic blocks as details. It was interesting and iI will keep an eye on them from now on.

MODE SUISSE Edition 11 - swiss fashion design

Now lets talk about something nice for men: the collection by Julian Zigerli. The models came out on to the runway as one solid group all holding each other. One after the other left the group and made it’s way down and around the corner where they lay down on the floor to come together as a group again. Something that was already seen at his Paris fashion week presentation. It must have been an amazing experience to see that life. As always he showed fun prints in different shades of green. Green checkered pants. Fine rip top and trousers in dark green. Coats with leo-prints and an oversized jumper with a big cat face on the front. It was fun, playful and wearable. If I have some money to spend it will definitely be at Zigerli.

MODE SUISSE Edition 11 - swiss fashion design

After the show a lot of the people met again downstairs to talk about what they saw and to look at each other. It was there where i spotted the girls from the new brand issu_issu (www.issuissu.com). They showed me their beautiful hand bags that have a clear PET shell and an inner bag with an amazing print. I immediately grabbed it and told them I want one. This is way more than just a cool hand bag. This is an art piece. I can not wait to get one and put it up in my room.
To sum it all up. This edition once more showed that Swiss fashion can be daring and right at the pulse of time, yet it has the freedom to be itself.
So long, for I saw something nice.
Yours Mikki

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