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and how I am ready for fall! I found this yellow cashmere cardigan by MANOUSH at GASSMANN in ZH and I absolutely adore it – its so soft! its a very short cut and it has almost ¾ sleeves – perfect to pair with the highwaist skirt that I also found at GASSMANN in ZH and also by the same brand MANOUSH. I really like outfits with a unicolored top and a colored bottom – no matter if with skirts or pants – its just a perfect balance. both of the pieces are from the fall/winter collection 2014 and with pieces like these I feel ready for fall!

cardigan MANOUSH
clutch MAWI
jewelry LOLA & GRACE
sunglasses C&A

I had such a good time in Venice and I can not believe that already so much time has passed since I was there.. sigh! I still have loads of photos to go thru and make a selection in order to show you all the nice things I have seen – just give me a moment.


I got back from Venice

aww. what a city. I need a moment to process all these impressions – I think I got a visual overload – I saw a lot!

the alfa romeo giulietta was such a nice ride and it took us safely to VERONA – VICENZA and VENICE. it was a blast!

I am now going thru all the photos and emails that I missed in the last ten days and will get back to you as soon as possible. I took some really nice pictures: a piece from the ESPRIT fall collection and 2 pieces from GASSMANN and gave them an italian interpretation. I can not wait to share it with you! xx