seeing all these lovely pom pom accessories inspired me to make my own pair of pom pom heels. there are so many ways to make your own pom poms and today I wanna show you how I make the pom poms like I used to make them back in the days with my mom.

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what do you need?


  2. WOOL


shoes black and white

and of course we need shoes to add our pom poms to. I found two inexpensive pairs at DOSENBACH for 29.90 CHF each. I have also found these really sweet faux-fur pom poms at presser shop in Basel and I will add them to the black shoes for a more elegant DIY pom pom shoe. so I am going to add the DIY pom poms to the white slingback peeptoe heels and hope to achieve a nice spring/summer look. lets see.

fake fur pom pom

  • once you have your wool in your desired color you can start with cutting the two cardboard rings. the bigger your rings the bigger the pom pom is going to be. so for my white heels I want to make 3 different pom poms in different sizes. hence, I need three different sized cardboard rings. two rings per pom pom. I used glasses, cups and bottles to make the circles. the inner ring should not be too small but also not too big. (see point 5. in the first image) if you plan to make lots of pom poms I would recommend to cut out a part of your ring. (see below)

pom pom DIY

  • take your needle and wool and start wrapping the wool around the two cardboard rings by starting in the middle of the inner circle. keep on wrapping until you have completely filled the inner circle.

pom pom

  • then you take your scissors and start cutting the created wool loops in between the two rings. take a piece of wool strand and put it between the two cardboard rings then gently pull and tie a knot. if you want to hang your pom poms make sure to take a long enough strand of wool.
  • now start removing the cardboard rings and tattaaaa, you have your DIY pom pom.
  • as a last step I trimmed the pom poms with my scissors for a rounder shape.

pom pom mania pom pom maniapom pom diy pom pom diy

and now I can start decorating my shoes with those awesome bright and pastel pom poms. I was thinking about how to mount my pom poms to my shoes and found that glue is the easiest way. another way would be to sew it to the shoes but then I am afraid to have irritations from the thread and knot inside the shoes. so my prefered way is the hot glue gun. it worked very nicely and took me about 2 minutes per shoe. to see whether you like the color and size combination of your pom poms you can tie them to the peep toes and see what you like better. in my case it took my a while to finally make up my mind and glue the pom poms.

pom pom maniamy DIY pom pom shoesmy DIY pom pom shoes

that was it for today, I hope you like this DIY and if you do and also do your own pom pom shoes, please show us your creations. have a lovely weekend! X



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