chic for fall

it is september and fall is around the corner. these days are the last days to wear skirts and t-shirts and I wanna embrace that with todays outfit inspiration post. its the time to wear your favorite dresses and skirts for the last time this year and today I am showing you my favorite orange skirt by VALENTINO with my rather new silver TARA JARMON top. todays motto: CHIC FOR FALL !

chic for fall


clutch PRESENT from Turkish Airlines
earrings H&M

chic for fall

the best thing about fall is that I can enjoy a hot bath tub again, I love to take baths and soak in the tub for almost an hour : ) so yesterday I repurchased my beloved DRESDNER ESSENZ bath scents, they are amazing, for only 1.50 CHF you have a lovely smelling either relaxing or stimulating bath scents, with bubbles or without. I am not sponsored by them : ) I just really love their products. I will soon get more into details about their bath scents.

chic for fall

mix and match, is my favorite thing to do, and I am sure you can remember this orange skirts from previous outfits before. and thats what fashion is all about for me, it should be versatile. I love to wear my clothes in different ways and love how things look more casual or more elegant. see the different outfits at the very end. HAPPY TUESDAY and enjoy wearing your skirts and tops. X

chic for fall

TOP AND SKIRT – different ways to wear them

MY FV LOOK silver top casual



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