so a month ago I signed up for ZALON and ordered a styling box. in case you dont know what zalon is, it is a styling service by zalando. I had to answer some questions and choose between different styles and colors that I usually wear. then I had to say for what occasion I was needing the clothes. I wanted shoes with fringe and I asked for a dinner outfit. you can book a slot for a phone call or order without. I went for the second and uploaded a photo of me and some nice shoes with fringe that I saw. after completing the questions you will get a list of stylists that would match with your style. I chose Anja.

zalon order

so far so good. I returned every day to see whether the status on my box order has finally showed up, but nope! It didnt say anything in the order list, but in the overview it said that I have ordered the styling box. so after 3 weeks I finally called the zalon help line. where the number is still wrong until this very day. (it misses a 0 before the 800!) and oh boy there I had the worst nightmare ever. the guy that answered the phone was super rude and didnt really want to help me. when I had to tell him my email address he didnt get it and after repeating it for 3 times he screamed in the phone and hung up. WTF! well, not with me! so I called again, this time I had another guy on the phone. he was very friendly and helped me. so his answer/excuse was: well, we have received so many orders and there must be a problem because we know that some people have issues that the box order does not show up in their oder list. well yeah, thats my problem too. why dont you put a disclaimer below when you know that your system might have issues?

is it not better to launch a beta version and see whats going wrong before launching it?? so I was not happy at all so far and the only thing I found out via the helpline was that yes, they have received my order, they dont know why my order was not showing in the orderlist and that they can not do anything in regards to that. they told me that the order is taking longer because they need to wait for the pieces to be shipped to thier zalon station. I also told him the story about the guy that hung up on me and wanted him to file a report to the manager, so that someone can get back to me. hahaha, well until today I have not heard back from them but I did receive my box.


now lets see what I got.

1. outfit

a black turtle neck sweater/dress (no need, not elegant enough for a dinner night)
a grey/white plissé maxi skirt (nice skirt, too big)
a black dress with leather application (nice dress, too big)
a grey cashmere round neck sweater (nice, but no need and not elegant enough)
a black skirt with fringe (nice skirt, too big)
a black vest (nice vest, too big)
a grey hat (super nice hat, that I am going to keep)

2. outfit

a white wool sweater with fringe (very nice, but not elegant enough)
a brown/grey wool pants (very nice, too big)
a black cardigan (no need)
a grey blouse (nice blouse, too big)
a pair of blue skinny jeans (perfect fit and size but I already have them)
a pair of golden heels with fringe (perfect style, too tight in the front)


let me show you a quick look that I made with the things that A fit and B I liked. in general the things that Anja picked for me were nice but she didnt check my size very well. lots of the things were too big and not chic enough for a dinner.

ZALON outfit

what do you think? is this something for you? it worked and I am sure it is a great thing for people with little time. but I really really hope they will improve their services!

my outfit

hat MISS SELFRIDGE (one size)
jeans LEVIS 710 SUPERSKINNY (27/30)
not in the box:
shoes C&A
gloves LANVIN for H&M

ZALON outfitso the only thing I am going to keep is the hat by MISS SELFRIDGE. I am sure I can wear it with most of my winter coats and am looking forward to showing it in my future outfits. as stated in the tags this is a sponsored blogpost. I tested the zalon Service for the blog and shared my honest experience with you. X


4 thoughts on “MY ZALON EXPERIENCE

  1. They sure need to work on their customer service, how rude.
    Thank you very much for being so honest, that is why I like to read your blog so much (even though I don’t comment as much).

    I read some other stories by bloggers. They seemed to be semi-pleased at most. But since their blogposts were sponsored as well, they kind of sugar-coated it.

  2. I tried it as well about 2 months ago and I was very happy with everything but it seems that I was lucky… My friend also did it on my recommendation and was not happy at all…

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