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Niyi Olagunju b. 1981, Sagamu, Nigeria Lives & works in London
Adeniyi ‘Niyi’ Olagunju holds a National Diploma in General Art from Yaba College of Technology, Lagos and a BA Fine Arts (Hons) degree from St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford, UK with concentrations in Art History, Studio Art and Visual Theory. He was one of the privileged few to benefit from the Oxford University Scholarship between 2006 – 2009. He then went on to Texas Christian University (“TCU”) in Fort Worth, Texas, USA where he obtained a MA Fine Arts with specialisation in Sculpture.
Prior to his degree in Oxford, Niyi served with the British Army from 2002-2006, with service postings in Basra, Iraq & Northern Ireland. A practicing studio artist with exhibitions accross three continents, from 2011 to late 2015, he served as a Special Assistant to the Honourable Minister of State, FCT, Nigeria where he was tasked with the responsibility of formulating and implementing Social Development initiatives to strengthen the FCT’s Arts & Culture commitment.


I was at SCOPE art fair in Basel and saw Niyi’s artwork EKPIRI inside the TAFETA gallery booth and had to know more about it. I am so happy that I can share his story and work with you.
“the first time I saw ekpiri seeds was during the Ofala festival in Onitsha. Dancers and performers would use them as percussion instruments during the annual celebrations.
I’ve always loved the art of joining one thing to another or of creating something new from objects that had a different function or purpose. The vision for my latest series is to take something small—the ekpiri seed pods —and create a piece that’s over 8 feet tall. It’s an ongoing investigation into the connection between culture and visual art. How Igbo traditional musical instruments fit into my artistic conversation.”
Adeniyi Olagunju February, 2017


Adeniyi ‘Niyi’ Olagunju’s CV
1981 Sagamu, Nigeria

2011 MFA, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas, USA
2009 BFA Fine Art, University of Oxford
2000 National Diploma in General Art, Yaba College of Technology, Lagos Nigeria

Selected Exhibitions
2017 1:54 Contemporary Art Fair, New York NY
2017 Niyi Olagunju | Newish
2016 1:54 Contemporary Art Fair, Somerset House, London
2016 African Art: The Market Now, JP Morgan, Canary Wharf, London
2016 Enwonwu & Olagunju, TAFETA, London UK
2016 1:54 Contemporary Art Fair, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn New York NY
2011 MULTIPLE BARTER: The house has fallen, Gallery at TCU, Fort Worth TX
2011 The Hand That Feeds Me: TCU/MFA/500X, 500X Gallery, Dallas, Texas
2010 Africa Art Now: Contemporary Art from Africa and the African Diaspora, London
2010 Structures of Trade, FRED London
2010 “Transmission”, Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, Fort Worth, Texas, USA.
2009 Showdown, 414, Fort Worth Texas, USA
2009 Degree Show, Oxford, UK.
2008 20 Eventi, Poggio Moiano, Sabina, Italy
2008 Box Ladder, Modern Art Oxford, UK.
2007 My Culture, Morgan Stanley HQ, London,UK.
2007 The journey so far, Mary Ogilvie Gallery, Oxford, UK
1999 ADSA 99, Yusuf Grillo Gallery, Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, Nigeria

2011 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award, ISC, New Jersey 2007 Outstanding Achievement in photography, International Society Photographer
2006 Winner of the Oxford University Photography Societys annual Competition.
2004 Military Medal: OSM Northern Ireland Medal 2004
2003 Military Medal: ODM Iraq Medal
2003 Membership and Affiliation
Nigeria Leadership Initiative (Associate) Society of Nigerian Artists (S.N.A) Royal Engineer Association



Ayo Adeyinka // TAFETA
47 – 50 Margaret Street London W1W 8SB
+44 7811 435 626
ayo @


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VOLTA 13 // AESOP & galleryLOG

VOLTA 13 // AESOP & galleryLOG

VOLTA 13 // AESOP & galleryLOG
VOLTA 13 // AESOP & galleryLOG
Finally the best week of Basel has arrived. The Art Basel week with VOLTA, SCOPE, LISTE, DESIGN MIAMI BASEL and many other side shows. My first blog post about this years Art week is dedicated to VOLTA 13 and their partners AESOP and galleryLOG. Lets start with the AESOP installation by Irena Eden & Stjin Lernout.
German-Belgian artist duo Irena Eden & Stijn Lernout have created a site-specific installation at Aesop’s Spalenberg boutique in Basel, a diaphanous intervention that plays off the building’s architecture in bold, space-defining color and pattern. Their project compliments Eden and Lernout’s solo booth with Krupic Kersting Galerie | Kuk (Cologne) at VOLTA13, which further defines their research into social relationships and cultural cartography via geometric abstraction.

VOLTA 13 // AESOP & galleryLOG

VOLTA 13 // AESOP & galleryLOG VOLTA 13 // AESOP & galleryLOG
Eden & Lernout’s site-specific installation at Aesop Spalenberg, photographed by Nicholas Winter.






VOLTA 13 // AESOP & galleryLOG
For VOLTA13, GalleryLOG has selected Jane Benson (exhibiting with LMAKgallery, New York), Dennis Dawson (exhibiting with frosch&portmann, New York), Erika Harrsch (exhibiting with RoFa Projects, Potomac), and Rachel Owens (exhibiting with ZieherSmith, New York).

Wielding an interdisciplinary and research-based approach, Jane Benson (presented by LMAKgallery, New York) develops multilayered narratives that deftly transform and relate back to their experimental source material. Her recent series Song for Sebald collaged author W.G. Sebald’s novel The Rings of Saturn to create, as noted in a review by ARTnews, “music between the words.”

Dennis Dawson reuses and rearranges media unearthed from consumer catalogues and other magazines, particularly loose pages that bear some prior purpose. By using material already existing materials, Dawson contributes to a dialogue of shared experience and interconnection.

Butterflies are a recurring theme for Erika Harrsch (presented by RoFa Projects, Potomac), as their distinctive shapes and flock patterns become the basis for exploring migration, sexual identity, immigration reform, and physical boundaries.

Consumer culture and environmental concerns imbue the shattered glass and resin sculptures by Rachel Owens (presented by ZieherSmith, New York). As the centerpiece for her recent solo exhibition at the gallery, Owens cast from the Alley Pond Giant, a 130-foot-tall tulip poplar tree in Queens, New York, and considered the tallest and oldest living organism in the city.
I hope that you will find time to check out this years VOLTA show at Markthalle Basel. I will be there today and am sure that I will see lots of nice things for the blog. stay tunded for more. X
VOLTA 13 information
Monday, June 12
Guest of Honor: 10 – 12 pm
VIP + Press: 12 – 2 pm
Monday, June 12
2 – 7 pm
Tuesday – Saturday, June 13 – 17
10 am – 7 pm
Closed on Sunday
Markthalle, Viaduktstrasse 10, Basel
Service to and from Art Basel
Tuesday–Saturday, 12 – 6 pm
Tram Line 1, 2, 8: one stop
300 m (walking distance)
Tram Line 2 (direction Binningen):
Exit at Markthalle
Exit Highway A2 at Basel City and head towards Bahnhof SBB.
Follow directions towards Parking Elisabethen or Elsässertor




Two weeks ago it was OSLO NIGHT 2016 and Cristian, Petr and Martin decided to show their work and open their atelier space for the OSLO NIGHT. They finished their work, created a flyer and started to invite people. That was the start of OPEN ATELIER @ OSLO NIGHT 2016.
Martin, Cristian and Petr have worked in the Atelier at Oslostrasse 10 for the past three months. They showed their output at the OPEN ATELIER at OSLO NIGHT which was also their last day in that very Atelier. I am going to show you lots of photos and was able to ask some questions about their art pieces.
Lets start with Petr. He was showing very beautiful black and white analog photographies. I asked him some questions about his work and here is what he said.
1. Photography seems to be your passion, how did it all start?

Probably it all started like any other story, the moment I took the camera in my hands. I believe I was not more than 7 or 8 years old. (By the way, I can clearly remember this first encounter with the camera 🙂 ) It was some sort of attachment to this domain, which surprisingly didn’t let me go ever since. I think it came to me very naturally or unconsciously, I never asked myself any question why do I take a photograph.  
2. What was the idea behind your work that you are showing?
The opportunity to show my work among friends luckily has been coincided with the moment, where I felt like it is time to shift from “snapshotting” to conceptually thought trough photography. Basically trying to ask myself, why do I shoot this specific thing, why do I compose the image this way, and what do I want show or what kind of questions I want to ask the observer by doing this specific photograph. At this moment for me it was more about the step rather than a result, also taking into account that it is an actual first step in shifting to the new “category” of photography, hoping that the result will come in the next steps. So I asked myself what would be the perfect first. There was always some attachment to mountains for me and the fact that I currently live in Switzerland. It felt to me like the right thing to do, to make a series of the Swiss Alps. In order to proceed with the project, as the first step I decided to examine my subject in order to see where the project can lead me and which questions I should raise by doing so. I took the step as simple as possible – black and white film 100 iso, tripod and middle format camera. I started to shoot mountains, spending almost the whole day shooting the same mountain from the same point of view, examining and researching my subject. So now I am reflecting back on it and trying to figure out the questions I should ask for my next project and how I can make a final series with a strong conceptual base behind it. The pictures that were exhibited during our OPEN ATELIER were more “work in progress” photographs or a research phase of the project. I already have some ideas about the questions I’d like to raise in my next project, but I would prefer to share it later, hopefully there will be another opportunity, with actual photographs, rather than speculate here about it.
3. Which cameras do you use for what?

For the last 6 to 7 years I have only used analog cameras and I am a strong advocate for the analog photography. I prefer to use my middle format camera Hasselblad 500 cm, due to the higher resolution of the film and also the fact that I love the square format. I think it is the most democratic format, which doesn’t give a priority in any direction of the image. However when I can’t afford to invest a lot of time in a photo shooting I use my Leica m6. I have it with me amost every day just in case I see something nice I want to capture.
And now let’s talk about Cristian’s work. His pieces came with a text that you can read below.
The show is a collection of drawings, sculptures and models that are all developed
along the idea of the GRID as a tool for an anthropology study. The GRID stands as a
metaphor for human society with everything that the term can incorporate: politics, culture, history, interaction with natural elements and religion. The project is in the same time a personal memory box or journal, giving me the liberty to analyse trough the means of artistic expression my own Zeitgeist. The concept is broken in four major themes the GRID vs EVOLUTION, the GRID vs HUMANITY, the GRID vs LANDSCAPE and the GRID vs IDOLS. The show is a first step in this parkour. Moving from figurative to abstract, it formalises thoughts, questions and observations with the clear intention of not drawing any conclusions.
I asked him what kind of materials he has used and his answer was: plaster, rasin, achrylic paint, foam and clay.



The OPEN ATELIER @ OSLO NIGHT was a big succes. I have already been to some OSLO NIGHTS before and I always like to check out the diploma projects of the Industrial and Fashion Design students. Like every year there is an After Party at the HEK, House of Electronic Arts.
Last but not least, lets talk about Martin’s work. I asked Martin a couple of questions about his work that you can see below. I was amazed how well the pieces of the three worked together. It was a great way to use the space and show their work of the past three months.
Here is what Marin told me about his work.
1. How did your passion for art start?

I spend all the hours in primary school doing drawings (mostly dinosaurs and war machines). Soon I figured out that drawing was the easiest way for me to “impress” my teachers and friends, so I guess it started there.  
2. What describes your work best?

Hmm. Today I only show my abstract work, but normally I would say that what I do is very diverse. Maybe curiosity is a good way to describe my stuff.  
3. What’s the idea/story behind the work you were showing at OPEN ATELIER?
I wanted to take my abstract work a step further. In order to do so I stacked all my old drawings and paintings on the floor to figure out what I was actually doing. It annoyed me that I could not see through everything at once and then the idea to paint on transparent materials started. After this it evolved into these transparent foils that I do myself. The idea is very basic, if there is no paint to hold the foil together it dissolves into pieces and there is nothing left at all.
So, that was it from the OPEN ATELIER @ OSLO NIGHT 2016. I hope you were there yourself and if not, hopefully this was helpful to give you an impression of their work and workspace. I recorded a video of that event and will make a time lapse, soon to come. X


terms and conditions


TERMS & CONDITIONS thats the name of the exhibition by SYLVAIN BAUMANN in collaboration with DOUGLAS STICHBURY, SHELBY LEE STUART and CLAUDIA DI LECCE.
terms and conditions
Espace d’Art Contemporain LES HALLES
Porrentruy Switzerland
July 3 – August 21
Thursday 5-7pm // Saturday 10-12am and 1:30-5:30pm // Sunday 1:30-5:30pm
Free entrance
Finissage : 21.08.16, with BBQ and more!
terms and conditions
Sylvain Baumann (*1981, vit à Bâle et Le Frasnois, France) mène une recherche sur ce qu’il nomme un « climat de confiance » qui trouve un terrain particulièrement propice dans la complexité et l’accélération du monde actuel. Pour mieux décortiquer les dispositifs constitutifs de ce climat, l’artiste a pour objectif de créer sa propre entreprise d’ingénierie de la confiance. L’espace d’art de Porrentruy lui sert de laboratoire pour en expérimenter les premiers éléments distinctifs et identitaires au moyen d’un vaste vocabulaire visuel. Ce faisant, il met en exergue la notion de contrat qui lie le public à l’œuvre et au lieu d’exposition. Par son installation, il parvient à poser les jalons de la réflexion sur la multitude de réseaux opaques de règles et de conditions qui contribuent à instaurer un sentiment de confiance ou, a contrario, à nous fier de plus en plus à notre intuition.

terms and conditions


“Dès son entrée dans l’exposition, le visiteur est confronté à un document contractuel. Imprimé en noir sur une stèle métallique accroché au mur, un texte définit les droits et les obligations qui lient le spectateur au lieu où il se trouve. D’emblée, l’artiste amorce une tentative de mise en confiance du public, libre d’accepter les termes du contrat ou de les refuser en quittant la pièce. Cette confiance est toutefois mise à mal par la longueur excessive du texte, comme il est d’usage pour les termes et conditions. Le contraste entre le contenu juridique de l’inscription et le support qui rappelle une stèle commémorative, symbolique ou religieuse, déroute. 
Passé cet incipit contractuel, le spectateur pénètre dans une salle d’exposition où différents éléments évoquent une agence en cours d’élaboration. Du mobilier l’invite à s’asseoir et à consulter des documents promotionnels. Trois grandes boîtes, qui rappellent des machines de banque ou des urnes électorales, présentent chacune une ouverture en forme de rond, de triangle ou de carré. A travers ces signes, à la fois primitifs et ésotériques, apparaissent les trois couleurs primaires: rouge, bleu et jaune. Des éléments décoratifs et architecturaux complètent le corporate design de l’agence comme cette série d’images réalisées par thermoformage qui reconstitue un ersatz de paysage et vient parfaire le mécanisme de mise en confiance. 
En mettant en œuvre des dispositifs participant à l’ingénierie de la confiance à partir de différents modes d’expression, documents contractuel, design industriel, graphisme, objets récupérés et photographies, Sylvain Baumann insinue le doute dans notre pensée. Il exalte la superficialité et l’absurdité de l’incitation ambiante à faire confiance au sentiment de confiance. Plus généralement, le travail artistique de Sylvain Baumann démontre qu’en établissant tout une série de limites, d’obligations, de situations exceptionnelles et de définitions des risques, on pointe paradoxalement ce qui entrave la confiance.
La réalisation de l’exposition est le fruit de collaborations avec l’artiste néo-zélandais Douglas Stichbury, l’écrivaine américaine Shelby Lee Stuart et l’historienne de l’art Claudia Di Lecce. 
A l’occasion de l’exposition paraîtra une édition intitulée : ’’Tous les jours, à tous points de vue, tout va de mieux en mieux.’’, héliogravure réalisée à l’Atelier de gravure de Moutier, édition de 10.”
terms and conditions

terms and conditions


 Audemars Piguet at ART Basel 2016
Audemars Piguet presented a new series of moving image and photographic works by Dan Holdsworth at the Audemars Piguet booth, designed by Sebastian Errazuriz, in the Collectors Lounge at Art Basel (16 – 19 June 2016).
As already mentioned, the lounge is designed by Chilean born, New York-based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz. The theme of the stand is based on ‘Water and Ice’. And when I asked him what was behind the idea of the design he answered:
“whats incredible, because of the snow and the ice Le Brassus for long time it has always been isolated. so for six to nearly eight months a year they were blocked out. so this notion that you are completely isolated was actually what gave them the time to develop their technology. they had nothing else to do. so this problem becomes actually something benefitial for them and for us. why not bringing back that driving force as a concept. Originally we wanted a qiant slab of ice inside this space. Audemars Piguet was interested, Art Basel was like: no way it is happening. so we started thinking how do we symbolize this idea in a more economically responsible way.”
The result of his idea is what you can see in the photos below. Sebastian created the design of the booth around the theme of ice, water and winter in the Vallée de Joux. I personally like the ice tank that you can see in the first photo the best. I can stare at it forever!
Another thing that I found out at the press conference was, that the design is inspired by one of Sebastian’s childhood memories. The memory of water dripping into a bucket and the distinct natural rhythm that this caused. Taking inspiration from the visual design codes of ice formations and the beautiful snowed winters in Le Brassus and the Vallée de Joux, the new collectors lounge features a more spacious and luminous design language that resonates with contemporary creative energy. The design reflects the clean purity of nature and the presence of time.


I really like the new Audemars Piguet booth and I could relate very much to the ideas behind the design by Sebastian Errazuriz. Above and below you can see the art deco inspired lamps that fit perfectly into the whole design of the lounge.



Artist, designer and activist Sebastian Errazuriz has received international acclaim for his original and provocative works on a variety of areas and disciplines. Tackling everything from political artworks to giant public art projects, experimental furniture to product design and women’s shoes to motorcycles, Sebastian’s work is always surprising and compelling, inviting the viewer to look again at realities that were often hidden in front of their own eyes.

in case you did not know about him you should def check his website and see his amazing design pieces. one of my favorite is the soup plate that does not need to be tilted to get the last couple of spoons of soup. another cool piece, that I like a lot, is the chop stick that has a fork on one end and can be either used as a fork or broken into chopsticks. besides these he designed really cools shoes but have a look for yourself >>


Inside the booth designed by Sebastian Errazuriz there were a very limited amount of watches in display and the beautiful art works by Dan Holdsworth. Unfortunately I did not have time to visit the gallery in ZH but I did see some of his work online and inside the collectors lounge.

The details of a new series of photographic works by Dan Holdsworth has been premiered on the Audemars Piguet booth in the collectors lounge at Art Basel’s show in Basel. 
These photographic pieces explore the unique geological formations found in Audemars Piguet’s home, the Vallée de Joux in the Jura Mountains. By referencing the epic timescales by which these rock formations were formed, the works will invite the viewer to reimagine their relationship with time.
Holdsworth’s new moving image work will be accompanied by photographic pieces exploring the unique geological formations found in Audemars Piguet’s home at le Vallée de Joux. In parallel with the new works presented by Audemars Piguet in Basel, Holdsworth’s solo show, A Future Archeology, will open at SCHEUBLEIN + BAK, Zurich on 1 June, running until 2 September 2016. The exhibition will premiere new works from his Continuous Topography and Spatial Objects series, exploring the landscape of the Mont Blanc glacier using the same pioneering technologies to map out the fine detail of the region.


thank you Audemars Piguet for inviting me and organizing my interview with Sebastian Errazuriz. It was a pleasure to feature your booth on my blog. Llike every year it was a blast to be at Art Basel and get the chance to see so many nice things. thank you all! X
Adam and Eve


 yesterday at the preview day at VOLTA12 I met Anca and Cristina from Anca Poterasu gallery and I fell in love with Zoltan Bela’s work ADAM and EVE. I am fascinated by the faces that he cut out of an ordinary object and how young and old versus new and used is shown in this work. I really like the fact that they can not be seperated. the pieces are only sold together, Adam only comes with Eve and vice versa.
Adam and EveAdam and Eve
Adam and Eve
Zoltán Béla (b. 1977) is a widely-known contemporary artist, especially through his paintings. He graduated from the University of Arts and Design in Cluj, and he presently lives and works in Bucharest. Zoltán Béla is mid-through his career in painting, installations and object-making, which are imbued in historical and metaphysical references inspired by his personal biography and from the recent historical timeline of Eastern Europe.
Zoltán’s most recent work returns to his first love Antoni Tapies, in his latest experiments in object-making, with a focus on the materiality of details in painting, where the figurative taunts the abstract without ever fully giving in to it.
Selected Solo Shows: L’Espace Ventriloque (2016), Anca Poterașu Gallery (RO); Participare în programul “Arta la fereastră” (2016), as guest artist at Simeza Gallery (RO); Installation (2014 – 2015), Anexa The National Museum of Contemporary Art (RO); Traces (2012), Anca Poterașu Gallery (RO) ; In meditation: Feeling the Silence (2011), Anca Poterașu Gallery (RO), A certain time, a certain place, a certain state (2010), Little Yellow Studio (RO); Self Reflecting 30 (2009), Point Contemporary Gallery; Transition Icons(2009), Carini & Donatini Gallery (IT).
Selected group shows: Extension.RO (2016), Triumph Gallery, Moscow (RU); Vom Allmächtigen zum Leibhaftigen (2016), curator: Tom Beege, Kunsthaus Apolda Avantgarde, Apolda/Thuringia (DE); BB6 (Bienala Bucharest 6), 2014, (RO); Curators Network (2012), Muzeul Bruckenthal (RO); The New Figurative (2011), Victoria Art Centre (RO); Coloring the Grey (2011), The 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (RU); I Am a Romanian: The Bucharest – Tel Aviv Route (2011), The Romanian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv (IL); Out Of Sacred (2010), Arezz (IT); Police the Police(2010), The fourth biennial for young artists (RO); The Berlin Wall (2010), Promenade Gallery, Vlore (AL).
56 Plantelor Street, Bucharest, Romania
+40744 342 944
VOLTA12 booth A3
Bonnie Maygarden


as I have already told you before this years VOLTA I am going to focus on Bonnie Maygarden and her works. yesterday it was the Preview Day of VOLTA12 at Markthalle and I got to visit Bonnie Maygarden ‘s gallery where she also had some of her work on display in addition to her sticker works for AESOP in the city center. I had the chance to ask Bonnie some questions and am very happy to share everything with you.
more about Bonnie Maygarden
1. What was the idea behind the artwork for AESOP?    
“I knew I wanted to create something that is conceptually in line with my current work, but would also work to draw people to the VOLTA Art Fair and the AESOP Store. In early discussions of the project what felt most interesting was creating an installation of paintings on the storefront rather than the typical digitally printed reproductions of artworks. I painted directly onto adhesive vinyl using the same process I use to create my works on canvas and paper.
I am fascinated by the role of painting in the digital age, and the way this project unexpectedly uses paintings to replace something that would usually be created digitally is conceptually consistent with with my current work. The works themselves are also meant to reference digital imagery with the use of bright colors, gradients, floating geometric shapes, trompe l’oeil, and photorealism. Playing with traditional modes of painting in a language that visually references technology allows me to explore what our expectations of contemporary images are in a digital world.”
2. How do you approach your art, meaning where do you get your inspiration from?
“I think, like many painters, that I’m inspired equally by the past and the present, and, like many painters, I am essentially making paintings about painting. I am inspired by movements in art history such as Minimalism, Photorealism, and Op Art, as well as how the visual narrative of painting has generally evolved over time. I am also interested in processes and imagery that feel seamless to our current digitally dependent culture, and I mimic elements of those aesthetics using painting.  I look at stock photography, advertisements, graffiti, photoshop filters, and the digital screen as inspiration for my work.”
more about Bonnie Maygarden
3. Do you like the AESOP products, and if so which one is your favorite?
(my favorite one is their hair and scalp rose masque.)
“I love the Fabulous Face Oil and Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Oil.  A couple of years ago I discovered how amazing oils are as cleansers and moisturizers, these two really are fabulous!”
Bonnie Maygarden s AESOP favorites
4. Would you be interested to put your artworks on fabric and combine your art with fashion?
“Absolutely, if the right situation came along. The theme of the trompe l’oeil crumpled surfaces that runs throughout my work is meant to hit on a history of drapery in painting as well as natural phenomena of light and color.  A the same time it is also something that people want to somehow interact with. People always want to touch the paintings to understand them. The playfulness of something that is a flat pattern but looks three-dimensional is something I could certainly see being exciting to wear.”
5. Do you have a favorite fashion designer?
“I absolutely love Céline, Stella McCartney, and Alexander Wang. I am always looking to innovation in fashion and design for artistic inspiration. However, I tend to dress much more subdued than my work, lots of black and white- I leave color for paintings!”
read my previous blogpost about Bonnie Maygarden:
Bonnie Maygarden
thank you so much Bonnie for answering all my questions, too bad we could not meet in person but I am looking forward to seeing you in the US or another year in Basel.
in case you are in Basel you should come by at VOLTA12 BASEL NACHT and get your free ticket here by entering the code: SOMETHINGNICE – see you on Thursday June, 16, 2016 at 5 PM at Markthalle. X
#JFGnews |||
Bonnie Maygarden


this years VOLTA I wanna focus very much on the works of BONNIE MAYGARDEN, a talented multimedia artist who received her MFA in Studio Arts from Tulane University and attended Pratt Institute in New York, where she received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts.
Bonnie Maygarden
Grayscale II
when I heard that Bonnie Maygarden is going to be showing her work at the AESOP shop in BASEL and that I can write about it on the blog I felt very honored for two reasons. firstly its awesome to have the work of such a great young artist in Basel and secondly that I can interview Bonnie and ask her a bit more about the piece she is showing in Basel. so after this blogpost there will be a follow up where I can tell and show you more about the AESOP exhibition.
 Bonnie Maygarden


Bonnie Maygardens work has been featured in exhibitions both nationally and internationally in various museums, galleries and alternative venues including: Université Lumière Lyons (Lyons, France), Pratt Institute, Icosahedron Gallery (New York City), East Hall Gallery (Brooklyn), SALTWORKS (Atlanta), The Front (New Orleans) and New Orleans Creative Center for the Arts where she attended high school. several notable publications have featured Maygarden’s work; including, Gambit Weekly, NOLA DEFENDER, and INVADE NOLA. curator and art critic Tori Bush featured Maygarden’s Master’s thesis exhibition “Hyper Real” in her May 2013 artist spotlight. she also received an honorable mention for her work in UNO Visual Arts Leagues Juried Exhibition in 2013 from Miranda Lash, curator of Contemporary Art at the Speed Museum and former curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the New Orleans Museum of Art. her work was reviewed in ArtForum and Burnaway for her inclusion in “Staring at the Sun” curated by Craig Drennan. Maygardens paintings were also featured in New American Paintings (No. 112, June/July Issue) concurrently with her premier solo exhibition at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery entitled “Desert of the Real”. she will also be featured in the forthcoming Issue No. 124. her work was selected for the Ogden Museum of Southern Art’s third annual LA Contemporary Juried Exhibition, juried by Jonathan P. Binstock of Citi Private Bank Art Advisory & Finance. she has been exhibited nationally at art fairs including: Pulse New York, Miami project for Art Basel Miami Beach, Texas Contemporary, Art Market San Francisco, and the Seattle Art Fair with an upcoming showcase at VOLTA12 Basel (Switzerland) this summer. following Volta, her work will also be featured in EXCHANGE, an international exhibition at Galerie Jochen Hempel, Berlin. also forthcoming, Maygarden has also been awarded a position at the Slade for the London Summer Intensive Residency Program 2016. her work appears in the collections of former LACMA curator and current Perez Art Museum director Franklin Sirmans (Miami), private collectors Lester Marks (Houston), Myrna Kaplan (Chicago) and Susan and Ralph Brennan (New Orleans), and corporate collections of Advantage Capital Management Corporation, RPM Casting and University Medical Center (New Orleans). Maygarden has been commissioned for Hollywood feature films by several production companies including: ABC Studios, Flashfire Productions, Danni Productions, Georgia Film Fund Seven, Abby Normal Pictures, Lamb Productions, Furlined, LLC and The Goats, LLC.
Bonnie Maygarden
Light and Air III
“I create paintings without the aid of technology, yet I am interested in making works that are informed by and react to a culture defined by a digital experience. My work references familiar technology-created images, such as photography, x-rays, or Photoshop filters, yet are created only using the meticulous illusion of paint. Through referencing the digital image I am able to make paintings that walk the line between something and nothing, that both play to our expectations of the disposable contemporary image and the valued tradition of the handmade.”
Bonnie Maygarden
Surface 2016
as you just read in the text above, Maygarden is having a run. I really appreciate the color sensitivity in her artworks and am a huge fan of her patterns. the pieces that I am showing in this post have a great depth and an almost relief-like appearance. her work reminds me a lot of fabric and tissues. another impression that her artpieces leave on me is the feeling of nature and landscape, I somehow think of the swiss alps and the relief maps of them.
Bonnie MaygardenSaturation II
in case you are in Basel you should definately pass by the AESOP shop at Spalenberg 24 that is showing her art work in the window. (from now until end of VOLTA12). stay tuned for my next blogpost where I will tell you more about her works for AESOP.
Bonnie Maygarden
more about BONNIE MAYGARDEN here:



hi all, today I want to present to you Cristians tiny art piece, part of a series, that is called idols. he started recently to work with clay, a material he did not use before. he somehow felt the need to create this type of prehistorical figures, in his perspective almost archetypes of human representation. he is interested in re-evaluating through the use of a very ancient material, contemporary ways of expressing very basic human feelings, questions and symbols.


golden idol

golden idol

golden idol

golden idol

I hope you guys liked it. until next time I keep my eyes on something nice! have a lovely day! X





FRED EERDEKENS (*1950 Hasselt, BE)
he is perhaps most well known for his shadow text work in copper and aluminum. these quiet and poetic installations combine a viruosic use of materials with simplicity that both subverts and elevates language. beyond just the simple metal phrases and sentences, Eerdekends has worked with such diverse mundane materials as discarded clothing and artificial trees, transformed by the simple application of light. by utilizing the physical nature of his medium, he creates art that blurs the line between reality and perception. his installations have been shown extensively at museums and galleries worldwide, and is featured in major collections such as MUHKA Antwerp / SMAK Brussels / Museo d’Arte Moderno Bolzano and FRAC Languedoc-Rousillon, among others. as well, he has completed a number of large, site specific installations, for important public and private spaces.





Ben Godward was born in Indianapolis, grew up in St. Louis, MO and received his B.F.A. at Alfred University and an M.F.A. in Sculpture from the University at Albany where he won the 2007 Outstanding Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture award. After Albany, Godward moved his studio to Brooklyn, where he currently lives. He has shown extensively in NYC including at Sardine, Fortress to Solitude Lesley Heller, Moti Hassan, The Laundromat Gallery, Pocket Utopia, Centotto, Famous Accountants Gallery, Way Out Gallery, NYCAMS, Norte Maar, Storefront Gallery and Factory Fresh among others. Ben has also completed large outdoor public art projects, in 2010 at Franconia Sculpture Park in MN and in 2011 at Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens, NY. Ben’s work has been featured in The L Magazine, The Brooklyn Rail, Sculpture magazine and on WNYC Radio.

“The conscious mind may be compared to a fountain playing in the sun and falling back into the great subterranean pool of subconscious from which it rises.” – Sigmund Freud




I absolutely love his works and I adore the way he made them. silk screen print on wax that later will be heated and cause the change of the lines and patterns.


1987 Born in Osaka, Japan
2010 B.A. Department of Information Design of Kyoto University of Art and Design
2012 M.A. Post graduate course of Kyoto City University of Arts